Katrina Doe Parker
5 minutes ago
oilydoe “caring for your inner child has a powerful and surprisingly quick result: do it and the child heals.” ~ martha beck . one of the many things i do is the play doh styling for play doh commercials. diffusing this while i work on those jobs is so helpful to me. i was talking to someone the other day who uses it as perfume. it’s a beautiful scent that includes orange, tangerine, ylang ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, & neroli. not bad. . if i’m being completely honest, i could probably stand to use this oil more often than i do as i don’t feel much of a connection to my own inner child. i’ve always been the person who was more serious than childish - even from a young age. part of me feels a bit nervous opening that door as i truly don’t know what’s behind it. but i think i’ll start using it more often & see what comes of it.
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👻 SNAPCHAT: christalfuentes
11 minutes ago
theladiescoach Having a "positive mindset" can only do so much. it unfortunately doesn't change some of the destructive patterns that keep resurfacing at different stages of our life. . ✨✨✨✨✨ until we are willing to face the very things we try so hard to never revisit is when we will allow true healing to occur... and you will know when true healing has happened when peace becomes a natural occurring state. 💜💜💜💜
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Myles Edmund
16 minutes ago
myles.edmund "the only thing that is constant is change." . . change can be intimidating, but it can also be hugely exciting. the difference is our approach and attitudes to the change that occurs. i like to remind myself of the serenity prayer as much as often. which essentially boils down to accepting that there will be things we cannot change, that's inevitable, but to also have the courage to get out there and change the things that are in our capabilities. hope everyone has a power weekend 👊💯 . . #serenityprayer #reflective #change #acceptance #courage #vancouver #vancity #bc #modeling #fashionmodel #numamodels 📸@kharysafari
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Liliana Roa - Salazar 💛💙❤️🦋ily
17 minutes ago
liliana_roa_salazar_ Mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. ― w.i. so honored for the opportunity to be part of your journey 💞 evelyn & roy you are a true blessing to our family!! thank you for allowing us in!!! 💝 the love between a mother & a son is priceless, for in this journey of love, appreciation, & deep respect is where, he will learn to reflect his love for a woman! 🦋ily 12/2/17 a day to remember! #family #loveislove #mothersonbond #unconditionallove #loveneverfails #perfectwithitsimperfection #allow #abundace #joy #laughter #peace #forgiveness #acceptance #appreciation #attituofgratitudealways #blessed #thankful #holmesbeachfl #12/2/17
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Ahu Gül Ürük
18 minutes ago
ahuguluruk #repost @aycaogus_daily (@get_repost) ・・・ yenİ yil nİyetİ yenilenmek, umut taşır içinde. umutlu olmak da yenilenmek için güçlü bir adımdır. İşte bu yüzden yeni yıla yeni niyetlerle giriyor ve 1 ocak'ta başlayacak bol hediyeli #yeniyilyeniniyetler challenge’ımıza sen de katıl istiyoruz. 5 hocamız (@taner_yoga - @denizbagan - @aycaogus_daily - @gayatrisenem - @cansetyoga ) 15 gün boyunca (1-15 ocak) niyetleriyle birlikte paylaşımda bulunacaklar. hocalarımızın yaptığı paylaşımlar; yoganın güçlü duruşlarını, yin yoga pozlarının derinliğini, sanatı, mini akışları ve şifayı içerecek. sen de bizimle birlikte niyet et, challenge boyunca niyetinle ilgili fotoğraflarını paylaş, hediye kazanma şansı yakala! 20 kişiye birbirinden güzel hediyeler var ve üstelik tüm challange katılımcıları için alacakları yogatime üyeliklerinin hepsi Şubat ayı boyunca öğrenci indirimli! hediyelerimiz (İstanbul'dan hediye kazanan katılımcıların hediyelerini yogatime stüdyodan alması gerekmektedir.): 5 kişiye rawsome’dan 5li karışık bar paketi 5 kişiye petiçim’den 1 haftalık taze sıkılmış buğday çimi suyu (Şehir dışına gönderim yapılamamaktadır) 1 kişiye chikirina’dan 1 spor sütyeni + 1 tayt 1 kişiye chikirina’dan 1 spor sütyeni + 1 kapri tayt 1 kişiye chikirina’dan 50 tl'lik hediye çeki 3 kişiye suco'dan kırmızı suco ve yeni yıl taşıma ipi 3 kişiye yogatime'dan 5 ders hediye 1 kişiye maya mala'dan 1 adet mala ne yapman gerekiyor? 1- bu postu repost et ve en az 3 arkadaşını etiketle. 2- sponsorlarımızı takip et: @rawsomebar - @peticim2016 - @chikirina - @su.co - @yogatimestudio - @maya.mala 3- hocalarımızı takip et: @taner_yoga - @denizbagan - @aycaogus_daily -@gayatrisenem - @cansetyoga 4- her günün niyetiyle ilgili deneyimlerini hesabında paylaş. 5- paylaşımlarında sponsorlarımızı ve hocalarımızı etiketlemeyi ve #yeniyilyeniniyetler hashtag’ini yazmayı unutma. 6- seni görebilmemiz için hesap ayarını (varsa) gizlilikten çıkarıp herkese açık konuma getir. #yogachallenge #challenge #meditation #transformation #acceptance #unity #yogatime #yogalife #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #instayoga #yogaeveryday #yogi #health #healthylife #yogajournal #yogajournalturkiye #egzersizgunlugu #fitspiration
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Susie Gronski, DPT, PRPC, WCS
24 minutes ago
dr.susieg The purpose of meditation is to make the mind calm and peaceful. when you’re naturally free from worry or mental pain and/or discontent, in that moment, you’re experiencing true happiness 😊
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Jill B
28 minutes ago
jillbfitness Love yourself now. ✨ i’ve been working extra hard at loving myself over the past four months! since my foot injury, since i had to back off working out hard, since my daily caloric burn was cut in half or more, since my daily endorphin level was slashed... in the past road bumps like this would have sent me into depression and give up mode. 😢 maybe i’ve finally realized that health, self love and self acceptance are more important than looking a certain way. 🙌 that moving my body in gentler ways with yoga can be just as mentally and emotionally beneficial than jumping and running! 🙏 i’m so grateful for the at-home yoga programs i have and my fitness community. we are learning and growing as people, not just working for a six pack! the mental benefits of exercise, no matter what level, are real. you can love yourself where you are at and work out for well being!! the physical results are a bonus. ✌️ i’m leading a new online fitness accountability group starting in january with at-home programs for all fitness levels. message or comment that you are interested and i’ll send you the details! 💕
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23 minutes ago
the_peace_junkie I've discovered osho and have been finding his talks and books rather enlightening, beautifully written and truthful, particularly this excerpt from path of meditation. beginning to think he was underrated... 🙏📖✌ . . . #meditation #energy #higherconciousness #soul #awakening #spirituality #love #healing #mindfulness #happiness #goodvibes #breathing #universe #life #positivity #harmony #enlightenment #instadaily #ohm #concentration #acceptance #flow #being  #followme #transcending #awoke #peacejunkie #osho
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Amber Rangel
24 minutes ago
bamberies I think you need to go through some stuff to really appreciate life and understand what it means to persevere, overcome and have faith. i think those tough times make you a stronger person. • • • #overcome #perservere #faith #quadriplegic #sunset #forest #smile #grateful #understand #acceptance #openminded #wheelchairlife #strength #thingstothinkabout
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Justine Suarez
26 minutes ago
Another clip of my latest youtube video about racism, acceptance, finding your voice and standing in it bravely #youtube #findingyourvoice #hypocricy #acceptance
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