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918 on the move. #918 #weissach #acidgreendelete
7 306 April 2018


Swipe for more of the pts burgundrot 918. i believe the interior color is known as flamenco red (the owner initially forgot as well). cars and coffee austin, november 12, 2017.
6 57 November 2017


5 952 November 2017


My first cars and coffee meet in austin, and the first porsche 918 spyder i've seen in person.
as though the 918 wasn't special enough, i managed to talk to the owner of this pts weissach package car, revealing many hidden details about the story of this particular car, beginning with the first thing i noticed: a rather subtle "acid green delete." this was not actually offered as a factory option, but a fully custom detail, eventually reluctantly obliged by the porsche factory as an exception due to the nature of the clashing color combination (porsche is very particular about their caliper color coding system). the green delete goes beyond caliper paint, the only badges on this car are a silver porsche script in the back, and the hood emblem up front, all green highlight trim has been removed, including the model designation and "e-hybrid" badges.

this brings us to the next unique detail of the car: its color. instead of the usual popular pts colors, the owner settled on a 1968 color option, chosen to commemorate his birth year. burgundrot "burgundy red," may appear more brown than red at times, it became one of the car's most significant stories; from having the factory send over an extra paint sample to keep (they require the sample to be returned once the color has been finalized), to the critique of his close friend of the color combination. initially met with resistance and doubt regarding the color, the owner remained steadfast and true to his original intentions, and that was arguably the best decision he made with the car. he had ordered "the book" (porsche will send 918 owners a book of their car's entire assembly process from start to finish), but with a special request to receive e-mail updates of the car as well. when the painted body panels were fitted on the car, the owner showed the same friend mentioned earlier, the photos of the car on the line. his reaction to the car was enough to confirm that the right decision had been made. the color may not be the first one that comes to mind for a 918, but it is the only color for this car. it is not just a hue on the skin of the car, it is the sentiment behind it. this is what makes a car so special.
9 81 November 2017


4 103 September 2017


#918 not for sale.... #yet #pts #paintrosample #acidgreendelete. #weissach
8 221 July 2015