Julie Mat
just now
julie_mat_ Because you don’t know love until you have a dog. 😊🐾💞 #jersey #adoptdontshop #chocolatelab #snugglebug
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Julissa Marshall (Julz) Ⓥ
1 minute ago
veganjulz Reny has pulled almost all of her toys out of her toy box (you can see it in the background) and left them all over the downstairs of the house. 🙄 silly girl! ❤️
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Mary Gerhardt
1 minute ago
yorkie_pack Another fun night at agility!
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1 minute ago
chocolatebelly When i started this humble journey to document my military foray into the human house from the garden i never dreamed there would be so many who care so much. but in fairness i am a great leader and with the promise of la revolution that is no doubt why my army has grown to such numbers. well, on what we can only presume to be the eve of a full half thousand followers (glass half full), i wanted to pause and thank all of you loyal followers: the real estate developers, the solar energy enthusiasts, the camping fanatics, my 5 wonderful chocolate babies, even the dogs, but most of all my loyal catty cat army that now spans the globe. they can take our reproductive organs, but they will never take ... our tuna!! #braveheartcat #loveourfollowers #lovefollowingyourightback #keepuslaughing #sendingheadboops #surroundedbycattycatlove #coi #instacat #theresalotofcatsinmyphone #internetofcats #allcatsrule #blackcatsrule #adoptdontshop #rescuecat #rescuedismyfavoritebreed
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