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My grandfather took a shot of this daily. i have been incorporating this in my daily regimen for almost a year (not faithfully). glad i came across this reminder #health#lifestylechange#agingbackwards
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Yup that was me! 23 years old vs 32 years old!! 1 kid vs 3 kids 😳 #agingbackwards #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #beyourownmotivation 🤩💁🏻‍♀️
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Getting my shake on...tropical crush style. 🌴🍍🏖 ready to try it for free? say yes below!
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When i grow up, i want to be half as cool as little me. filled to the brim with pizzazz and flair and always trusting in the power of pink shades... 😎💕
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Ok this feels reeeeally uncomfortable to put myself out there like this, but i sincerely think people deserve to know about this...
these untouched pics prove that you really can feel like you're aging backwards, thanks to rodan + fields! i don't mind telling my age or going out without a stitch of make-up on... and to all who might be wondering, no i have not had any work done! :)
r+f is all about giving you great skin... and now they also offer dermacosmetics which improves and protects your skin as it enhances your appearance. in this pic on the right i have on only mascara and a pea-sized drop of radiant defense perfecting liquid, our newest innovation - that's it! what makes it so special?
. 💫instantly blurs imperfections
💫repairs your protective moisture barrier
💫defends against sun damage & environmental pollutants
💫lasts all day
💫won’t clog pores or cause breakouts
💫available in 6 flexible, blendable shades
it’s coverage that’s good for your skin!
available exclusively to my preferred customers october 1st. want to get on my vip list? 📋.
oh and here are my results from today!!!!
#trustme #getglowing #nofilter #radiantglow #bestskincare #skincareaddict #skincareafter40 #skincareafter50 #embraceaging #agingbackwards
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Obsessing over my newest and quite possibly most f a v o r i t e nightly routine addition. as far as i knew collagen was for injecting into your face 💆🏻‍♀️ nope!!! every night before bed i drink my skincare. you heard that right. i drink collagen that makes me “age backwards”

and i may have customers who add alcohol to theirs. they call it their “special drink” 🙈😂 because it’s that delicious, do you!

whatever works / / bottoms up y’all! but drink your fountain of youth responsibly 💁🏻‍♀️
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⚡cleanse day and oh how my body needed it⚡️ 💗i already love how quickly i notice a shift in my energy, clarity, and general head fog!

so what exactly does this cellular cleanse do for my body? it supercharges my natural detoxification process, releasing impurities and f*t while infusing it with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep my body preforming at its optimal level.💥 ✨another great benefit is the shift in hormones that occur during this time.🙌🏻 you massively increase your growth hormone which helps the body build and preserve muscle. we all realize muscle burns more calories, keeping your metabolism at an all time high.💪🏻 #blessed #gamechanger #nothinglikeit #soreadytoruntomorrow #agingbackwards #giveit30days #energy #increasegrowthhormone
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Never mind the old crusty loaf pan and the random oven selfie, i’m having my healthy turkey meatloaf tonight!.
italian style ciao bello’s!
#dinnerideas #ovenselfie #meatloaflovers #healthymeatloaf #italianstyle🇮🇹 #olderwomen #olderandwiser #olderandhealthier #agingbackwards #agingbackwards #foodislife❤️ #midlifestyle #ownitcrushit #fitat50 #fitforlife
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Damn near 50 years old so imagine me in my prime. i’m almost half 100 and still playing rough. #ageaintnothingbutanumber #ageaintnothing #aginggracefully #agingbackwards #aginglikefinewine
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Wow....is all i can say!!!!!! joyome is the best skincare i have ever used! it’s easy to use, 2 steps day & night, and it’s all i use other than cleanser!!!!! 🙌🏻 if it can do this in 4 months i can’t even imagine what a year can do!!!
⭐️clinical study results show:
▪️100% reported improved hydration
▪️ 97% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
▪️ 91% improvement in pore size

what would you love to change about your skin?!?! #joyome #skinmicrobiome #agingbackwards #clearglowingskin
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#thankfulthursday it’s more than weight loss... it’s about being healthy. it’s truly a lifestyle; prevention is better than a cure. if you fall off, get back on & keep going. it’s about being consistent & not quitting. prevention is better than cure❗️. #healthiswealth #agingbackwards #30303 #consistency #skinnteamindset
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❤sharing jennifer’s story❤️
🌸plexus changes lives!🌸 she shares her story:
“friends, posting pictures of me at my worst- is difficult for me to do. i was always thin until my dysfunctional marriage took its toll. i hid a lot of #sadness behind the smile - and spent a lot of time wishing i was invisible. i have to honestly say that if it weren’t for my 3 beautiful children- i probably wouldn’t be here right now posting this. i was #broken . i have survived unspeakable things, have suffered from #depression, #anxiety, and #ptsd. and have wanted to give up many times over. but through all of this- i have found a #strength i have never known. i have to say that i feel #better at 50 than i did at 38. plexus is helping change me from the inside out. #guthealth is not a joke. as a #healthcare provider- i fully believe that plexus has amazing, life changing products. my #mind is healing- my #body is getting there, even my #hair and #skin are better.” are you ready to take back your life? we can do this!!
#plexuschangeslives #plexusworks #plexusrocks #takebackyourlife #agingbackwards #guthealth #anxeity #depression #ptsd #weightloss #inflamation #balancedsugars #happy
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Look at those lashes and that beautiful skin!
r&f consultant sarah magnums’ gorgeous lashes are 100% real and natural!! lash boost is not a mascara - it's a serum that you apply to your upper lashes (just like liquid eyeliner only clear) at bedtime. while you sleep it nourishes your lashes. it will not turn light colored eyes a different color and this is not a prescription!
you can purchase lash boost as a stand alone product or bundle it together with a skincare regimen for great savings and great results like this! #agingbackwards #lashlove
everything comes with a money back guarantee too!
let me know if you’d like to have longer, darker, fuller looking lashes!
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