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Niki Hill
2 weeks ago
mentalwelshbird When the grandson gives you a shopping list, that consists of ... a microscope a telescope a magnifying glass "evidence" bags specimen jars slides "csi / ncis gloves" and a lazer mass-spectrometer (a bit expensive mind you). should i be worried? nahhh, i happen upon this lot for next to nothing in home bargains. what a result #miniscientist #csi #ncis #majormassspec #abbysciutofan #grissomfan #grandmasangel
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•NCIS, NCIS NOL, Bull Fandom•
2 weeks ago
ncis_bull_fandom_ Abigail sciuto • • ______________________________________ •partnerpages @ncis.lover.tiva @m_weatherly.fan @ncis_bae @multi_fandompage123 @navy_n.c.i.s @zivanavycis @ncis_fangirl @enterprise_nx_01 @seriensuchtii ______________________________________ •hashtag• #ncis_bull_fandom_edits #abbysciuto #abbysciutofan #abigailsciuto #navycis #ncis #ncisfamily #ncisforever
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Dawn Champine 👑
November 2016
thegoddessdiaries So mimi lu's science class is role playing ncis to learn about scientific methods. she got the part of abby sciuto, and to help the kids get into character, their teacher had them create caricatures. here she is, styled in a purple lab coat and funky print pants. apparently the other kids were upset she didn't go with white, but i'm super proud of her for indulging her personal style! (btw, she goes to an art school, so i'm kind of surprised by their reactions, but whatever....they'll learn.)
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