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There are some things that i'm really, really bad at. one of those things is keeping surprises a secret. i'm horrible at not ruining them. i'm awful about not giving them away. people can absolutely tellllll that someeeething is going on because i act weird and feel uncomfortable. recently, i was chatting with one of my 2018 (eek!) brides about ~their proposal 💍~ and she said that her groom had it all planned out but ended up proposing earlier in the day because he just couldn't keep the surprise anymore. i feel that on a deep, deep level. that would be me if i were to propose to someone... i would buy a ring and immediately run to their side and say "please? yes? i bought a ring? you, yeah?" and they'd look at me very confused and it would just be very laughable. 😂 i just gotta say props to all you people who propose... you are the real mvp. #nschellphoto #nschellengagements
3 127 August 2017
These two. seriously stunning. ⚜️ congratulations to samantha & eric!! #catalinadevorephotography #annapoliswaterfront #marylandweddingphotographer •tap for vendors•
11 78 June 2018
Did you know that the @annapolishotel is dog friendly?! sweet dog-of-honor, stella, got to celebrate with the girls before her mom and dad got married! 📷 @annaschmidtphoto #orlovinlove #puppylove #annapolisweddings #dogofhonor #dogsofannapolis
3 76 June 2018
What a beautiful wedding this weekend! thank you @meatoscani and @tclear01 for including me in your special day! you two are a one of a kind couple and i love you both so very much!!! #annapoliswaterfront #husbandandwife #marriage
4 108 July 2017
Today is testimonial tuesday. a new video series asking our customers turned family one simple question...how has capital sup changed your life?.. @alexyoungupper90 showed up at our @baybridgepaddle training program in march 2017 without ever having tried stand up paddleboarding. 9 months later, alex has become a core member of the capital sup race team! do you have a testimonial you would like to share? email lindsay@capitalsup.com 🎥: @lcookie19 #testimonialtuesday
3 126 January 2018
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Let me tell you about yesterday. it was nothing less than perfection. stephanie & thomas are genuine, gracious, and so incredibly kind. when you see them together, you know they were meant to be. here’s to that forever kind of love...the kind of love that makes you believe in love and one that inspires fairy tales. here’s to life lived happily ever after. i love my couples.
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We outchea...date night in historic annapolis. ✨
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Tranquility abounds in southern maryland. contact me for a change of scenery. you can call this view home today.
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A tip from the locals: it's a-boat time you discovered true annapolis culture with a visit to @navalacademy. 📷: @usnavalacademy
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Touchdown! 🏈 the football season is back, so get your game face on. who are you backing? 📷: usna
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Since i wasn’t sure how liberty of london would look quilted, i had to make a sample. a sample pouch 😳. i love this fabric! and so glad i purchased a bundle from @finchknittingsewingstudio
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Enjoy front row seats to mother nature's greatest show. 🌅 #marylandmoments 📷: @fozzybeers
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File this under: room with a view. 😍 wish you were here?
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Who else is ready for crisp mornings and colorful annapolis afternoons? 🙋🍂 #fallingforfall 📷: visit annapolis
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Gorgeous day for sailing! @schoonerwoodwind
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Annapolis waterfront
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This year seems to be full of amazing greenery-filled weddings. remember, eucalyptus is not your only option. for this greek-orthodox wedding, we mixed ruscus with olive branches and rosemary for a fragrant and textured table display. .
photo by @autumnkernphoto
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Setting sail on a perfect chesapeake sunset cruise
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I’m currently wrapping up a work trip in san fransisco, but wanted to share some film from when @sabrinaclaudinesimpson and i drove up to annapolis to explore my birth city. there’s no question where my love of the water, boats, and charming coastal towns comes from... plus,i lucked out and found the best dang travel companion out there.
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