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i got this #scentdiffuser from @minisopakistanofficial some time ago but didn’t get a chance to use it because i had no space on my table 🙈 but finally, today i got cleaning and make use of my #lavender scent 🌸
⚡️ #miniso is generally super affordable and having gotten my hands on this product for the price that it is just super cool 😎
⚡️#price rs. 699/- only‼️😱
⚡️highly affective and affordable 🔝 i placed it in my room and returned after an hour and all i could smell was this beautiful scent 👌🏽

#facts about lavender 🌸
⚡️ lavender is used for #relaxation and staying calm
⚡️ is excellent for helping you sleep like a baby 💤
highly recommended ‼️🔝

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What a night 🤩 @retreatyogastudio #essentialoils workshop #doterraessentialoils #naturalmedicine. had so much fun at @retreatyogastudio learning about the #usesofessentialoils - go natural 🌱 glowing #saltlamp #relax #unwind #anxiety #totastemaker #newcrossyoga #deptfordyoga #londonyoga
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Smiles and selfies during an exam, things must have been going well. mentsl health is incredibly important and so having the support of great people is essential.
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It’s national suicide prevention week. i wanted to contribute by joining in the @goodtype challenge and lettering #tomorrowneedsyou .
@goodtype has teamed up with @twloha , a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self injury and suicide. this is a subject near and dear to me as i’ve watched someone very close to me struggle with these things most of their life. please share this awareness on your own pages so we can spread the word and support those that need us to lift them up so they can continue to shine bright tomorrow. ❤️😇 .
follow @endthestigmaofmentalhealth for more 🍁
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Continuing to have a rough go of it lately. had a long talk with my boss today & it occurred to me that sometimes i just need someone to talk to who won’t try to fix me. someone who will just listen. my job is a major source of stress & unhappiness, but i’m grateful for a great boss i trust enough to share my issues with.
giving up on eating a certain way for now. it’s just not something i can focus on while also trying to deal with my mental health blahs. just going to try to be more mindful of what i’m putting into my body & how it makes me feel.
also going to talk to my psychiatrist next week honestly & tell him i’m struggling with motivation, energy, focus, & enjoying life. i don’t want to try another new medicine, but i need to be honest about how things are going for me.
i’m just tired of feeling like my illness is running my life. i’m tired of being tired. i’m tired of not feeling joy. i’m tired of living in a fog, just barely surviving one day to the next.
it’s damaging my soul.
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I haven’t touched in this yet in my posts so i thought it might be time. things have been really rough for awhile now. not just with my marriage but also coming to terms with the fact that my 2 youngest children are on the spectrum. when my 5th child was born (sam) things started out rough. he was my most difficult baby. always unhappy, always crying and us always trying our best to calm him anyway we could. i became pregnant very quickly (surprised because i was breastfeeding). he was only 4 months. i soon began juggling picking up 2-3 older kids from school while trying to maintain som sort of sanity raising a then 3 year old and sam while pregnant with our 6th child. at the time i felt enormous pressure to keep it together, to be a “super mom” for the longest time i couldn’t understand why, after everything that i was doing, sam wasn’t hitting his milestones. he would do something like clapping (age appropriate) once and never repeat it. he would start saying one word and then nothing again. it seemed as if he was driven by a motor. truth be told #autism never once crossed my mind. i chalked it up to him just being high maintenance and would get there on his own time. it didn’t work out that way. we are still in the beginning stages of an actual diagnosis but, 3 years in and he’s making huge improvements. it’s still a lot of echolalia but honestly the fact that he is even talking is a miracle in my eyes. my 2 year old hunter is showing other classic signs. he has lots of #stimming the arm flapping and occasionally waves his hands in front of his face. he also has lots of verbal stimms that i can only compare to that or a monster or zombie like sound he makes all the time. i can’t tell you how difficult all this is. for the longest time i kept beating myself up over all this. maybe i did something wrong. maybe i didn’t spend enough one on one time with them. so many maybes....... once we got the first unofficial diagnosis from the pediatrician so many things started to make sense. something as simple as a quick trip to the pharmacy for medicine can turn into an ever exhausting adventure. today i had both sam and hunter. cont. in comments
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What’s the last song you listened to? flemme uwu
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Here’s a reminder that i *really* needed to hear: you just have to get through today. i just got out of my therapy call and, man, it was great to unload and hear a different perspective. i love my therapist and she is definitely one of the biggest reasons why i’ve successfully stayed sober for over three years. a lot has been going on for me this year and, in particular, in the past few weeks: final touches on the house, finishing physical therapy, big job changes... and all of it has led up to a lot of happiness and a lot of stress. but here’s what’s important: i’m not drinking today. i’m not managing my anxiety with alcohol the way i have in the past. instead, i’m getting through this with the help of my support network and, most importantly, by remembering that tough times are temporary. last week was rough and these last few days have been long, but i’m getting through it. it doesn’t hurt to have this nice little reminder — a tattoo i got shortly after rehab. i don’t see it often (because of where it’s located) but it’s always something powerful to focus on during times of stress. .
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So. this book was all sorts of a mess. a book about handling anxiety that made me more anxious while i was reading it? no thanks. the woman who wrote it is bipolar and i think it comes through in the prose- it’s manic and all over the place. definitely not a good read for someone in crisis or dealing with high anxiety (hi, 🙋🏼‍♀️). i stopped half way through. #sarahwilson #firstwemakethebeastbeautiful #anxiety #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #reader #books
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Please let it go!! what are you scared of? what’s holding you back? what’s stopping you? why haven’t you started that blog, company, you tube channel, relationship, podcast or book? what is the main thought telling you not to? find it please. and when you do... dash it away! .
swipe to hear me singing a song by @emelisande hat really helped me when i was crippled by fear. (very not me lol)
before i started my blog in january, i knew for a long time that i was supposed to start one but i was scared of negative comments that may highlight my insecurities. i was scared of being honest about myself and revealing i had struggled. i was scared of rejection but my goal was only to help people so i then became ashamed of my ‘people pleasing’ ways
when i found out i had adhd last year, i realised i had been rejecting myself and that hurt but what hurt more is i didn’t ever take time out to understand myself i just felt i had to hide myself and help others. .
whilst realising this in july 2017 and seeking hods healing through the revelation i begun writing a plan for my blog in october and by january this year i had published my first blog post.
i’ve always had a passion to help others through my personal experiences but my fear of rejection held me back hugely.
fear is just lies! ‘what if’s’ that won’t be! .
i stepped out of my comfort zones and opened myself up by fighting my fears - i feel like i developed inward anxiety in doing so but hey.. that’s another story lol .
i also found out a common symptom of adhd is rejection sensitive dysphoria so yeahhhhh dunno why i just added that lol .
art work by the amazing @haveanicedayy_ 💜
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Easier said than done but so true. we can’t control the actions of others but we can determine what we allow from them. be kind to yourself and set the trend. #selfie #selflove #selfcare #self #love #heal #life #lifequotes #instaquotes #change #heal #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #leadership #bpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bipolar #depression #anxiety #recovery #trending #quotes #sariesavage #savage
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