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Elena Buentéllo
last month
elenabuentello When your love of #ncis (season 14: episode 2 to be exact) meets your love of #thebreakfastclub and your worlds happily collide and even better- you've taught you're teenager well and he loves it as much as you do ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#abbysciutofan
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Niki Hill
April 2017
mentalwelshbird A few posts ago, you might remember i mentioned the shopping list from my #miniscientist grandson. i thought i'd update you on how they went ... first, the microscope ... he was shocked at what he could see and says "it's too creepy" then the telescope ... for the #stars and #stargazing ... now it's only a little refractor one that size and age appropriate. he loves the fact that he will see the #moon and #space tonight. the specimen jars for the little #abbysciutofan #csi #ncis fan ... perfect, he's filling them up already the gloves ... he didn't need today the tongs ... great help so he didn't have to touch anything i've now told him, if he sticks with the telescope, grandma will buy him his very own reflector telescope so he will see #planets before you know it, we'll have another #spaceman in the family, all hail to those awesome #spacewomen too
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Niki Hill
March 2017
mentalwelshbird When the grandson gives you a shopping list, that consists of ... a microscope a telescope a magnifying glass "evidence" bags specimen jars slides "csi / ncis gloves" and a lazer mass-spectrometer (a bit expensive mind you). should i be worried? nahhh, i happen upon this lot for next to nothing in home bargains. what a result #miniscientist #csi #ncis #majormassspec #abbysciutofan #grissomfan #grandmasangel
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March 2017
ncis_bull_fandom_ Abigail sciuto • • ______________________________________ •partnerpages @ncis.lover.tiva @m_weatherly.fan @ncis_bae @multi_fandompage123 @navy_n.c.i.s @zivanavycis @ncis_fangirl @enterprise_nx_01 @seriensuchtii ______________________________________ •hashtag• #ncis_bull_fandom_edits #abbysciuto #abbysciutofan #abigailsciuto #navycis #ncis #ncisfamily #ncisforever
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Dawn Champine 👑
November 2016
thegoddessdiaries So mimi lu's science class is role playing ncis to learn about scientific methods. she got the part of abby sciuto, and to help the kids get into character, their teacher had them create caricatures. here she is, styled in a purple lab coat and funky print pants. apparently the other kids were upset she didn't go with white, but i'm super proud of her for indulging her personal style! (btw, she goes to an art school, so i'm kind of surprised by their reactions, but whatever....they'll learn.)
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