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A whole f*****g sunday trying to pull out a decent face. went a little bit crazy with the polygons (well... i'm not entirely sure about that), but zbrush just decided that he didn't want to take any more and crashed, taking with him the drivers of my wacom and f*****g up part of my os. i'll probably will never finish this model, i think it might be cursed.

i think it look kinda similar to briggite from ow though didn't used any reference to model tbh.
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Sculpted using zbrush. check out the process at udemy.com/realistic-character
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by our co-founder @cmttat
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It's time for layout on the dresser. i finally finished milling up all of the stock and cutting it to size. tonight i measure multiple times, mark, measure again, and then carefully mark the waste side for each joint. it helps to have my drawings and 3d model near by to check all the measurements. .
do you use a model and drawings? or just a simple sketch and rough dimensions?
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