Ten Lives Cat Centre
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We’re quite surprised that phoebe didn’t get adopted at the weekend! as you can see miss phobes is literally bright eyed and bushy tailed and is here waiting for you to adopt her! we’re open until 4pm today! 😻 #adopt #adoptacat #adoptakitten #adoptdontshop #cat #cats #tenlivescatcentre #hobart #tasmania #instacat #catsofinstagram #catsofnewtown
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Chase 🐱
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chasethecatto I like to be a professional diver in my dreams 🏅 look at my cannonball! . . . . . . #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #meow #kitten #cat #cats #ねこ #猫 #tabbycat #catstagram #adopt #adoptacat #animals #pet
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Vivian Lee
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viivii.lee Sums up my experience trying to take a selfie with a puppy... 😰 . . #yyc #yycdogs #puppy #adopt
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erindogovich Frodo - #11367 - #manhattan - publicly adoptable to be destroyed 11/20/17 **6 month quaratine required – bite of unknown origin** medical needs: pneumonia ... .... it's a wonder frodo even has tail wags and wiggles for anyone after all he's been through. obviously he belonged to someone and had a home not too long ago. he was abandoned in an apartment building and then surrendered to the manhattan shelter where he contracted kennel cough that turned into pneumonia. now this little cutie really needs out before things get worse. frodo needs a kind and caring foster or adoptive home to go to so he can get out there and get some fresh air and all the treatment, love and care he'll need to bounce back. he hasn't been feeling well so there was no safer done, but that hasn't stopped him from just being an all around awesome boy. frodo has one of the cutest faces and he's not a big boy but not too small either. he's been friendly, tail waggy, whining for attention and affection from the staff and tolerant of all handling. frodo@manhattan acc male brown brindle dog the shelter thinks about 2 years old, 43.2 lbs came in shelter as stray nov. 1, 2017 abandoned frodo is at risk for medical concerns, he has been diagnosed with pneumonia. he will require in-hospital care, as well as 6 months isolation plan due to entering the care center with bite wounds of unknown origin. *needs a medical oasis, waggy tail, playful *6 month quarantine required – bite of unknown origin* due to illness, there has been no formal behavior assessment undertaken, but we have no behavior concerns at this time. 🔅can be reserved direct online, till noon, by someone genuinely wanting to #adopt , who can personally get to the shelter by 6 p.m. #tuesday to collect him......( https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/ ) ............if you can't make that deadline, need help with transport or want to #foster and are local to #nytristate, #newengland, pa,va, contact the urgent helpdesk for guidance as rescues to which to apply. helpdogs@urgentpodr.org.
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Rescue Pets of Instagram
3 minutes ago
rescuepetsofinstagram Meet ernie! ❤️ “this is ernie, 8 years old. chihuahua/australian cattle dog? mix. rescued 2014 from bobbi & the strays (@bobbiandthestrays) he's the sweetest puppy! loves belly rubs and snuggles. - @ernie_sleeps”
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Murphy & Sissy 🐾 & Maddox 👶🏻
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murphyandsissy If you like big mutts, and you cannot lie, bolt is your man. at 5, he is a juicy, thick guy with a highly-precise, laser-sharp focus on treats. he will do just about anything for a treat (see photo). his whole body trembles with anticipation of the taste of a coveted milkbone on his tongue. bolt is a friendly, confident, semi-active guy who also appreciates the value of an extended afternoon nap. so, yes to walks, but only if they’re followed up by sleepy time back in bed. bolt is (we think) a bassett-retriever mix guy. he is good on leash, but can pull if a squirrel or something very interesting darts across your path. he knows sit and stay and other basic commands and is doing very well with house-training. because of his strength, bolt would do best in an adult home as an only dog. he would love to have his own person to love and take care of him— that’s his one true dream. if you’re his human, bolt will have your back forever and ever. if you would like more information on this hunky babe, contact paws atlanta at 770-593-1155 or you can email our adoptions manager, laura at lmckelvey@pawsatlanta.org. 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 if you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, we have an incredible deal for you next weekend! from black friday through sunday, @zappos will be paying the adoption fees for qualified applicants for every pet in our shelter program! this includes both puppies and kittens! the “home for the pawlidayz” event runs next weekend only. come out to @pawsatlanta , and bring home a new family member just in time for the holidays! #sheltersunday #rescue #foster #adopt #georgia
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marzipanwillis Cuddles for my new toy 💗
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LEASH Animal Welfare Society
5 minutes ago
leashsavinglives Meet django❤️ . . this sweet, thoughtful guy found himself in care over the weekend when his family just didn’t have time for him anymore. . . django is an older gentleman about 5years of age. he will start his search for a forever home once we have been able to get to know him better and he clears the vet. . . #leashsavinglives #fosterssavelives #beautifulboy #fosterssavelives #bbd #bigblackdog #dogrescue #foreverhome #loved #bigboy #sweet #adopt #foster #donate #educate #leash #yvr #vancouver #adoptdontshop
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6 minutes ago
cheryls_shrimp_aquariums Oh my gosh! so tempting to adopt this little girl. my 22.5 yr old milo was euthanized 20 months ago. it was extremely sad\hard on me and i said, never again a pet cat. i'd probably have to get an okay from owner of where i live :(. and last friday i was tempted to purchase a betta. i was looking at a lot of healthy ones at petco when i had purchased some prime. i had my eye on 3 really pretty ones that i'd narrow down to one. and i said, no more tanks or betta fish. what's wrong with me,!! i think i need to nurture and love a new animal but i'll have muffin (lhasa apso) back over here more regularly with taylor's new job. anyone else gets in these moods\feel this way? #cat #cats #adopt #adoptacat #suchacutie
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SAFE Team Rescue YEG
7 minutes ago
safeteamrescue Happy sunday from adoptable kitty, ozzy! ozzy is a fuzzy teddy bear who loves to give hugs and receive lots of pets. he also loves taking long sunny naps! ozzy loves his brother, marvin, dearly and they must be adopted together. they are participating in our forever home for the holidays bonded buddies adoption special and their combined adoption fee is currently $100! both ozzy and marvin will be awesome forever family members! drop by @petvalustrathcona (7925 104 street, edmonton) to meet ozzy and marvin in person or visit www.safeteam.ca to apply to adopt these bonded buddies! #bondedbuddies #foreverhomefortheholidays #ittakestwo #ittakestwokitties #petvalustrathcona #safeteamrescue #safeteamkitty #safeteam #adoptdontshop #adopt #adoptme #rescuecat #rescue #rescuecats #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #yeg #yegcats #catsofinstagram #edmontoncats #catsrule #catsforever #ilovecats #instacats #catsofig #yeggers #yeglife #opttoadopt
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Az Shelter Pets
9 minutes ago
shelterpets_az Beautiful raylynn is still waiting for her chance at forever! this gal is so fun and friendly. she would prefer to be the only pet in your life, so unfortunately that makes her time at the shelter limited. if we get full again (and we will), she will be at risk. anyone out there looking for a #monogamymutt or know anyone who wants to lavish all their love and attention on just one pet? if so, raylynn is the one for you! adoptable at the mcac west shelter in phx. more pics and info on raylynn on fb at "az shelter pets"
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House of Dreams Cat Shelter
11 minutes ago
hodshelter Max's looking forward to this holiday week. 😸 _______________________>^..^<_______________________ this season is the perfect time to send the kitties something from their amazon wishlist. cats deserve holidays gifts too, right? 😹 just follow the url on our profile page to see what we need. https://smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3iesm5bxs2u5p
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