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I act like i don't care. as if i am like a mountain, as if nothing can hurt me. i put this big wall of persistence and pretend like everything is pretty and fine. like i don't need somebody's affection and love, like i am enough for myself but i think in reality i am just too scared.

too scared to be hurt again. scared to let somebody in. scared to put myself out there to love. maybe even afraid. i fear to be led down again, too afraid of the possibility of love. i contemplate if my heart will be shattered into a million pieces again because once i gave all my heart and soul to someone who promised they would never hurt me. i am afraid of the promises now. afraid that they were never real.

but that's the thing about life, you forget, learn and let go!
let go of the people, memories and pain, and move on. give others a chance to love and embrace you. maybe, give it a try one more time?
i am trying too 😊

ps this photo was captured after a couple of tries too! #teampixel #itisinthename #prakritivarshney#himachalpradesh #focusontheweekend
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