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This is one of our favorite dresses ❤❤ it's super versitile; perfect for any occasion! comment '😘' if you love it! #savedbythedress ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Sunday is supposed to be a day of relaxation. but here i am packing up my room for our move next weekend. not to mention my daughter’s dance recital is this evening and i still have to pick up a few things from the grocery store. oh and how could i forget, pack my daughter’s suitcase cause she will be spending 2 weeks with my dad. so it doesn’t look like i’ll be having a relaxing bath until after the move 😓 until then let me post this pic up to keep me motivated during this busy upcoming week.

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Come us at dillards for their bridal event today! 12-5 in the home department! #tallahasseewedding #tallahasseeflorist #wedding
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Slowly but surely getting things prepared for my upcoming exhibition "connect" with raw raleigh artist!
the event is thursday, july 19th, 7pm-11pm.
there will be local artists exhibiting art over a variety of genres and mediums including visual arts, photography, hair & make-up, fashion, accessory design, music, and performance art. it's going to be an exciting event!
if you are interested in going and want to support your local artist and makers use the link in my bio to purchase a ticket!
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... "te envío postales de mi puño y letra"...
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Although it's been officially summer for a few days, it still remains springtime in my heart. i've waited for this season for far too long to let it pass by quickly. for such a time as this, this is my spring! 🌷#momentssquared #tulips #seekthesimplicity #abeautifulmess #adoption #adoptionjourney #flashesofdelight #simplejoys #liveauthentic
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This summer surprisingly even for myself i started bringing colour and pattern back into my wardrobe. monochrome was fun for 3 years but i'm extra excited for this new chapter! socks by @happysocks the rest of stuff is old. 🎏 Что-то со мной делает это лето - после трёх лет полностью чёрного гардероба в него внезапно начали врываться яркие цвета и узоры. Представляете себе? Носочки @happysocks , остальное, как вы понимаете по цвету, старое. #showgirllife #showgirldayoff #darlingdaily #abeautifulmess #livingadream
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Ink textures will never cease to amaze me 😍
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Almost as good as mommies breast, thank you @nanobebe_world for being awesome ! 💙
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Why does vacation have to end? 😢
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I swear the laundry in our house multiplies as we sleep. so this is my mantra as i fold loads and loads of laundry today. if i’m being honest, we’ve been struggling with staying on top of things lately. between our work schedules and kids activities, laundry is always the first to go on the back burner. but the mound of clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away has been haunting me. so today is game day and i’m going to get it done! and tomorrow i won’t have to pick through the clean basket to find my clothes 😂 #smallwins .
if you could pick one household chore to never do again, what would you pick? mine would obviously be no more laundry - that sounds like heaven to me!
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my grandpa cut these branches like this (i don’t know why🤷🏻‍♀️😅), i just arranged them!🤗
«چای ترش وِرسِز گوجه‌ترش!😂🤤»
مسلماً چیدن شاخه کار درستی نیست، ولی بابابزرگم اینا رو برامون آورده بود. شاید براش سخت بوده دونه دونه بچینه، شایدم شاخه‌ها شکسته بودن. به هرحال این قاب تابستونی باهاشون ساخته شد🧡
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Simple changes can be small steps towards becoming more adventurous. like buying an unlimited metrocard, scheduling an unplanned date with friends, and getting off at a new subway stop. adventure doesn’t always have to look like booking a trip to a faraway place. it starts at the local level, right where you are, in your backyard.
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Yesterdays project turned into multiple projects🙈 so happy with how my little table turned out✨ #lifeofadesigner
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I told you the aqua obsession was real😂 love how my little patio table makeover turned out! #diy #furnituremakeover
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With its striking neoclassical dome looming over the neighboring bodleian library, the radcliffe camera (or radcliffe room in latin) is one of oxford’s most iconic sights and one of the most photographed of all the university buildings. funded by royal physician john radcliffe and designed by architect james gibbs, the "rad cam" was completed in 1749 and was originally used as the university’s principal science library. 🌼☀️🌺
oh, fun fact, the reason why oxford was not bombed at all during the iiww was the reason that h****r wanted to use the city as a capital after conquering england!
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