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Inverno parisiense no são joão
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The missing half 🌱 #35mm
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Don't you wanton mee baby?⁣
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🎞: #kodakektar
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“peach and honey in the air, ice cream cones on the pavement, windows flung wide open, an orchard of apricot trees with wind chime breeze through the leaves and branches shimmering with the heat haze. there’s a timeless oil-painting or polaroid-worn-away-at-the edges kind of beauty about this dream and you, paint-splattered camera flash on your skin. you, and you, and you. i want to live like this forever. always reaching for each other and never quite touching. light bathing the marble-skin of your back, muscles rippling the way the river flows, softly, urgent. call it love, call it anything you want. in this life, it starts raining the second we say each other’s names / in the next, the world stops breathing right before we kiss for the first time / in another, we jump into the river at dawn and never come up for air.” j.t. // italy, summer 1985 #35mm
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Em muốn làm chiếc lá
cuốn theo gió cùng anh.
em muốn làm con sóng
cùng anh đi cả địa cầu.
em muốn là hạt cát
theo anh cùng nghỉ ngơi.
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Stay wild american south girl ✨model: @lidiberetta#film #35mm
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Loaded with traps - @mikaelstone4108 on his vessel at night. shot last summer.
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