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Скоро уже домой полечу, а пока в бассейн одного из самых больших круизных кораблей в мире - allure of the seas🛳#allureoftheseas#cruise#ship#royalcaribbean#rccl#belarus#diving#oceanaria#show
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Turn your phone sideways! click link in bio for all of our videos on youtube! thanks for watching!
in today's life of jam, we enjoy the second day our honeymoon! our first stop is atlantis in the bahamas. royal carribean offers a multitude of excursions through their website, and we knew that we def wanted to visit atlantis again. if our memory serves us right, we paid $120-$150 per person for this excursion.
atlantis is basically a resort that includes hotel, shopping, casino, aquarium, and an outstanding water park.
the fee includes admission into the water park as well as entry into the resort and access to all of the water park amenities.

the allure of the seas is one of royal caribbean's largest ships and so far the ship has not disappointed. one of our main fears was because the allure of the seas is so big organization and efficiency would be an issue. but, getting on and off the allure of the seas was not an issue at all!
once off the allure of the seas we enjoyed our time at the atlantis water park, which is one of the excursions royal caribbean has to offer. at atlantis, we spent time on the beach, pools, lazy and rapid rivers, and eating at our favorite bar/restaurant.
after atlantis we boarded back onto the allure of the seas and prepared for our second specialty dinner. dinner was amazing and we even took to go plates.

so far, our honeymoon has been a blast thanks to our planning of date nights and excursions! royal caribbean has been amazing thus far!

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honeymoon day 2 | allure of the seas | atlantis bahamas

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Open mic...lots of talent tonight.
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En el mar la vida es mas sabrosa
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A day in roatan. #allureoftheseas #royalcaribbean #comeseek #honduras #sloths #monkeys we als got some street food salted and limes mango that was incredible...coconut shrimp and salvador vida honduran beer. yum.
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