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Cheers 🍻 to this guy!! happiest of birthdays 🎉 my love 😍 #50shadesofpuertorican #50looksgoodonya
3 21 June 2017


You only turn 50 once, so make it a doozy! we're celebrating bryan bruns today on his 50th birthday, stop on by and say hi! grateful for his friendship and leadership at lake central bank and in our community. #family #blessed #eatcakelikeaboss #happybirthday #50looksgoodonya #lakecentralbank #annandale #mn #minnesota #instagood
1 8 May 2017


0 12 May 2017


Happy 50th birthday to the woman who had taught me everything i know and made me the person i am today! mom - you are the best and you deserve nothing short of amazing. i love you so much and you are going to make a kick a*s gigi to olivia ❤️ @ginperna #hbd #50looksgoodonya #bestyearyet
1 24 February 2017


Saint saturday with my main girl!!! #mymomma #50looksgoodonya #mybackbone
3 71 December 2016


Me. tryin' to find ray beltran on ig. happy birthday ray (@beltran1966 ) ! much love to you and hope you have a rad day!!! #50looksgoodonya #happybirthday #mozangeles #morrissey #sf
21 101 May 2016


Happy birthday to my daddy, my best friend and my biggest role model!! thank you for showing me how to live like jesus! thank you for being the best example of selflessness! thank you for being a rock in my life, and always standing up for me!! thank you for teaching me how to do life! thank you for believing in me and pushing me! thank you for supporting me in everything! thank you for doing the dishes when i'm tired and "forget"! thank you for putting up with my sass daily!! thank you for asking for my hugs when really i'm the one that needs it! thank you daddy for being the best dad in the world!! i love you more than you know!! #sappypost #50looksgoodonya #ilydaddy
0 79 February 2016


@shapsmith looking sharp - and quite young sans the beard - as he brings the vt house of reps to order this am. what can i say, i'm a proud sister. #gogetem #vt #50looksgoodonya
0 16 January 2016


This lady means the world to me! i will miss you so much aunty @sellsworth45 ❤️your new beginnings are going to be all you ever dreamed of! thank you for always being there for me, for supporting me & most of all for just being you!
i love you to the moon and back! safe travels! until march ..... 😘😘😘😘😘😘 #family #iloveyou #50looksgoodonya #121815 #michiganfam #aunty
0 15 December 2015


1 18 June 2015


Happy birthday momma! i love you! i hope today was great 😘😘 #50looksgoodonya
4 97 December 2014


1 29 November 2014


0 20 October 2014


Love a good surprise. especially when some #wbtvers can pull a fast one on the d-man! happy 50th delano! #50looksgoodonya #thebestisyettocome #heneversawitcoming #goodtimes
1 87 July 2014


0 4 April 2014