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muse: @tai.dfwu
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studio: @daalexphotography
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editorial: @urbanvisuals__
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It's all falling into place and the smile feels genuine again.
today was such a day, in terms of my future and that of my partner too - and us as a (soon to be married - that's right, five months!) couple.
it's not going to be what you all know, though.
the wind of change turned into a hurricane of change and i'm about to be whisked away on my own adventure - for my own life.

today was a day of opportunities - for both sloane and i. it was a day of decisions, and it's overwhelming but in the best way where we're both filled with motivation, purpose, dreams and goals. and love. there's so much love. i hope you all find someone in your life who you're as crazy about as they are you - and that they are also your best friend and home in a walking and talking form.
i'm rambling, forgive me oh my word.
there's so much i can't wait to share with you, but of course i have to wait until it's all settled and basically chiselled in stone.

there is so much happening!
my word, okay, i need to breathe or sleep or both. both would be great. but i'm too excited to sleep right now so i'll stay up a little longer and plan some more and find ways to make my dreams my reality - next year is going to be such a huge change.
i realise i totally didn't tell you anything yet but oh well! sorry not sorry! this post represents my headspace right now - chaotic good.

love you all. (trust me tho, it's big news!)
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