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Bubbly soft 💋tag a friend who would try this for smooth lips 😘 . . follow @amabiebeauty 👄tag #amabiebeauty to share and be featured! . . 🛍check out our huge lunar new year sale of up to 80% off ! including 50% off missha, 30-40% off cosrx, 70% off thank you farmer and more ! go to @shopamabie or link in bio to shop! ✨ . . featuring @unpa_beauty 💘 . . . #softlips #kissme
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I absolutely put all of these on my face last night while watching monk on netflix, except for the @nalda_official candle of course! @farmacybeauty green clean* @peterthomasrothofficial water drench cloud cleanser* @herbivorebotanicals green tea mist @gobdigoun9 skin conditioner* @earthsrecipe energy boosting toner* @thelotus_jeju essence* @iunik_official black snail serum* @hannes_dottir mineral serum* @theyeon_official propolis ampoule @107oneoseven cream essence* @deciem the ordinary azelaic acid @gobdigoun9 placenta eye cream* @goodalbeauty moisture barrier cream @urangnatural vitamin oil serum* *pr let me know if you have any questions! #rasianbeauty #kbeauty #kbeautyaddict #skincareblogger #skincareregime #skincareroutine #kbeautyblogger #skincareobsessed #theordinary #goodal #theyeon #herbivore #earthsrecipe #deciem #urang #farmacy #peterthomasroth #oneoseven #greenskincare #scffinder #shelfie #abcommunity
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🧖🏽‍♀️my mask lounging got an upgrade with a custom sheet mask printer! i purchased this mask making machine on amazon and i’ve already used it a few times. it’s super fun, easy to use and i love the fact that i can add ingredients to what ever my skin needs. the base of the mask is a collagen hydrogel and time around i used papaya juice for a brightening enzyme treatment. if you like kitchen diy masks then this is a great no mess alternative. would you try this? let me know ❤️ p.s i made a video!!!! 😂😂✨🧖🏽‍♀️✨ #skincarewithsaj
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🇺🇸 below/ ich schreibe zur abwechslung mal ein deutsches intro zu meinem heutigen post, da es sich um ein tolles produkt handelt, welches nun auch in deutschland leicht erhältlich ist: das #drjart cicapair tiger grass color correcting treatment 🌿 - eine cc cream, die rötungen und sonstige unregelmäßigkeiten ausgleicht und damit eine ideale basis für makeup bildet- m. zusätzlich hat die creme pflegende eigenschaften und physischen sonnenschutz. trotzdem ist das produkt aus meiner sicht eher makeup als skincare, ich würde es daher nicht als tagescreme-ersatz sehen, sondern mehr als primer, der nach der pflegeroutine aufgetragen wird. ein paar mehr infos gibt es unten auf englisch. das treatment gibt es jetzt bei @douglas_cosmetics für 39,99 euro (50ml) - sehr nah dran an der koreanischen uvp (krw 42.000). schaut in meine stories, wenn ihr sehen wollt, wie das produkt live aussieht! . quick review of dr. jart cicapair tiger grass color correcting cream 🌿 . what it is: a cc cream w/ spf30/pa+++. i use this in the am after moisturizer/sunscreen and before makeup as a primer. the green colored cream adapts to the skin tone once it gets in contact with the skin (👉 watch my stories!). . pros: 🙂 works great as makeup base, corrects redness & evens out overall skin tone, doesn’t leave white cast (may not work for darker skin tones though) 🙂 a little goes a long way 🙂 contains niacinamide & physical uv protection - don’t use as a stand-alone sunscreen though! the layer you build w/ this may not be thick enough to provide sufficient protection . cons: 😕 comes in a jar=prone to bacteria contamination 😕 contains alcohol, however probably in rather low concentration . comments: a nice cc that works well as a makeup primer. it’s not skincare imo and is therefore neither a sufficient stand alone moisturizer nor a replacement for the application of sunscreen. it also doesn’t cover up redness or spots - you’ll always need concealer or makeup for that in addition. what it does is evening out the skin tone so it will be easier to work w/ concealer/makeup. btw the product is called cicapair re-cover in korea. . 👉 watch my stories to see what the product looks like in action! 😉
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Time for actives! for quite a long time i had a break from actives to regenerate my skin but lately, i got back to mandelic acid from by wishtrend* and now i've started to use isntree aha 8%, after two uses i already see some changes in pigmentation but no changes in skin texture. it's way milder than nakeup face 10% glycolic acid cream but still, i use it twice a week. i haven't tried pixi toner yet but i can't stop looking at this packaging. do you use any actives like aha, bha or vitamins? *pr/gifted ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #bywishtrend #pixi #pixibypetra #isntree #wishtrend #kbeauty #abcommunity #rasianbeauty #skincare #cosmetics #beauty #skincareaddict #vsco #vscocam #koreanskincare #kosmetyki #koreanskiekosmetyki #косметика #корейскаякосметика #азиатскаякосметика #스킨케어 #뷰티 #픽시 #이즈앤트리
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Have you tried any organic sheetmasks lately? 🌱 tag a friend who loves japanese or organic masks! . . follow @amabiebeauty 🦋 tag #amabiebeauty to be featured! . . reposting @mariiacanoa ❤️ -- i recently received the botanical esthé 7 in 1 sheet mask to try out and loved it! it is supposed to do everything in your skincare routine, cleanse, tone, moisturize, serum, emulsion, cream and sheet mask saving you tons of time each morning. at the end of the day, i did feel my skin a bit dry, so the next time i used it i did use a moisturizing primer and it was a lot better! what’s a weird type of product you’ve tried recently? @botanicalesthe_official @cosmeist @amabiebeauty . . . . . #botanicalesthe #ボタニカルエステ #シートマスク #日本製 #madeinjapan #japancotton #purecotton #organicskincare #botanical
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As promised, i thought i would go over the differences between the different needling tools. i have used two of these and will be using the meso stamp soon. the types of needling tools that i will cover are rollers and stampers. i will also give you some tips and warnings too with needling as well. swipe thru the slide show for photos and bullet point highlights. i am not expert, but i have done derma rolling in the past and chatting with many people over the years, i have learned a few things. . . needling is basically "wounding" your skin, which will trigger collagen production and cellular turnover. it can help lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and acne scars and there are people who believe it can help with pore size, stretch marks, scars and even rejuvenate hair growth. only derma rolling claims to help with stretch marks and scars. my goals are to reduce the ii lines between my brows, reduce pih and maybe sun damaged hyper-pigmentation and lift the corners of my mouth as my rbf is really getting deep! lol i personally only stamp twice a week as my skin gets really sensitive and i also like to use my acids, which i cannot do while my skin is irritated. . . no matter what type of needling you do ~ rolling or stamping ~ you should always make sure your skin is hydrated and moisturized well afterwards. needling will cause tewl (transepidermal water loss), so if your skin is not properly hydrated and then have that hydration locked in with a good moisturizer, you might wake up with deeper lines on your face. that is nothing to worry about, as you just need to pump hydration back into your skin ~ wrinkles don't develop that quickly ~ your skin is just really dehydrated. i will immediately mist and add hyaluronic acid serum to my face after needling and then apply a hydrating sheet mask. i also use a cica cream for healing and repairing and then make sure that my skin has a good sleep pack. 👇continued in comments👇 . . #needling #prsample #unboxingbeauty_skincaretips #rasianbeauty #abblogger #scffinder #abbeatthealgorithm #abcommunity #kbeauty #koreancosmetics #koreanskincare #kbeautyblogger #skincare
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🌵cica herb restore sheetmask 🌵 i’m really impressed of the quality of this new discovered brand e nature. actually using their freshly moisturizer and liking! it but their sheet masks are absolutely amazing.. . 🌵the other day i tried their vita 8 nutritive sheetmask, already hg level reached . (and i don’t have so many hg sheet masks btw). this one is great too, (although i loved more the other one because i saw incredible improvements on my skin the next morning). . 🌵formulated with centella asiática and madecassoside as main ingredients, to restore skin from redness and irritation caused by environmental stress and other external factors. yesterday i did a facial cleaning to remove some blackheads i had visibly ready to pop out and as always my skin turns into a red tomato. today my skin was “perfect” today at morning, any redness and hydrated skin. . 🌵the size, fit and adherence of these sheet masks are perfect, they call that: skin-fit felt. are the best one i’ve used in that aspect. . 🌵soaked in a lot of fragrance-free essence kept the mask hydrated for more than 30 minutes without any sign of dryness. . 🌵would i recommend it? for sure. for those who haven’t tried these sheet masks from e nature, you should give it a try. . 🌵i received mine from @miincosmetics <3 . . 🇪🇸⬇️ . #enature #koreansheetmasks #miincosmetics #sheetmaskreview #sheetmask
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Few new skincare products that i picked in the last month or so except the @sulwhasoo.us one that i won in a giveaway. have not tried any of these yet as i am trying to use up some deluxe skincare samples that have been over flowing in my cabinet. a little rambling on the blog today regarding the same @freshbeauty @youthtothepeople @pixibeauty @indie_lee @thayersnatural . . . . #itgtopshelfie #beautyproducts #makeuptalk #skincare #skincareblog #skincareblogger #dazzlensparkle #skincareaddict #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #kbeauty #skincarejunkie#lovelysquares #makeupjunkie #makeupcollection #beautyjunkie #skincaretalk #skincareroutine #luxuryskincare #beautyflatlay #skincareobsessed #makeupobsessed #rasianbeauty #makeupmania #makeupmess #makeupaddict #abmhappylife #theeverygirl #abcommunity #abbeatthealgorithm
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😽 new european kbeauty eshop !! 😽 do you know @niasha_france ? thanks a lot to anna who send me this beautiful package 😻😻 it contains 3 masks from #blossomjeju + the famous pink racoony hydro gel eye & cheek patch by #secretkey + 2 products from #bonair with the natural toner and the rose illuminator oil drop 😽 so in love with all those korean brands 💖 i will talk about it on the blog with a little surprise for you !! stay tuned ! . #niasha #kbeauty #koreancosmetics #koreanbeauty #asianbeauty #skincare #masksheet #masquetissu #sheetmask #sheetmasklover #jeju #korea #korean #pink #racoony #hydrogel #naturalbeauty #kbeautyblogger #rasianbeauty #abcommunity #abbeatthealgorithm #love #cute #kawaii ##koreanskincare
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Rachelle, Maja & Maritte
So in love with this hydrating mask from @dermalogica, but i’m almost out 😭 should i get a new one asap or do you have any other suggestions on really moisturizing masks? once or twice a week i slather on a thick layer before bed and let it work its magic during the night. texture and smell reminds me of cucumber so it’s also perfect to use as an eye-depuffer instead of putting actual cucumbers on your eyes.🥒 /maja
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🌊tonight's skincare routine🌊 i'm awfully 😪 and just wanna sleep 😴 so here's to a simple routine for tonight! . 🌊naturie hatomugi skin conditioner as lotion pack 🌊secret key starting treatment essence 🌹 (loving this!) 🌊isntree hyaluronic acid toner 🌊cosrx bha liquid 🌊simplistic good moisturiser goodnight everyone! 🌙 #eveningskincare #koreanskincare #skincareroutine #naturiehatomugiskinconditioner #secretkeystartingtreatmentessence #kbeauty #jbeauty #japaneseskincare #cosme #cosrx #skincareblogger #taiwanesebeauty #abskincare #abcommunity
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Short review on naruko am+pm ma5% : . 👍🏼lightweight, sinks in quickly & not greasy 👍🏼not fragranced, but it does have a slight chemical scent that dissipates once you apply it 👍🏼plays nicely with other layers. i’ve used this as the second step after toner, and the third step after a fte, and either way is no problem. i also like to apply it 15-20mins before a brightening sheet mask. 👍🏼no negative effects like break outs . 🌻i started using this mid december in conjunction with other actives so i honestly have no idea if this is potent on its own or not. if you saw my skin update on stories a few days ago i did have scarring that have faded within a month, but can i attribute it to just this? 🤔 i think this is an above average product if used with other products to really target pigmentation. as an exfoliant, mandelic acid is a gentle aha & i need something that can p*******e my skin deeper. i view it more as a booster and for the price, it’s not bad at all. 🌻check it out if you’re looking for a gentle aha. . #skincare #skincarereviews #skincareroutine #mandelicacid #naruko #asianskincare #abcommunity #asianbeautyproducts #taiwaneseskincare
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🖤 s k i n c a r e • s t i c k e r s 🖤 i’ve put together this mural of my skincare stickers as an apology for not posting a lot lately. 🙈 (i’m going on vacation in a few weeks, so things are very busy + i’ve been watching all the olympic figure skating ⛸🌟🙀.) all 10 designs are available on each sheet of 30 stickers (there are three of each sticker design), and can be purchased on my website. [link in bio.] ⠀ this is part 3 of 3 of this mural: check my profile to see it in its entirety! ⠀ what is your favourite part of your skincare routine? mine is definitely cleansing 🙃 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #byminoue #beautyaccount #beautycommunity #beautylover #beautygram #beautyillustration #madewithpaper #illustrazione #illustrationart #illustratorsoninstagram #illustrationartists #illustrationoftheday #abcommunity #asianbeauty #イラストレーター #イラストレーション #シール #illustrate #コスメ #スキンケア#instagramart #illustratie #美肌 #skincareroutine #beautyjunkie #skincareproducts #abskincare #plannerstickers #stickeraddict #cutestickers
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Alyanna 🌼
How do you pick your sunblock? is it based  on the level of spf (sun protection factor) or the number of ➕ attached to its pa (protection grade of uva)? when applied, spf acts as a barrier that protects our skin from uvb, the sun ray which causes sunburn. the higher the spf value the better, of course. spf30 should be enough for daily use but if you're staying under the sun for  longer periods of time you should definitely aim for spf50 or higher. pa on the other hand represents the potency of the product in protecting our skin against uva, the sun ray that causes more permanent damge to the skin. excessive exposure to uva is known to cause wrinkles, sunspots and skin cancer. pa+ on a product means it offers some protection against uva, pa++ for moderate protection and pa+++ for high levels of uva shield. sun protection products with both spf and pa are called broad spectrum. this, my dolls, is what you'd want to see plastered on you sunblock bottles.☉ 🌼 @belosunexpert face, body and ultra gentle sheer spray . . . . . . . #beachessentials #sunscreen #sunblock #spf #summer2018 #skincare #skincareproducts #skincareblogger #beauty #beautyandlifestyle #beautyblogger #abcommunity #abcommunityph #abbeatthealgorithm #rasianskincare #rasianbeauty #proudlypinoy
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See My Skin
Kirsche, erdbeere oder mango? der süße 'mini tint gloss' von it's skin sorgt für zart glänzende lippen! 💋 in den drei herrlichen duft-sorten: ♡ 01 cherry syrup 🍒 ♡ 02 pink syrup 🍓 ♡ 03 mango syrup hier entdecken: www.seemyskin.de #seemyskin #itsskin #itsskindeutschland #itsskinofficial #minitintgloss #liptint #lipgloss #tint #gloss #koreancosmetics #asiancosmetics #koreanischekosmetik #kbeauty #beauty #makeup #kosmetik #asiatischekosmetik #asianbeauty #cute #koreanbeauty #kbeautyblogger #bblogger #beautyblogger #koreancosmetics #kpop #koreanbeauty #koreanischesmakeup #abcommunity #kpopbeauty #twice
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Heimish all clean balm er et av våre aller mest populære produkter✨ rense balmen smelter bort makeup, skitt og solkrem samtidig som den gir huden din fuktighet og næring. huden blir ren uten at den blir strippet for sine naturlige oljer. . heimish all clean balm er parabenfri og hypoallergenisk, og egner seg derfor for de mest sensitive hudtyper. . kjøp den hos 👇 www.skincarejunkie.no eller link til nettbutikk i bio✨
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welcome home 💄
I'm really into @canmaketokyo right now. i love their glow fleur cheeks blushes soso much! ❤ . they recently released the burgundy blush as a limited edition 2018 product and i couldn't resist not getting it. i love burgundy/rose makeup so much and since i don't own a blush in that color, i feel like i just had to get it haha. . i might post some swatches on ig, if anyone's interested~ 😊
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Korean Beauty Store
Need another reason to be excited about sleep? 😪 sleeping masks! this overnight renewing mask from @huxley_korea is filled with sahara's prickly pear cactus extract to hydrate, soothe and repair your skin, all while you're asleep! 💤 #nudieglow #huxley #sleepingmask #letsgetnudie
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Denise🌴South Florida
Hello gram! bringing back an oldie since it’s #throwbackthursday 😁 if your skin is dryer during the fall/winter months like mine is, this a great mist to try. mario badescu’s facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater soothes your skin in dehydrating conditions and gives your skin a quick boost anytime, anywhere. . . mini #review 🌴 i think this is like my fifth bottle 🤭 but i just love it so much. 🌴 it does have a floral scent so if you don’t like the smell of roses it might be a bit overpowering for your pretty nose🙊 🌴 can also be used on your hair and as a setting spray for your makeup. 🌴retails for $12.00 usd @ultabeauty and you get 8 oz of product. it also comes in a travel size 4 oz bottle for $7.00 but can also be found for less at your local nordstrom. 😉 rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars. highly recommend!
5 100 November 2017


Denise🌴South Florida
Hello ig! 💜 missing this mask by #skin79 the fresh garden pearl mask has natural botanical extracts and pearl powder that brightens skin and visibly transforms it to its best radiant condition. have you tried it?
9 104 November 2017


Denise🌴South Florida
Hello gram! can you believe thanksgiving is next week already? 😳 anyhow, these are l’oreal’s paris infallible pro matte liquid lipsticks in shades nudist #354 and cowboy #358. they are my go to lipsticks this fall. which one’s are yours?
10 108 November 2017


Denise🌴South Florida
Hey gram! i’m finally back with a brand new post. this is missha’s perfect cover bb cream spf 42 pa plus in #21 or bright beige. . . . claims: * gorgeous, radiant skin covers blemishes, leaves skin looking flawless * dewy, firm skin gatuline rc, hyaluronic acids and ceramide content moisturizes and improves elasticity * soothing, calming rosemary and chamomile extracts soothe skin * spf 42 pa +++ * multi-function makeup . . #review 🌴the packaging as you can see is very pretty, simple tube with a pump. 🌴 the cream is lightweight but my first impression of the color was not a great one. 🌴 i’m usually lighter in the fall/winter months so i opted to buy shade #21 but the color is far from the one on the site and more on the grayish side. (swipe left) i pretty much looked like a ghost. 👻🤦🏻‍♀️ 🌴it also has a very notable perfume-like fragrance, but the smell does dissipate if you mix it with another cream or foundation which is what i had to do. 🌴 coverage is light to medium but buildable. the finish is not as dewy as i would have hoped but it didn’t make me look cakey at all. 🌴 rating this one ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars only because the shade was a big miss and lack of dewiness. 🌴 retails for $22.00 usd @target but can be found for less @amazon (just have to be careful of the fake ones there) and you get about 1.7 oz of product. 😉
5 139 November 2017


Denise🌴South Florida
Hi ig! 💙 here is finally my review on l’oréal’s paris pure clay mask. . . . claims: clear and comfort pure clay mask addresses your skin's imperfections to reveal a purified, even and radiant complexion for stressed, clogged skin. suitable for all skin types. . . #review 🌴 the texture of the mask is very creamy and non-drying. (swipe left) 🌴 it has a very overpowering fragrance that will stay with you even after washing thoroughly. my picky nose was not thrilled about that. 🙊 🌴contains a few different alcohols so it might sting a tiny bit while applying it. 🌴the first time i tried it my skin was left feeling radiant and soft as a baby’s bottom. it did also cleared out my pores completely. the second time around, however, made my rosacea flared up around my nose and cheek area. ☹️ 🌴 i usually try to stay away from products containing alcohol, but i really wanted to try this clay mask because of seaweed being the main clear and comforting ingredient. 🌴 even though it states is suitable for all skin types i don’t think it is. with that said, if you have normal to combo skin and don’t mind a strong scent, this would be a good one to try. 🌴 i have to rate it ⭐️⭐️/5 stars only because of my sensitive skin. retails for $9.77 @walmart or your local drugstore, or for less @amazon and you get 1.7 oz of product. 😉
13 158 November 2017
I had to travel for work this week, and only took a cabin bag on flight. here are my skincare arsenal for my two days two nights in cold rome. . 💦 #freshbeauty soy face cleanser, for pm cleanse. only splash of water in the am for me. . . 🐝 #benton snail bee high content skin. 1st impressions: this toner feels really like water lol. no noticeable scent, sinks easily to the skin, but i would prefer something richer for my skin. . 🍊 #dearklairs vitamin c serum. for the am. . ☁️ klairs rich moist soothing serum. 1st impressions: thick serum with a slip to it, definitely feels soothing and gives an immediate boost of hydration to the skin. has a slight herbal scent that reminds me of the supple preparation toner scent. . 🍌 dr. jart+ ceramidin cream. 1st impressions: hmm. i was expecting to immediately fall in love with this, but oh well. a thick cream that applies easily on the skin. moisturizing, yes. hydrating, unless i have a bunch of hydrating layers underneath, this won’t be enough. . 🍄 #blithe vital treatment 5 energy roots. 1st impressions: i brought this along thinking it’s the pressed serum sample! hahahaa. imagine how surprised i was when liquid came out of the package. it delivered some nice hydration though with a nice herbal scent. . . 🌸 #foreo mini. i wanted to keep my midweek exfoliation without bringing an extra product, and this was perfect for it. . . how’s your week so far? i can’t wait to spend the weekend back home. it feels like i haven’t had a fully relaxing time at home in ages, what with all the commuting and traveling for work the past weeks. i’m so ready to get a new job that doesn’t require so much commuting and/or traveling. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Denise🌴South Florida
Hello ig! i recently discovered this gem 💎 and i believe we are going to be together for a very long time. ☺️ #garnier skinactive all-in-1 micellar cleansing water is surprisingly powerful yet gentle to the skin. ~ claims: it effectively removes makeup, cleanses and refreshes skin. a multi-purpose cleanser that contains micellar technology. *what is micellar? you might ask. no worries, i did my usual research. 😉 micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. it basically works as a magnet, capturing and lifting away dirt, oil and makeup without the harsh rubbing, leaving skin perfectly clean, hydrated and refreshed without over-drying. 🌴 it’s oil-free, alcohol-free, as well as fragrance-free. 🌴 as you can see it looks like water 💦 but it has a slightly different texture than water when applying it. 🌴 works on all skin types but best for those with sensitive skin because it is so gentle and hydrating. 🌴 i normally use it on my eyes but it can remove foundation as well (even though i read somewhere it didn’t 🤔 but it does!) 🌴 retails for around $6.96 usd @walmart or your local drugstore and you get 13.5 oz of product. 🌴 giving this one ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars although it really deserves 10. highly recommend it specially if you wear a lot of heavy eye makeup. 😉
5 72 October 2017


Denise🌴South Florida
Fall vibes...🍁🖤 . . nail polish by #milani in brown-a-licious.
6 65 October 2017