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My zumba bestie came to visit me this week. how lucky am i? ashley and i had the best time just being us. eating yummy food, shopping (shhhhh 🀫 do not tell our husbands) telling silly stories until we laughed so hard our abs hurt and our makeup was running down faces, spending more time than most people would think is “fun” busting out new zumba choreo and searching out the best new latin rythems for our classes. we reconnected like we had not been apart for 11mo. ❀️ non of this would be possible if ashley and i had not both (independently) walked into the rec center, years ago, to workout alone. you will find your people on your journey, whatever your journey is. but the catch is you have to follow your calling! do not be afraid of striking out alone, your people will be there i promise. just because we both made that choice, we are now; mom friends, shopping soulmates, fitness friends and zumba besties. striking out alone is hard, it is scary, but man the rewards are so worth the momentary discomfort. start following your calling, your people are out there waiting for you to find them. 😊 #zumba #zumba #zumbachoreo #zumbainstructor #zumbamoms #zumbazin #zin #zumbabesties #shoppingsoulmates #fitnessjourney #rocksprings #rockspringswyoming #wyoming #americancouncilonexercise
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Today is international yoga day! i’m not a super devout yogi, but today i’m so grateful for this practice because it has introduced me to some great new friends in stockholm, including @madbey and the #lululemonstockholm family @ridewithmandy @victoire.laurin1 ❀️❀️! i’m looking forward to continuing this practice and watching where it takes us next (maybe yoga in another amazing church?!). happy international yoga day everyone!
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Guess who's certified to be a personal trainer!!! ☝️ i've been quietly grinding on this for a little under a year and am so excited to embark on this journey! if you have a dream, don't be afraid to pursue it...don't limit yourself...we often become our own worst enemy with self doubt and adversity. sometimes it's the adversity that we need to show us just how strong we really are. πŸ’ͺπŸ’‘πŸŒ  @acefitness #acefitness #certifiedpersonaltrainer #americancouncilonexercise #perseverance #fitness #acecertified #acecertification #humble #health #neverstopgrinding #progressnotperfection πŸ“Έ photo cred. @mhough1190 thanks for celebrating with me! πŸ˜˜πŸ’—
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Superman plyometrics with battle rope variation,always love to work in performance phase of functional movement and resistance training.
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So this happened a couple of weeks ago...i passed the personal trainer certification exam!!! this has been a dream of mine for a long time but i never thought i had what it took to make it a reality. talk about limiting beliefs...i’m the walking definition of it! i share this because the only thing standing in your way is you. go for the things you want. keep your head down, shut out the noise, and stay focused. πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸƒπŸ½‍β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ½#femaleintransformation #fitlife #trainer #personaltrainer #fitlife #ace #americancouncilonexercise #healthandwellness #healthmatters #balance
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Never stop developing professionally. i am happy i once (before devaluation in this country) had the opportunity to purchase #americancouncilonexercise courses. now i will finally have time for proper studying and exam passing. thanks @acefitness for hq education #ace #acefitness #healthyback #healthyknees #healthybones #osteoporosis #wellness #fitnessprofessionals
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As a personal trainer, it’s essential for me to love and enjoy my workouts. some days you listen to korn while you lift, other days you deadlift while listening to old school britney spears. the moral of the story? do whatever the hell it takes to get you through. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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Another course down! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ₯¦#fitnessnutritionspecialist #americancouncilonexercise
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Important info in the end, kindly read itπŸ™for a better health and future.

gaol no. 1 completed. time for the next one.
thanks @classicfitnessacademy @vivek_sirohi sir and @chiragapril9 sir awesome people and unmatchable knowledge.πŸ™ and the man who brought revolution in present indian fitness industry "online" @gurumann πŸ™and the motivation source for me as well. through his work the rdx that i wasn't aware i have got sparked and i chose and converted my childhood passion into my profession ( though i'm a small skinny guy, couldn't be regular with training ) but will be regular and bring a better me in regards of everything d**n thing.
ps: whomsoever will see and read this post. ever in your life if you'll hire a personal trainer and will undergo a personal training. βœ” always ask your trainer about his or her certification? βœ”how knowledgeable he/she is in the field of exercise science.
βœ”do you understand my body? βœ”can you train me according to my current fitness/ medical condition?
βœ”can you assess my current fitness level and all the postural deformities and work on it? ▢️if your trainer's answerπŸ’― is yes then go ahead πŸ”œ and hire him/her start your training. 🚫don't just get amazed with the physique of your trainer or how good he/she looks and become a fool from a swollen monkey. judge your trainer by his/her knowledge.

@classicfitnessacademy , @acefitness
@afpatelnagar.delhi, #acecertified #ace #americancouncilonexercise
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B.w 68kg deep squats 150kg 3reps >90% 1rm . sometimes its good to go beyond our neuromuscular adaptations.you should always be glute dominant while performing squats !
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Yes, i want to lose weight and lean up.
yes. i want to look better.
yes, i want to feel better.

if you've checked any of the above, you'll want to check below.
kaaos gym 100% personal training satisfaction guarantee
if you can honestly say you followed all my requirements and do not look, feel or perform better after 12 weeks of training with me, i will refund your entire investment!
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