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This is not easy to post.... but, no one deserves this, or to fight alone.

this is abuse.
i survived, the bruises will fade but the memories will remain.
you may question someone why they get back with someone, but you don't know what munupiulation tactics they hold over the person. the abused is more likely in fear, maybe told they are nothing without them, that they can't survive without them. that was me.
it's not easy to admit to abuse, even after some do they will take it all back and cover it all up to protect the abuser, this is done out of fear. we are not stupid. we need your support, during but mostly after. we're torn, why me? we can look in the mirror and see someone who we don't even recognize anymore and just break down. those lost in the abuse cycle need support, try your best to believe them and support them, but never force them to leave, it's not going to help, only hinder any growth.
survivors, those who've broken the cycle need a friend, though it's over we are still living it over and over in our heads. we need a shoulder, a hand, or just an ear to know we are cared about.
abuse is a nasty cycle that can tear a person apart, lend a hand.
this is abuse.

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So often, the oppressed becomes the oppressor.
the abused becomes the abuser,
and we discover that the bully was once bullied.
beware of those who try to scare you away from being offensive.
they are the tyrants of the 21st century, aspiring thought police.
you are not responsible for the feelings of other people -
only your own.
for you artists out there: this is the bedrock of creativity. if you aren't willing to entertain - and say - some incredibly offensive things, you have resigned yourself out of art and into making bland buffet food for the indifferent masses.
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My ex fiancé of 11 years and my daughter were very close. he helped me raise her and she almost loved him more than her own biological father. throughout the years during our on and offs, he kept in contact with her but after the final discard, he threw her away, just as he did to me. she reached out to him & went to his house on 2 occasions to talk to him and ask him why he stopped-talking to her, that she loved him , that she missed him and that she felt abandoned by him. of course, he was cold hearted, & gave her absolutely no explanation. she was very upset & crying and he then proceeded to shove her out the door and then slammed the door in her face & they never spoke again. she was completely heart broken and devastated! my heart still breaks for her. she called him dad and they were so very close. it’s cruelty at the deepest levels.
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A child growing up watching abuse at home can easily grow up doing the same thing
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When i moved back to michigan i knew i wanted to invest not only in community, but in organizations doing beautiful + hard + meaningful work within our great state. one area extremely important to me is supporting women who have experienced abuse. i started researching organizations across metro detroit and began to read about a non-profit in which female survivors of addiction and abuse were creating jewelry. i then went to an event about human trafficking and saw first had the beautiful jewelry from @mendonthemove
falling completely in love with their pieces and mission, i wanted to know more of the organization. last fall i reached out to the incredibly brave + humble + fierce founder, joanne and felt an immediate connection upon our first meeting. joanne is inspiration. she exemplifies leadership and has a heart for serving others on a grass-roots level.
what is mend? a non-profit social enterprise serving metro detroit that empowers and employs women survivors of abuse and addiction to create hand-crafted jewelry from small auto parts, providing them with an income while in a recovery program.
growth for mend! mend is growing. and that is amazing. a crowdrise campaign has been launched in order to create a mobile studio which will provide a stable and permanent work environment, reach more women, and improve efficiency and productivity.
you can help! click the link in my bio to read more about mend on the move and to donate to this amazing campaign and organization. let’s choose to mend through love and #mend the #motorcity
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Stop running back
stop replying
stop giving into their act

walk away
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