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"we have more possibilities
available in each moment than we realize." 🌻
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Drive thru social club 🥤 dtsc_jeana-04.jpg
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minolta x700 📸 / 🎞 superia 2oo
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Montreal - 2018
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The earth is much too big for us all to be taking the same photos.
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Old sacramento find #onfilm 🎞 #35mm
olympus mju-1 / fujifilm superia 200
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Obsessed with colors lately.
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France #35mm
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The legendary front element of the canon fd 85mm 1.2 l - series!
expression: the hefty hunk of glass on this thing is just unreal! i mean just look at the size / chunk of that front element!
considered by many as one of the best fd lenses ever made and clearly canon's prime flagship model the fd 85mm 1.2 is truly a remarkable work of art!
the rendering of this beast, the sharpness and obviously the overall depth of field is just out-of-this-world of a quality! if you demand nothing but the best, this 85mm 1.2 - l or the 85mm 1.2 aspherical s.s.c is the lens you want! and if you're a cinematographer then the first thing you want to do is get the aperture ring de-clicked & you're set!
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I do t know about you, but i’m quirky. my family motto is “proud to be weird”. i embrace my sci-fi geekiness, my theater nerdom, and my propensity toward verbose and effusive language.
it hasn’t been easy. i, like most humans, want people to like me, and that’s not easy when you’re different. but then you find your people and being different becomes the thing that you’re proud of instead of the thing you’re embarrassed by. like a bride who wears a black and white gown, holding a succulent for a bouquet and making funny faces at her groom. my people.
if you’re #proudtobeweird and want a like-minded friend-tographer (see what i did there? 😉) let me know! i’d love to tell your story in a meaningful and true-to-you way!
#meaningfulwedding #differentisbeautiful #uniquebride ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ venue: @nationalbuildingmuseum
catering: @eatandsmilecatering
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"he who controls the spice controls the universe." .05% of the new science fiction magazines and paperbacks that came in today including these serializations of the dune series from the 60s. #bookstore #bookstore #vintage #analog #bookstagram #bookshop #dune #thebooklady #thebookladysavannah #thebookladybookstore
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My boy shaking that a*s for me x x
📸: @kyrak270
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'no time, no space, no light. nothing around us'
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