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#bookieboxrep7 hey @thebookiebox !! 😝
our names are devon and sofia and we are just 2 bookish friends from new york who love to read, snuggle with our pets, go horseback riding and communicate with the bookstagram community! πŸ’•
we are obsessed with book boxes and we adore yours! we love how you have handmade candles and bookmarks for it as well! ☺️ we love to spread the word about interesting, fun and creative bookish goodies and book boxes with the lovely book comunity here on insta! since we are repping for no one at the moment we would give your boxes our uttermost attention! ❀️
we don’t just want the free stuff, we truly want to share your boxes with everyone! the book community is such an awesome place! 😁 we take pride and care with our instagram putting as much creativity as possible in our photos! πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•
our fave fandoms include acotar, tog, hp, red rising, illuminae and so many others! you can never have too many #amiright πŸ˜‚
sorry this is a little long we got a little carried away but thanks so much for reading and hosting this lovely repsearch!!! (。ο½₯ωο½₯)οΎ‰οΎž bye and goodluck to all! ☘️🀞
- love, devon and sofia β™•
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#amiright #air-conditioningforthewin
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Sundayzzzz in the city #amiright #arcadefire πŸŽΆπŸ’πŸ»‍♀️
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Ten years ago you took my shish #betterlatethannever #amiright
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Honestly? #thisis52 just making it this far in life. #amiright
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Ok so confession: it’s definitely easier for me to change what i put on my body rather than in my body. problem is, most of those same toxins i’m so worried about clearing out of our home- are in our food too 🀦🏼‍♀️
i used to be really good about what i put in my body, then i married a guy who didn’t know the nutritional difference between fresh strawberries and the strawberry “jam” in a pop tart and i got a little lazy. time’s up. i can’t just be concerned about what goes in anna’s body (because it’s so much easier to be disciplined for our kids than ourselves #amiright ?!). i’ve got my list and i’m ready to get back to cooking- because honestly, that’s the best way to be in control of what’s in your food.
do you have a favorite healthy and relatively easy recipe to share?? all are welcome!
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I was telling chad just yesterday that when i’m holding both of them it literally hurts sometimes because my heart is so full. it’s indescribable how much you can love two little people in a way that one isn’t any more loved than the other because there’s nothing else in life quite like that. here’s to couch cuddles, messy hair and wearing a shirt that may have 2 rounds of spit up on it 🀷🏻‍♀️ #aintnohoodlikemotherhood #amiright
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Me: it’s sunday runday. time for an adventure.
also me: and by adventure i mean running in a skirt. #yolo -
don’t worry. there are built in shorts. because #modesty. i has it. πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️
i didn’t actually set out to run 25km today. most of it in the pouring rain no less. i was just going to head out for a quick run up to the backyards trails for some vitamin nature (ok and to take a spin through the mud) and then run home but then things just got all sorts of fun and, well, what happens in a running skirt stays in a running skirt.
i also made the most inappropriate shoe choice today. trail shoes with some drainage would have really helped with the rain-filled sploshing and sloshing but in my defense, how do you pick when part of your run is on the road and part of it takes you through trails? 🀷🏻‍♀️
honestly, i should have just worn my pint-sized dictator’s plastic purple princess shoes seen the floor in the background and brought along her pink magic wand to complete my #ootd. #amiright?!?
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #amiright
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Moms need play dates as much as their babies do. #amiright?
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πŸ“·// no role modelz & i’m here rn.. πŸ₯€
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πŸ¦πŸ˜‹πŸ˜΄fresh waffle cones and carolina churned ice cream, i know my #godsnotdead #amen #amiright... also led to post meatloaf, fried chicken, ice cream coma.
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That face wen ur brother is being annoying #amiright #howdare #hashtags4dayz
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Fail to plan, plan to fail. πŸ“ .
this weekend was full of indulgences 🍊(you can’t go to the beach and not have an orange crush or two #amiright). but i’m all about that 80/20 lifestyle so it’s back on track today starting with planning my meals for the week. meal planning saves me so much time and i’m way less likely to get off track with my nutrition if i have everything already written out. plus, i needed an excuse to use my flair pens πŸ–Š
week 2/8 let’s do it πŸ’ͺ🏻 .
#mealplanning #mealprep #failtoprepare #preparetofail #liift4 #liift4testgroup #nutritionguide #healthylifestyle #beachbodycoach #positivevibes
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I love following other people to see the different things they are doing in their homes and products they use. social media is a huge arena for sales and pretty much we’re all walking advertisements. like, who isn’t selling something? #amiright .
what i don’t love is this sort of new trend i’m seeing where we scare the bajeesus out of people and tell them how they’re dying a slow death. or that all of their kids are going to end up with cancer. or that *insert here* is going to happen, and that they better hurry and get right with the lord before the world ends. (ps. i’m not making fun of being right with the lord.)
is it true that we need to and can do better? of course it is. is it true that there are definitely things happening by big corp/farma/drug/agriculture that are greatly hurting us? of course.
but isn’t it also true that if we’re going to influence people and create relationships of trust, that we have to meet people right where they are? of course.
i don’t know, that’s where i’m at right now. helping people like me who want to learn and sharing by experience. sharing my life and the things i’ve learned (see my video from friday on facebook for more on that). helping people see that they can make good choices and have the right to choose good things.
i think we all grow best when we’re in this together.
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