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In memory of a great defender of life - rest in peace, justice scalia.

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#prayeralert: please join us in praying for the family and friends of supreme court justice antonin scalia as they mourn his passing. may his memory be for a blessing. read more about the circumstances of supreme court justice scalia's passing on the @christiansunitedforisrael facebook page. #scotus #antoninscalia #christiansunitedforisrael #cufi #cufioncampus #cufiyoungpros
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Join us on 3 may for the first 2018 selden society lecture—guns and judges: antonin scalia and the right to bear arms, presented by the hon justice glenn martin am. register online—link in bio
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image: associate justice antonin scalia. photograph by steve petteway, collection of the supreme court of the united states.
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#supremecourt justice #ruthbaderginsburg says that the #brettkavanaugh hearings were “a highly partisan show” by the democrats and “it was wrong.” she discussed her affiliation with the acla before her confirmation hearings and she still got confirmed almost unanimously. the late justice #antoninscalia was confirmed unanimously. #scotus appointments don’t need to be such divisive angry events. i leave the blame fully at the democrats’ feet. because think back to #barackobama’s terms. both supreme court justices he nominated went through hearings that were a lot more civil and normal. republicans never resorted to these insane tactics that reflect more on their desire to run for president than actual senate civility. ginsburg is clearly a liberal but she is the old kind of liberal, who actually shows tolerance and respect for those she disagrees with.
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I recommend having a companion while reading a book📓
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entertaining, educational documentary that nicely summarizes the astonishing legacy of every millennial's favourite supreme court justice. i mean, i was tangentially aware of her boundary-breaking career, but i had no idea that almost every american (especially those not in majority) owes her a massive debt of gratitude for her tireless fight for equality.
ps. the stuff between ruth & marty... man, talk about my allergies acting up 😭
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If i had to look at my life and my career, i would say that my political views and/or ideologies are far different than my commitment to the law and/or legal practice. i may play second fiddle, as it were, but without a second violin section, a melody to a symphony is nothing more than boundless noise without any foundational basis.

these two documentaries reflect my boundless love for the law. i will admit, for years i was only a fan or justice ruth bader ginsburg's opinions and legal arguments, and regrettably it was only in law school that i realized how much of a genius justice antonin scalia truly was.

like most, i didn't really care for scalia before law school. i recklessly thought his opinions were long winded and antiquated. i am rarely wrong about things academic in nature, but when it came to his opinions, i couldn't have been more wrong.

the big idea or the big concept behind the law is that it is dual faceted to ensure that all people are protected and represented. there is the section is writes and debates laws, and there is the section that opines. the section debates is the people vs. those who opine qre judges. you do not want a set of judges deciding the law. rather, you would want them to push the people to want to change the law.

the judicial branch was intentionally designed to be separate to balance the power of the united states. the day that there is no balance is the day that the us truly becomes an undemocratic and nonfederalist society. what people fail to understand is without that separation, there would be no freedom.

without scalia's roaring opinions, justice ginsburg would have no pulpit to effect change with her opinions, and vice versa. not to say that the other could not make change without the other -- they did. but to impqct change requires dissent, and a strong dissent at that. the law should not dictated by the court, rather the court to enforce the law. who should impact and change the law is none other than ourselves; we the people.

the one phrase highly debated but at the end of the day, represents all of us even if back then it did not. whether you believe the constitution to be a living document or not, it is...
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I posted the tweet of making election day a federal holiday on my @facebook. within minutes of my doing so, the first person who liked it is a colleague from my last campaign who is about as republican as you can get. like ted cruz loving, trump voting, pro life conservative through and through. and we’ve remained friendly through all this political craziness - most of the people who i friended in #huntingtonny were right of me politically. i say all this to say - while we vehemently disagree on a great number of things. it is absolutely possible to do so without spitting acid, vitriol and hate. i actively work against a republican agenda daily. but, i do not hate them or wish them ill. the two supreme court justices you see before you are examples of that at the highest levels of government. they couldn’t be more unalike in political alignment but they enjoyed one another’s company and considered one another the best of friends. recall, during the election between mccain and obama - @senjohnmccain repeatedly rebuked his supporters for attempting to call @barackobama a muslim, a terrorist, a foreigner etc. this is how our country should be. this is how political discourse should go. i hope we return to it one day. i’m not asking anyone to agree with me - but that’s just my take on the situation. #america #ruthbaderginsburg #notoriousrbg #antoninscalia #scotus #barackobama #johnmccain #yearofkory #blackexcellence #melaninpoppin #blackgirlmagic #melanin #gaynyc #nycgay #younggiftedandblack #gaymen #gayboysofinstagram #gayboysofig #gayboysofinsta #blackandgay #intersectionalfeminism #hillaryforqueens #imstillwithher #imstillwithher #intersectionalfeminism #myfeminism #nycgay #gaynyc #hrc #malefeminist #hillaryforqueens #itsmuellertime #bipartisan #republican
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For a moment on sunday night, ruth bader ginsburg was trending on twitter and devoted #rbg fans feared the worst. “i was on my way to the hospital to donate all my organs,” tweeted jamie d. that wasn’t necessary — in fact, the 85-year old, whose exercise regimen includes a daily plank, said she plans to stay on the court until at least age 90. “justice john paul stevens stepped down when he was 90,” she said, speaking at a production of “the originalist,” a play about her late friend justice antonin scalia, “so think i have about at least five more years.” 📸: stephan savoia/ @apnews
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So after a month of back and forth with my local va hospital, i finally get a #cpapmachine for my #obstructivesleepapnea (btw the #vahealthcare system in new jersey needs a lot of improvement. there's no reason why i had wait so long for such a medically necessary device.) so yeah, after much struggle, i finally get a #dreammapper device in my hands. it's nice and sleek & barely makes any noise. i also liked that it comes with a nice travel bag! which is great since this device is now part of my life and its highly recommended to use it every night.
the condition on its own can lead to severe health conditions. sleep apnea can cause hypertension, heart conditions and mental health issues like depression. sleep apnea disrupts circadian rhythms, imbalances body and brain chemistry, interrupts cardiac and respiratory function, elevated blood pressure, and speeds up the heart’s rate. when allowed to continue, untreated, it absolutely will lead to higher mortality for those who don’t treat it.

supreme court justice #antoninscalia actors #carriefisher #jamesgandolfini #johncandy musician #jerrygarcia drag legend #divine nfl player #reggiewhite all died from sleep apnea.
last night was the 1st night i used the cpap machine and after some time setting up and figuring out what goes where, i had some of the best sleep of my life!

i woke up so refresh, recharged, and ready to take on the world. no more waking up with pounding headaches, exhausted, tired, and irritable. no waking up with heartburn. didn't wake up having to cough and hack up loads of #postnasaldrip phlegm and mucus built up overnight. i didn't need to rush to the bathroom as my bladder didn't feel like it was going to explode like it does every morning. yeah, the cpap mask looks and feels like i got attacked by a #faceeater from those alien movies but that feeling goes away after a while. i never been so excited to go to sleep. looking forward to getting 8 hrs of sleep tonight and better health in the future! #storyofmylife
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My favorite. justice antonin scalia. rip. good to know justice thomas, alito, gorsuch; and chief justice john roberts are on the court. soon kennedy’s replacement (kavanaugh) will be confirmed. #scotus #supremecourt #supremecourtjustice #washingtondc #districtofcolumbia #antoninscalia
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Learning about landmark case district of columbia vs. heller and very #thankful we had #supremecourt #judges like #antoninscalia to protect our #constitution and #secondammendment. #activist judges like @notoriousrbg and others do not belong on the #scotus .
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