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Mr. prakash hariharan, a leg spinner, represents a 4th division team in the tnca league. he is constantly hungry to learn and here we can see him working on his bowling alignment as he knows the importance of strengthening basics. he aspires to play a higher level of cricket and we truly believe that with the hard work that he's putting in, he is on the right path to achieve success.
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Thnks for your support 💕
was having class at new venue ~
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Pure magic last night at @_zendenyoga_ gratitude to all who showed up and expanded into the next level! stardust!
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➖chair and stairs ➖
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....because you get back what you put out. ✨💫 #starchild #deliberatecreator #loa
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Some of us who are called to be change agents have survived pain, heartache and heartbreak that may have been debilitating. i am one. i have searched and searched for myself outside of myself my entire life. feeling so disconnected, alone and unsure of everything and everyone. i have felt i had no one to turn to for help even amongst family and friends
what you learn to do is wear a mask, you learn to put on a show, saying and doing the “right things”. you mimic your environment. .

the irony is..if you speak on it and tell the truth you’re often met with resistance & defensiveness because others around you may not be ready to tell the truth.
once i gave up resisting and searching i began my healing journey. was this the life i planned. hell no. however it’s my life and one i have to live to the fullest. i now realize how my pain is being used to birth my passion and i am pregnant with healing purpose. for that i am humbly grateful. i don’t ask god any more why me?
it’s what’s next?
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I am your reflection. you are mine.
what you love about me, is within you...asking to be noticed, asking to be loved.
what you hate about me, is within you...asking for light, asking for compassion, asking for healing.
anything i do is possible for you. my successes are a reflection of your own potential. .
anything you do is possible for me. your celebrations remind me that i too can realize my goals and dreams.
everyone in this life mirrors back to us our own selves..the light, the shadow, the healing, the wounding, the love, the call to rise.
what sacred mirrors do you see today? tag someone you love, who mirrors to you all of the goodness in the world and reminds you constantly that that goodness is within you too. 🙏

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On some days i float and on others, i sink. i'm on my life's right path. it feels good. it feels colorful. it is confirmend by alignment. by seeing familiar faces in unexpected places. getting wisdom from unexpected places. it feels like connections and community, and for that i am grateful. doors are opening. .
thanks for having me last night, it was such a cool vibe @bluepoettree
new content. .
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Two of my passions... the law of attraction and harry potter. when i started to learn about loa, i saw sooo many tie ins to the messages in jk rowling’s books. but recently when delving deeper into the idea of flow and allowing, i saw how much it was identical to when harry drank the felix felicis potion. ✨
all fear was gone. only confidence and trust remained. and that led him to flow with what he was feeling. leading him to a chain of events that accomplished an impossible goal. had he not released the doubts and listened to him s intuition, it wouldn’t have been possible to manifest his desires. ✨
we don’t need liquid luck to manifest our desires. we only need to ask, listen and act on inspiration. alignment before action always. ✨
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Stick around after the infusion for a violet flame dance party 🔮🔥💃🏼 or join us at 5:15 to jam, get magical, and step into the beingness of i am free .. and just let loose & have some fun 😎

violet expressions –the art of alchemical movement

join us for some violet magic, as we dance together in a room fully infused with pure violet light.

our intentions for the evening will be centered around freedom.

violet expressions is a combination of moving meditation and violet light energy work offered in a group setting. come as you are to receive what you need in a magical & loving space, where you are most safe to fully express. through this alchemical movement we will dance in community with intention, infuse ourselves with the energies of freedom, raise our vibration, and step more fully into alignment with the beingness of i am free.
emily will lead you into the beginning of your journey, where we will have the group intention to infuse ourselves with the alchemical power of the violet flame, and to step into & immerse ourselves in the energies of freedom. from this space of limitless possibility & unlimited potential - you will be most safe to just organically move & be, and fully express your beautiful, unique vibration through dance/movement/chanting/singing - whatever arises for you.
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From our team to you; thank you!

each week you guys ‘choose’ to engage with the content in our app. [link in bio]

this platform evolves every week with you in mind.

our goal is to be one of your favorite places to log into before you start your day with the daily intention and consciously connect with us as you navigate life from midday into the late evening hours as we share a powerful evening centering zone to relax your mind, body and soul in preparation for peaceful sleep.
thank you for being ‘intentional’. 🙏🏽 # teamtria
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✨✨ violet light infusion today at 333p in leawood, ks at cura integrative! all are welcome. release what no longer serves you & infuse yourself with the alchemical power of the violet flame! 🔥🔮🔥
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Repeat after me 😉.⠀

written by @iameddiepowell @mastermindteam, the residual income network.⠀

helping everyday people harness the power of residual income.⠀

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