Cactus Jack Horses
14 minutes ago
cactusjackhorses 💜 4 months since chex was pts. certainly not the same without this character around (and don’t seem to go through so many buckets - he used to use them like toys🤣) ⠀ miss you every day chexy 💕 .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #cactusjackhorses #barqaboom #palomino #quarterhorse #aqha #aqhaproud #quarterhorsesofinstagram
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23 minutes ago
obrunofeitosa Uma das formas do sucesso é parar de dar atenção ao cansaço. #aqhaproud #aqha #horse #cavalo
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1 hour ago
jogsandgallops So i introduced my horses to you and showed them.. 🙈❤️ now it's time to share my passion with you guy's groundwork is for me the best horsemanship ✨and jay loves it to.. i'm so thankfull for this horse.. she is so talented and smart. - if you like i will post some video's of us training over a few weeks.
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3 hours ago
Not seizing- just dreaming 💤🐴💫 . . thankful doesn’t even begin to describe the way i feel about this horse. (dude is only thankful for retirement) beyond blessed to have had 12 thanksgivings together. i love him long time 🌝#aqhaproud
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Ultimate Equine Partnerships
3 hours ago
ridingonroan Enjoying the pretty thanksgiving sunset with my cutie pie 🌅🍂🦄💛 this evening we worked on some new ground work exercises followed by hand walking him around the neighborhood. are you guys interested in seeing more of his training videos? 🤗✨ #aqhaproud #badlandzcat
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3 hours ago
caseyhops54 It’s been exactly a year since cookie 🍪 has passed. this horse was amazing and taught me so much. cookie’s legacy of a lil bit of sass and a lot of sweetness was carried on to her three beautiful daughters. these throwback pictures are from the good old days where i wore jean shorts and cowboy boots 😬😬 #aqhaproud #chocolateryder #dreamhorse #chocolatestyle
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equine edits 💋
3 hours ago
-shiney outlaw and sarah dawson- world champions jr. working cow horse - so sorry about not getting the video up at 10..thanksgiving kinda took over and i was baking up a storm at 10. hope everybody american had a great thanksgiving! - #horse #buckskin #cowhorse #cow #aqha #aqhaproud #horseedit
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4 hours ago
bree_anne3 I believe that being thankful is a choice... i’m most thankful to be able to own and show such incredible horses. i love them very much❤️ • • • #remenicnpoco #imablondinvestment #aqha #aqhaproud @hokanaperformancehorses
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Nicole Reynolds
4 hours ago
justsaygo_ Thankful for my boys ❤️❤️❤️
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Claire Wasniewski
4 hours ago
clairew_aqha_yhd Happy thanksgiving! 🦃🍁 i am so thankful for this little goofball and @officialaqhya for this amazing opportunity in the young horse development program. i cannot thank the weaver family enough for giving me a great colt and a best friend for life. •#yhdp2018 #yhdp #younghorsedevelopmentprogram #aqhaproud #aqhya #aqhayounghorsedevelopmentprogram #aqha
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Horseshoe Bay Ranch
4 hours ago
horseshoebayranch Feeling fresh... crikey's little sister was born in the early hours this morning!! now she needs a name!? 🐴💕 #horseshoebayranch #aqhaproud #horsesofinstagram
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