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I decided to treat myself a little extra last night. pink themed 💕 • sephora rose sleeping hair mask ⚡️ • s.o.s bubbling mask ⚡️ • celkin blackhead mask ⚡️ • sanrio my melody lip mask ⚡️ • mediheal lightmax ampoule mask ⚡️ • sooaew acai berry sleeping mask ⚡️ • #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #skinfood #makeup #masking #asianreview #beautyblogger #restansrelaxation #sooaemask #sephora #mediheal #lipmask
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Review*** annie’s way ⚡️ • calendula + chamomile softening jelly mask • claims: “calendula will smooth, activate, and moisturize sensitive skin.” ⚡️ • this is my first time using  an annie’s way mask, but i’ve heard some really good things about this brand. very cutely packaged. a jelly mask that comes with a spatula. a plus for me! the spatula is made with good quality as well, so i will be re-using for other products! its a thick jelly mask with a relaxing scent. there is more then enough product for my face. good for multiple uses and is not at all difficult to apply. i felt cooling sensation throughout my face since the application of the mask. after about 20 minutes, i rinsed the mask directly off. (instead of wiping it off like recommended) it was pretty difficult to wash off, due to the thickness of the jelly. i am happy with the results of this product. my skin looked and felt very smooth, not dried out, and even lighter. this is definitely a mask to try for rest and relaxation with good results. ⚡️ • thank you @ptitelady for gifting this to me to try 💕💕💕 •• • #anniesway #jellymask #nightmasking #asianreview #beautyreview #kravebeauty #beautyblogger #blogging #productreview #annieswaymask #beautydatemtl
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🍊@cre8skin_official mandarin peeling mist🍊 . 🍊 packaging- it comes in a huge 300ml bottle. it is see through therefore you can see how much mist you have used. 🍊 . 🍊scent- it smells like orange and a bit of alcohol🍊 . 🍊how to use- you just spary it on your face and rub and you can see your dead skin peeling 🍊 . 🍊effect- it is really effective as an exfoliator and works well. after rubbing it for a few minutesmy skin looks more clean and soft. it is a little drying but nothing a good toner and mosituriser can't take care of🍊🍊 . 🍊 overall- 4.5/5. i love using this. apart from anything else it is so much fun and satisfying to see dead skin come off and revel the clear skin beneath🍊 . 🍊will i repurchase- yes!! but only after i m done with this huge bottle which i m sure will take me months. 🍊 . thank you @cre8skin_official for this amazing product😊 . #cre8skin #mandarinpeelingmist #kbeautyindia #kbeautyaddict #skincare #skincareproducts #loveskincare #orangemist #asianreview #asianskincarereview #asianblogger #abbeatthealgorithm ##skincareobsessed #skincarekorea #skincarejunkie #skincreamhealthyeventone #skincare #skincareproducts #skincarelover #pikreview #skincream #skincareaddict #shoppingalot2
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My first beauty purchase of this year. been reading great reviews, i can’t wait to test it out myself. 🍵 • #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #skinfood #nightmasking #mask #asianreview #beautyblogger #toner #kravebeauty #matcha #kale #cleanser
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Baru-baru ini, pabrik gula mitsui jepang dijadwalkan mulai memproduksi gula halal untuk menambah permintaan regional dan mengimbangi potensi bisnis dalam negeri. perusahaan yang berbasis di tokyo ini bertindak seiring dengan meningkatnya permintaan global akan produk makanan halal dan peluang yang dimilikinya. baca selengkapnya di www.gomuslim.co.id #gomuslim #news #mitsui #jepang #tokyo #nikkei #asianreview #maff #foodnafivatorasia
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Medium-lasting coverage with a matte finish. gets oily throughout the day in my t-zone areas, but nothing my innisfree sebum powder can’t fix. shade 23 is a semi - perfect match for me. for my combination skin, i would repurchase. 💕 • #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #skinfood #makeup #sundaymask #asianreview #beautyblogger
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Happy new year everyone! ⚡️ • review*** sooae pure detox mud sheet mask ⚡️ • claims:  this is a no mess mud sheet mask that contains kaolin clay mud and charcoal to help refine pores and detox the skin. ⚡️ • as always sooae’s packaging is always on point. what caught my attention right away was “no mess mud mask.” i love mud mask, but sometimes i’m too lazy to apply it. also, contains ingredients including botanical extracts, honeysuckle, and grapefruit to help brighten and soothe’s ones skin and complexion. ⚡️ • the sheet mask is folded in between a white and clear plastic sheet. it is a cotton sheet mask infused in mud mask. the mask has your typical mud mask smell. once applied to the skin, my skin felt an instant cooling sensation. ⚡️ • left the mask for about 50 min. the mask got stiffer as it began to dry, the longer you leave it on the harder it is to peel off. recommend wear time is 30-40 min. for the most part the mask left no residue. i was left with some around my nose and mouth areas. not that much and not hard to rinse off. my blackheads on my nose were less defined and looked smaller. my skin was smooth and the mask was not drying at all. ⚡️ • this is on sale on their online website for $3.00 and can be found in selected walmart stores in the us and canada. ⚡️ • i received this product from @sooae.official in exchange for my honest review. all opinions are my own. ⚡️ • tagging @peachandlily  and @restorenyc with #sheetmaskselfies this month. they will help contribute $1 to end s*x trafficking. #maskforacause ⚡️ • #sheetmaskaddict #sheetmasked #sheetmaskchallenge #sheetmaskchallenge #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #skinfood #nightmasking #mask #asianreview #beautyblogger #sooaemask
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Review*** ⚡️ • dr. jart: porecting solution ⚡️ • claims: a bubbling sheet mask that helps to minimize the appearance of pores. a black charcoal mask that helps to improve the texture of ones skin. ⚡️ • ingredients that help to minimize the appearance of pores include charcoal, mastic gum, and adenosine. ⚡️ • this mask had a citrus fragrance to it. it was very pleasant. the mask was folded in a film liner. i would have thought it was the mask if i didn’t really pay attention. there was clear gel essence, that was cool and refreshing when applied on. i felt a tingling sensation for the duration i had the mask on. there was a decent amount of bubbling. ⚡️ • review: the essence absorbed into my skin very quickly. i was left with a cold feeling to my skin with a matte and tacky finish. my skin tone looked very even and brighter. my pores were a tad smaller. i enjoyed the process of this mask and cooling effect i felt on my fave even after i removed the mask. ideal for night use due to a dry tacky glue finish. other then the glue feeling to my face, i’m very happy with the results. ⚡️ • tagging @peachandlily and @restorenyc with #sheetmaskselfies this month. they will help contribute $1 to end s*x trafficking. #maskforacause ⚡️ • thank you @simpledailybeauty for gifting this mask to me 😘 • #sheetmaskaddict #sheetmasked #sheetmaskchallenge #sheetmaskchallenge #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #skinfood #nightmasking #mask #asianreview #beautyblogger
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Happy tuesday everyone 💕 here is my makeup essentials for the day. • #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #skinfood #makeup #sundaymask #asianreview #beautyblogger #mascara #maccosmetics #innisfree #nyxcosmetics #glossier
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Review***🐼 • sooae panda eye brightening mask 🐼 • • claims: an effective hydrogel mask that helps to deliver hydration and smooth tired eyes. 🐼 • • ingredients: contains niacinamide for brightening and centella asiatica for calming acne prone skin. 🐼 • look at the cute packaging! i really enjoy the packing of sooae’s new line of masks. it is simple yet very pretty. i was excited to try this mask! i don’t get a lot of sleep and working nights has given me designer eye bags. i’m always up for trying new products to help get rid of my tired eyes. i was really excited to see when opening the package the mask had a design of a panda face. a lot of times when i see a cut character mask, i hope the sheet mask has the same design and it bums me out that its just a plain sheet mask. the mask was folded in-between a plastic sheet that came with a clear thin gel essence. the fragrance was not bothersome. this eye mask is a hydrogel mask that was very cooling to the eyes when applied. the mask only covers the upper half of the face, which was okay for me because it made it easy to snack while masking! the ultimate relaxation lol. i wore this mask for about 20 minutes before removing. i patted the remainder of the essence into my skin. 🐼 • results: i used this mask after a 13 hour shift, i didn’t notice a drastic lightening of my dark circles, but my eyes looked hydrated and less puffy! honestly, you would not know i had just finished work. like any mask, the results are not long lasting. this is a good mask for a quick pick me up for tired eyes. this mask retails for $2.50 at walmart. 🐼 • now available at canada walmarts 🐼 • disclaimer: i received this product from @sooae.official for my honest review. thank you! 🐼 • #sheetmaskaddict #sheetmasked #sheetmaskchallenge #sheetmaskchallenge #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #skinfood #nightmasking #mask #asianreview #beautyblogger #sooaemask
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Hey, so i finally got a chance to post 🙆 . ❤️ i recently had the opportunity to collaborate with @elizavecca_ and they generously send me a few products to try😍🙌 . ❤️the products that i received were 🐌💛@elizavecca_ 24k gold snail foam cleansing🐌💛 . 💧@elizavecca_ aqua hyaluronic acid water drop cream💦 . 🐌@elizavecca_ glutanus 90% cream 🐌 . 🐌❤️@elizavecca_ deep-power ringer 10 type mask packs in the varient: ~red ginseng mask pack deep power mask ❤️ ~vita deep power pack ringer mask💛 . 😍i love the amazingly cute packaging of the products. have you seen the cute eyes on the box of the aqua cream😍 ❤️ . 🐌💛i tired the facewash as soon as it came because the golden packaging looked so grand, i couldn't help myself😊💛🐌 . 😊i m confused about which cream to try first🤔which cream do want me to try and review first? please let me know in the comments below 🤗 . #elizavecca #aquacream #waterdropcream  #sensitiveskin #snailcreamrecommended #realsnailcream #snail90% #elizavecasnailcream #waterbalancecream #kbeauty #goldsnailfacewash #24kgold #goldsnail #prproducts #gifted #skincare #skincareproducts #skincarelover #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #skincareluxury #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #sheetmasks #skincareblogger #asianreview #shoppingalot2
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Repost from @mosbeauofficial using @repostregramapp - @regrann from @asiaagcaoili - ok, so i got this package this morning that came from japan. inside are mosbeau placenta white, two medicine bottles of food supplements in tablet form and another is mosbeau placenta collagen in jelly form. i was asked to try it out. i've been seeing photos of my friends from the philippines about it and some are raving about it. i have got to try it first and give you a proper, honest review after about two months. for now, i've got to say that the tablets are a lot easier to swallow, not that i have a problem swallowing but in comparison to capsules it's easier to gulp four in one go. now the thing that got my eyes rolling is the mosbeau jelly form. i have tried some other gooey glutathione before so i was expecting it would have the same horrid taste but by god the sensation you feel in your tongue when you put that in your mouth while reminded of what you had before it, is just heavenly. the soft, crushed, juicy, sweet jelly in your mouth first thing is the morning will just get you wanting it to be an everyday morning ritual. i'm sensing i'll get addicted to this one.. #letmebeyourexperiment #asianreview #iamatmymosbeautiful #beautiful #loveit❤️ #mosbeau
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Review*** glow receipe 🍉 • watermelon glow sleeping mask 🍉 • description: a sleeping mask that helps to smooth and create perfect skin overnight. it will make skin feeling hydrated and soft. 🍉 • star ingredient: watermelon extract full of antioxidants helps to soothe irritated skin. also, containing hyaluronic acid and ahas that work gently on your skin while sleeping to help tone and even dull skin tone. 🍉 • does not contain parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. 🍉 • when this product first came out it was ridiculously hard to get. i was able to snag a travel size that came with the blueberry cleanser that made me realize that my skin doesn’t like blueberry. after using this product for a couple of times, i was skeptical that this product even did anything to my face. i stopped using it because i felt that it didn’t show any effects. i recently started using this product again and i love it! it was not that the product didn’t work, but instead i was probably using too many products to notice their individualized benefits. i started using less products because my skin seems happier that way and i can see which products don’t work for my skin. i apply this product on after a simple cleanse without any following products. the texture of the product is light and fluffy. this product smells like a light watermelon jolly rancher! 🍉 • results: i wake up feeling with my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. even if the colder months in washington, my skin isn’t feeling dry or flaky. the only downfall is the price point. the full size item of this product retails for $45.00. 🍉 • it can be used as a 10 minute wash off mask or a sleeping mask. 🍉 • #sheetmasked #sheetmaskchallenge #sheetmaskchallenge #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #skinfood #nightmasking #mask #asianreview #beautyblogger
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#人生は20代で決まる 読み終えました 。著者のカウンセラーとしての色んなケースをベースに書いてある感じの本です。あまり私好みの書き方とか想像してた内容ではなかったですが、、、 「人生ハッピーエンドから考えてみよう」みたいな事が書かれてて、お風呂に入りながらぼ〜っと逆算して考えてたら色んな面で何か焦ってきた💦 1日1日大事にしないとな。 . . お昼には会社の同期とランチに行き🍴なかなか充実した1日でした😊 . . 明日もステキな1日にますように✨ . . #読書 #本 #勉強 #本の下にあるのは #asianreview です #最近のお勉強教材 #英語 #英語の勉強 . #ランチ #同期 #ドリア #熱々 #前菜のサラダも美味しかったです #ガーリクトーストも . . #社会人 #休日 #社会人の勉強 #おやすみなさい
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Review** can we first take a minute to admire the beautiful packaging?! ⚡️ • jayjun anti-dust therapy mask: ⚡️ • step 1: anti-dust foam cleanser: helps to remove pollutants and left over makeup without preventing dryness. ⚡️ • a thicker white gel like cleanser that foams instantly when water is applied. there is a lot of product in the package and there is no noticeable fragrance. i really enjoy foam cleansers. i feel that i am getting deep clean. after rinsing, my face looked and felt fresh! i did have a little dryness to my skin after. ⚡️ • step 2: anti-dust therapy mask: helps to firm and clear irritated skin. ⚡️ • this mask is tinted green! there was a lot of white clear gel essence in the package. the essence was runny. it helps to pour the essence onto your hands first and rub it into your face before application of the mask again, no noticeable fragrance. the fit is not the best, but the material is very soft. its not  the typical cotton sheet mask texture. the material is flexible, but hard to smooth out the wrinkles because the mask was a little on the bigger side. i removed the mask after around 20 minutes. the essence was not absorbed fully into my skin. i rubbed the remaining essence in. ⚡️ • step 3: anti-dust intensive cream ⚡️ • helps to moisturize the skin by providing a protective barrier. ⚡️ • a thicker lotion like cream that had the strongest fragrance amongst the other steps. i noticed a shampoo like fragrance. the amount in the package was enough for my face and hands. there was a instant cooling sensation when applying the cream onto my face. ⚡️ • results: overall, i’m happy with this mask. (even if the fit wasn’t great) another one added to keep in my stash. i’m pretty lazy when it comes to multi-step masks, but its great for travel! the mask didn’t have a unbearable fragrance nor did it dry out quickly. my face looked clean and very plump. my skin was smooth and soft.  i did not enjoy that my face was left shiny and tacky. ideally for night use. i did not follow up with any other products and my skin is still soft this morning ⚡️ •
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