Mg12 - The Power of Magnesium
13 minutes ago
mg12poweraustralia We all push hard, but for that extra rep or mile, the mg12 magnesport oil $ balm is designed for #athletes and active adults who crave that extra edge 🚴🏻 #cycling! infused with our proprietary blend of #arnica & essential oils for reduced #cramping and #inflammation that #soothe #sore #muscles and to #enhance #endurance #magnesium - next statement by brian lowman elite iron man competitor - i'm an elite triathlete and coach that will be competing in both the full ironman and half ironman world championships this year. i used all the products you gave me as soon as jennifer (my wife) gave them to me knowing that i had a 114 mile ride sat morning as part of a local training camp. i would be riding with a visiting pro triathlete and olympian, so i knew the pace would be pretty strong. i used the lotion and oil on my legs and soaked in the bath salts that night. i put more of the mg12 oil on my legs the next morning of before driving to meet everyone for the ride. i was surprised at how good my legs felt all day. i expected to struggle a bit toward the end of the ride but instead got much stronger!" #goteamlowman
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Erin Flegg
1 hour ago
eflegg This is the first arnica flower grown from #saltspringseeds, plus some self-seeded chamomile from maybe two years ago. plants are so great. . . . #arnica #plantmedicine #vsco #yvrgardens
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Nicole Ttp
1 hour ago
nicolettp Medicine making kinda day 🌱 nurture what feeds you #spiritmedicine #plantmedicine #arnica #calendula
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From the Ground Up
2 hours ago
from_the.ground_up Mountain wildflower hi everyone! back from a few weeks of travel. we will be posting some sights and insight from the trip then back to the regular sonoma based images. the entire sides of the olympic mountain range were covered in wildflowers. entire clear cuts filled with foxglove. the colorful combo above was alongside the road up to hurricane ridge.
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Vegan Food 🌿 Holistic Health
2 hours ago
fitnessfoodiehealthy If you're looking for a plant alternative/natural remedy to pharmaceutical drugs, saje is where it's at! they offer 100% natural ingredient products that can help with so many health problems/conditions without the use of harsh chemicals/drugs! just some to list-- their essential oils/health products can help relieve headaches, boost immunity, help wound healing, cure insomnia, give you an energy boost and soo much more! 💕 check out @sajewellness
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Heeka Ecotienda
3 hours ago
heeka_ecotienda ¿problemas con ojeras? desinflama, aclara, hidrata y refresca 🍃 tip heeka: aplica por el día y la noche en todo el contorno de ojos y párpados con el dedo anular de afuera hacia adentro, dando pequeños "toquecitos". www.heekaecotienda.com 💌 #naturalesmejor #heeka #hechoenméxico #rosamosqueta #nopal #arnica #vitaminae #ojos #ojeras #crueltyfree
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3 hours ago
sirvanfansss اول از همه من کاپلتونو خیلی شیپ میکنم😂😍😍😍😍اگوری پگوریا خوشبخت شین😻💙 بعد.. میگم آرنیکا اصا وقت میکنه زانیارو ببینه؟؟ حالا سیروان همش سفره اون زن نداره! زانیار وقتایی هی میره سفر دقیقا ارنیکا چکار میکنه😐 #sirvan#sirvankhosravi #xaniar#xaniarkhosravi #arnica#xanica @sirvankhosravi @sirvankhosravi @xaniarkhosravi @xaniarkhosravi @arnica_s @arnica_s
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Firebrook Studio
4 hours ago
kittygitter So i went to whole paycheck for some #arnica because airrosti has me with some rowdy bruises on my right nalga. i woulda gone to central markup but whole paycheck was on my route today. cant have a purple nalga 🍑💜💙🖤 #keepingitunboring #random
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sol gutierrez
7 hours ago
solarama That moment when you come around a bend and you are stunned by what you see, and all else falls away. #isabellaridge #protectourparks
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Ashtanga Bristol
6 hours ago
ashtangabristol Friday night #rockandroll 😉. another full power week with overtired children (#endofterm) + husband working away = film, pizza 🍕 and arnica salt bath (for three) before collapsing into my big bed for a mammoth round of stories. it's anyone's guess who will fall asleep first (probably me) 🙈📚🛀 #yogalife #seventhseries #loveyourpractice #ashtangabristol #ashtangayoga #yoga #bristol #nealsyard #arnica #epsomsalt #tiredbuthappy #yogateacher #yogastudent #realitybites #ashtangamama #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo #fridaynight #weekendvibes
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Anna 🌀 Herbalist+Esthetician
6 hours ago
apothecaryesthetics I'm so in love with our new packaging. i'm in awe at amazing talents of @anomal_press & @thenewsambalk. the artwork of these labels truly conveysthe beauty of what is contained in our apothecary skincare products. the magic of ethically wildcrafted plants, lots of love and expertise & many sustainability sourced organic ingredients. this beautiful arnica balm has been a labor of love from start to finish & will soothe your aching body after these long days of play. swipe left to see @thenewsambalk and i gathering the sunny arnica blossoms on an amazing montana day earlier this spring.
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Ken Redcross MD
7 hours ago
drredcross Arnica is a fantastic homeopathic used for bruising, post surgery, swelling and injuries. i use it myself and love it! #repost @cedhusa #boiron #arnica #homeopathy #remedy #naturalmedicine #wellness #plants #herbs #md #doctorsorders #antiinflammatory #exercise #postinjury #workout #homeopathic
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