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Tgif, here’s part 3 of my first original digital story‼️ more pages coming soon
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I have a friend coming-

i await a friend
mend my soul, he's late
fate it might be mine
fine even in the darkest nights
frights, when they come
sun wait! i have a friend coming
running i am, from the darks
barks of the dogs
hogs waitin' on the crooks
brooks runnin' down the ally's
vallies of the remote shores
doors who my friend, the way
away, and towards me,
see? but why i don't?
won't he come and face,
grace my moves
shoes my feet
seat don't my back
black nights approach
encroach the time left
theft begins soon
moon, lost in the scare
beware the coming, braves
graves will delve
twelve hours remain
sane, though is my mind
find your way anew
afew only stay live
i've a friend coming
runnin' runnin' runnin'
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Quick thirty minute study sketch.
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Sempre fomos namorados #valentines
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