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Top or bottom: what is your pick? this particular pair of acid green (acidgrün; non-metallic uni; 2m8) and dark sea blue (meerblau; non-metallic uni; a5g) 991.2 gt3s, both customer orders at isringhausen imports in springfield, illinois, best highlights how wildly different one can customize these cars. while both cars sport the manual, pccbs, and full bucket seats, the common denominators in terms of options pretty much end there. wheels in satin black on the top and satin aluminum on the bottom. led headlights in black on the top, the same in the standard silver on the bottom. deviated interior stitching in acid green on the top, the same in silver on the bottom. sport chrono on the top, no sport chrono on the bottom. painted air vents on the top, the standard air vents on the bottom. gt3 seat insert stripes on the bottom. the differences go on. many thanks to @gisringhausen for these photos shot in consistent angles, allowing us to make apples-to-apples comparisons. #ptsrs
173 4,379 January 2018
Just landed: a brand new pts acid green (acidgrün; non-metallic uni; 2m8) and pts nardo grey (nardograu; non-metallic uni; y7c) 991.2 gt3 have arrived at isringhausen imports in springfield, illinois. both equipped with wheels in satin black, pccbs, and led headlights in black. and both are manual. as both of the colors are among the newer pts colors approved for the 991, these colors have never been done on past gt3s. which of the two would be your pick? photos courtesy of @gisringhausen #ptsrs
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πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ two photos. comparison between birch green 911r (top photo) and acid green 918 (bottom). when you look at birch green, you immediately recognize the primary color as green, especially in person. there's no doubt it's a green car - maybe 90% light green and 10% yellow. acid green is much different than birch green in real life despite the fact that many photos show them to be nearly identical colors. when you look at acid green, it's not immediately clear what the primary color is; it's nearly an even mix of highlighter yellow and light green with a slight bias toward yellow. again, using percentages, i'd say acid green is 60% yellow and 40% green. this particular 918 is pearlescent acid green, so it's a little more yellow/golden than regular acid green. but that slight exaggeration in yellow makes it a good car to demonstrate the difference.
8 776 November 2017
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This is a great shot of a variety of available pts colors: racing yellow (technically not pts, but it's very rarely chosen), golf blue, acid green & gulf blue. photo by @porschehouston #porsche #gt3 #pts #painttosample #ptsrs #gulfblue #golfblue #acidgreen
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πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ swipe left. paint to sample acid green boxster s just arrived. this is our second one this year. i had an acid green boxster s in the showroom last spring... a client saw it and decided to order one nearly identical to it. they chose to add the turbo wheels and deviated stitching in acid green to match the exterior. the last photo (7) is a comparison between the turbo wheel and the black wheel on this car. either way, it looks fantastic in person.
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