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😍😍 1ml lip enhancement 😍😍 fabulous results 💉💉 using revolax 😍 from £150 per ml 😍💋 dm too book a appointment 💋 #lips #lipfillers #revolax #aesthetics #lipenhancing #refresh #poutine #pouty #plumped #results #lovemyjob #happyclients
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Take a step into the unknown 🐉
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Aesthetically psychic is back coming to you from new york🏙 the physicians formula the healthy foundation is a great dupe for the nars sheer glow foundation. my only complaint is the application isn’t sanitary as it has a wand with a sponge applicator at the end. a simple fix is to apply the appropriate amount to the back of your clean hand and use a brush, sponge, or your hands. #physiciansformula #nars #narssheerglow #makeup #makeupdupes #aesthetics #esthetics #esthetician #aesthetician
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Woke up at 5 am because of this little stinker 🐶 but felt so energized & motivated i had to get up and start the day! gotta take advantage of that kind of morning right?!🙃 finished work early & took my fitness nutrition specialist exam and ✨passed!✨ i am so excited to get to work on nutrition plans for erika collins fitness so you can get the best, healthiest results possible when you sign up! just 9 days to go until launch!🙈🤗
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