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ncisfans_ ~kate and tony will forever be missed~ swak: season 2 || episode 22 #swak #katetodd #anthonydinozzo #ncis #sashaalexander #michaelweatherly
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NCIS? NCI-yes⚓️ 1/22/17
4 days ago
ncis.ashlee.mcgee Guys! i so sorry! can you ever forgive me?! college is crazy and i haven't had time to be on... but now i'm done! i have all summer to be on with y'all!!! ❤️️❤️️❤️️ #ncis #timothymcgee #seanmurray #anthonydinozzo #michaelwearherly #mcnozzo @therealseanhmurray @michaelmweatherly
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'Newborn king'
5 days ago
It passed a year since tony left ncis. i couldn't miss him more. he made us laught, smile, cry through these 13 years. i wish he could stay or get back but ... watching 13 seasons all over and over again will be amazing. he'll never be forgotten. ------------------------------------------- here is just a small slideshow. hope you like it. #ncis #anthonydinozzo #michealweatherly -------------------------- partnerpages: @tiva___ncis @tiva_densi_jeller @x.ncis @breee.multifandoms @ncis_bull_fandom_ @_crime_series_ @ncis_team_tiva
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kede | multi fandom & lgbt+
5 days ago
bisexualkiyoko 5.17.17 i freaked out yesterday because i realized i am gay. like holy cow dude, i'm g*y and i am attracted to girls. like i never questioned it and just accepted the fact that i don't like guys. like it's just weird now. it's like you never question your name, i mean you just accept it and that's your name (i mean when they give it to you at birth. you just get called by it unless you change it but i hope you understand what i mean) ahhhhhhduheiwijabfkodelwd #ncis #anthonydinozzo #leroyjethrogibbs #abbysciuto #donaldmallard #timothymcgee #leonvance #zivadavid #textpost
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