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“how did you get your hubs to support you when you started all the fitness stuff?” ...wish i had a long drawn out story about how he didn’t like it at first or something but honestly it was never a question 💕 when you find the man that supports you without question and will help you crush any goal you have on your heart- you marry the s**t out of him ❤️
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🙋‍♀️ burda prensimizi 👑 bekleyen bir zıbın varmış ❣️
nasıl tatlı 🍯 nasıl cici 💫
benim minik 🐣 tombik tosbiğime 🐢 nasıl da yakışacak kim bilir 🤗
Şu tatlı zıbını aras'a giydirip before-after yapacağım günü sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum 🙆‍♀️
zaman daralıyor ⏳
aras bey büyüdükçe karnım büyüyor 🤰
gitgide zorlaşıyor ama sabrediyorum 🙇‍♀️
çünkü kavuşmamıza az kaldı 💙
😇 sağlıkla gel minik prensim 🙇‍♀️💙
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Trying to be productive while waiting for comcast. elsa approves of oliver’s bassinet #30weekspregnant
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Long time, no see. i'm still out here. 30 weeks, 1 day. 23 lb weight gain so far. a third of that was just gained within the last 2 weeks and my doctor made a comment about the possibility of needing to reevaluate diet if i keep gaining at that rate. so i'm back on that health shit. #fitpinup #fitpregnancy #30weekspregnant #fitness
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I’m beyond blessed to be surrounded by such loving friends and family. offically 30 weeks today!! #liammaglio #proudmomma #excited #soclose #pregnant #babyshower #gettingbig #littlebean #fall #30weekspregnant #family
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A pop of yellow from @seedheritage ✨☀️💛 the warmer weather is back in brisbane! picture me doing a major happy dance 💃🏻☀️ we celebrated by heading out for the day and wearing yellow 😂 here’s to many more sunny spring days 🌿🌸☀️ #brisbaneweather #oneyearold #kidsfashion #seedkids
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#instagramvsreality .
anyone can edit their photos... even with a marker! 😜 don’t believe everything you see, and stop comparing yourself to the ones you follow on social media!💗 .
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Throwback to 30 weeks pregnant with rosie!
everytime i feel huge i really should look at these photos from my first pregnancy. i gained almost 40 pounds during that pregnancy.. this time round, i have a toddler to run after and lift 893743 times a day, and i’ve only gained around 16lbs (currently #34weekspregnant). the baby has also constantly been measuring smaller than rosie did. rosie was almost constantly between the 50th and 60th percentile, and she was born 7lbs 11oz. this little one is around the 30th percentile, but who really knows (those ultrasound measurements can be waaaay off!
anyone else experience a smaller tummy and less weight gain overall with their second/third/etc pregnancies?
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I get a lot of dm’s asking about my favorite belly support bands + maternity leggings. i’ve bought like 10 pairs of @lululemon align 2’s since getting pregnant. yes they are expensive but they last forever, i can wear them after i’m not pregnant (even sizing up), they are cute and soft asf. 😍 it feels like i’m not wearing any pants and who likes pants?⁣

nobody. ⁣

i also love the @baobeimaternity support bands for exercise. they have a breathable mesh back one (i forgot the name) which is what i’m wearing now that i like the best so i can move better and not feel restricted. my favorite sports bras are also @lululemon which i’m wearing here! not sponsored just sharing. #lululemon #baobeimaternity
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How beautiful is this? 30 weeks today!! 👀 10 weeks, 70 days , 1680 ish hours to go. @tiawills0123 what a great jobs she’s doing cooking up are human ☺️are little family will soon be complete 💕 #girlfriend #family #familygoals #baby #babygirl #christmas #happy #excited #30weekspregnant
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Eu te prometo filho, a cada dia ser melhor por você, por nós! 💙👣#30weekspregnant
#vemmiguel @monikatostes 📸
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Dernière ligne droite my baby girl. 💕👨‍👩‍👧 #30weekspregnant #7moisdéjà
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I couldn’t help nerding out and buying this shirt. by the way, 30 weeks today, almost there 😊 #harrypotter #mugglebaby #30weekspregnant #babygirl
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This is my body. i was created to create life. what a gift to be able to give life to another. 💖 i have always wanted to do nude photos but i never thought my body was ever “good enough” to do it. i feel the female body is beautiful and should always be celebrated. what’s interesting is that i feel totally confident in my pregnant body. even looking like i swallowed a pumpkin. i’m so proud of my body. i’m creating life and in turn it’s creating life in me! i can’t wait to take this new found confidence in my body and what it can do into my post pregnancy body. loving myself and all that i can do! my advice to everyone out there having body image issues.... if you’re happy with how you look f everyone else! do you boo! flaunt that sh*t ! wear what you want and embrace who you are!! 💥😉💋 #beconfident #30weekspregnant #maternityphotography #mybody
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