C&C Apothecary
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cc.apothecary Summer means sandals means dry, cracked heels & sometimes simply scrubbing them just isn't enough to repair the damage. don't just scrub the dry skin away, but heal those heels! #salves #footcare #summer #apothecary #pedicure #allnatural #tamanuoil #teatree https://www.etsy.com/listing/513455702/cracked-heel-salve
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Angie Lee
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leepink17 7 reasons you cannot lose weight! *spoiler* it is not just about diet and exercise! the top 7 reasons and the plexus products that can help you! 1) sleep - if you are not sleeping you will not lose weight. (probio5 and megax) 2) digestion - constipation, bloating, feeling full all the time, a swollen stomach. ( probio5 and biocleanse) 3) energy level- thyroid and iron anemia (x-factor and slim) 4) menstrual cycle - if it is off you will have a hard time losing weight because estrogen makes fat. if there is excess estrogen it interferes with the thyroid and increases f*t production. (slim and biocleanse) 5) cravings - one way to know you are burning f*t is that you will crave nothing. if you crave sweets it means your body only burns sugar and not fat. (slim/probio5 and accelerator+) 6) inflammation- means the adrenals are not strong enough. it sucks the energy from the body and slows metabolism. (mega x, ease and nerve) 7) stress - if the body is stuck in stress mode and it cannot relax the adrenals are overloaded and you have too much body stress. (x factor, slim and biocleanse) #youcandoit #allnatural #plantbased #60daymoneybackguarantee #whynot #plexusworks #leepink17
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Total Body Health
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totalbodyhealthco Thyroid care is more important than you think! your thyroid gland affects your body's overall wellness. it is responsible for manufacturing enough thyroid hormone to trigger your cells to perform and function at a certain rate such as breathing, heart rate, body weight, muscle strength, menstrual cycles, body temperature, and your metabolism. when your hormone levels are too high or low, your body can develop hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism causing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, weight loss, weight gain, tiredness, fatigue, and so much more. since your thyroid plays a huge part in your body, it is important to take care of it. thyroidcare7 by totalbodyhealth contains 7 key #allnatural ingredients to help maintain a healthy thyroid. there ingredients are: ⭐️l-tyrosine ⭐️ashwagandha ⭐️iodine ⭐️selenium ⭐️zinc ⭐️manganese ⭐️coleus forskohli make health your #1 priority. #lookgoodfeelgood #thyroid #thyroidcare #supplements #allnatural #allnaturalproducts #keyingredient #thyroidsupport #healthylifestyle #totalbody #healthyliving #bodycare #selflove #thyrocare
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Nail Butter
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nailbutter Have you checked out nail butter's website lately? we have trendy pics, testimonies of the product and of course it's a great place to order some new nail butter! [link in bio]
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Chill Pop
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chillpopshop Perfect afternoon pick-me-up☝️. . . coconut + cocoa + cold-brew 👉 #cocomochafudge #yum
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Suds Soap Co
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sudssoap Here at suds we are all natural! we are safe to use on children. we are safe to use on pregnant bellies. we don't use any chemicals in any of our products. we are cruelty free. we are 100% recyclable. what's stopping you from making the switch?! order yours today at sudssoapco.com <link in the bio>!!
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Lore 🦄
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loredecnijf No make up/no filter selfie 😋 #allnatural
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petitcocovert So i'm going to share something slightly embarrassing because it will lead to sharing a great holistic remedy hack. 🙌🏼 so yesterday i had a major chocolate craving (not just yesterday, it's a daily occurrence). i may have been a little too excited to eat it that i chewed right thru it and bit the inside of my cheek 🤦🏻‍♀️ ok embarrassing part over. here's my natural remedy to help speed the healing process. first option is to take a probiotic capsule pour it into some water and swish it around you mouth for a minute. spit out and repeat again the next day. 💁🏻 second option is to take a shot of whiskey...just kidding a shot of half warm water and half apple cider vinegar. 🥃 swish around your mouth, spit out and repeat twice a day till it's clear! 👍🏼 #yourwelcome
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beauddiction The @100percentpure vanilla bean whipped body butter smells good enough to eat 🍨🍨🍨 and is 100% natural and vegan. it has cocoa, avocado, and shea butters, plus argan oil to deeply hydrate the skin. i slathered some on as soon as it came in the mail and my husband came in the room and asked if i was baking cookies. 🍪😂 it's sooo yummy! #100percentpure #naturalskincare #allnatural #vegan #veganbeauty #crueltyfree #vanilla #sweetscents #skincare i received this product complimentary from 100% pure. all opinions are 100% my own. #gifted #honestreview #octolyfamily #slave2beauty #beautyjunkies #beautyblogger
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Marlenis SantaMaría📍 OFICIAL 🌟
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marlexandraa Bocas del toro es un paraíso tropical, parte de mi 💚 pertenece a esta bella provincia, su paisaje, arena blanca y aguas cristalinas te enamorarán 😍 y yo disfruto de este paradisíaco lugar con mi vestido de baño que tiene detalles hechos a mano y mi hermoso tapestry que no podía faltar ambos de @alteregopty que tiene gran variedad de vestidos y piezas para tu ocasión ideal te invito a seguirlos @alteregopty @alteregopty . . . #turismointernopma #sinfiltro #bocasdeltoro #island #carenero #beautifullplace #reef #sunnyday #crystallinewaters #trendy #girl #swimsuit #tapestry #whitesand #boat #beach #marlexlifestylepty #allnatural
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Sweet Ellie Sue
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sweetelliesue The flamingo details on our spring fling blanket are to die for 💕🍍💕🍍💕
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smellyhippies The smelly hippie family<3 available next week: an organic bug spray & 2 more body washes! #organic #allnatural #liveclean #green #gogreen
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NewMi Juicery
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newmijuice How could something so pretty be so good for you????? throw away those sodas, juices from concentrate, and fake additives and replace it with @newmijuice . this is the real deal. nothing but the ingredients you see. that means you are getting a direct infusion of the nature's gift with every sip!
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