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Pics too good to not be on my profile plus blues my fav color #aestheticsovereverything
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No games to play💪💪
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👨‍🏫the great thing about fitness and bodybuilding is the fact that you don’t need any pre-requisites in order to be successful in your journey
💪regardless of your height, genetics, weight, family, etc anyone can decide to get themselves in the shape they want to be in whether that’s becoming a bulky powerlifter, obtaining a shredded physique, or finding a balance between the two, you are able to create and control the way you look through hard work, dedication, and an openness to learn and improve
✅my initial goal was to gain control over myself, now, i want to share my story and my passion to help inspire and motivate others to go out and work for the body that they deserve
👇join the movement towards self love and body positivity👇
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#throwback meanwhile will some are bummed out summer is ending, i’m figuring out what i’m going to be for halloween this year🎃👻 .
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Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.
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But i can't wash the scent of you off my skin
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Ain't doin s**t
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30 mins lunch wasn’t bad at all. and 6 years of not seeing each other he’s all grown up oh wowza
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With tears in my eyes
i begged you to stay
you said "hey man, i love you but no f*****g way"
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