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Know the order of the universe and you will know the order of your mind 💯
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UHD Staff/ TBS Freelance
1 minute ago
tbsphotographer Always been a huge fan of springer, with so many amazing catches throughout the season and playoffs. oct 21, 2017; houston, tx, usa; houston astros center fielder george springer (4) jumps in the way of astros left fielder marwin gonzalez (9) to catch new york yankees first baseman greg bird (not pictured) ball in the seventh inning during game seven of the 2017 alcs playoff baseball series at minute maid park. mandatory credit: thomas b. shea-usa today sports #usatodaysportsimages #houston #houstonastros #houstonstrong #astros #astronomy #baseball #mlb #4 #bobbyorr #minutemaidpark #mysaturdaynight #georgespringer #alcschamps #alcs #playoffs
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Julie Desmond
2 minutes ago
juliedesmond This photo was taken at mauna kea, which is probably the best place for stargazing on the planet. i was looking at it tonight and i was in awe of the sheer number of stars i was able to capture in a small frame and with my limited photography skills. when you multiply that by what is really out there, that i can't capture with my camera, it's beyond mind-blowing! as i thought about the infinite number of stars i thought about psalm 147: "he heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. he counts the stars and calls them all by name. how great is our lord! his power is absolute! his understanding is beyond comprehension!" thankful for the humbling reminder tonight that i know so little, that i only see a small, obscure view, but my god sees the deepest depths and knows the greatest mysteries of the universe - beyond what i can dream or imagine - yet still knows my name too.
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5 minutes ago
Using my super speed to make as much as possible for the upcoming etsy made local market in perth on november 25th! hope to see you all there! grab your own asteroid, volcano or moon cushion with their little embroidered faces:) for more info head to etsy.com/madelocal/au for all the deets!
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Shin Designs
5 minutes ago
bmsproducts88 Fan of astronomy? have a love for outer space? check our line of out of this world apparel! #astronomy
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8 minutes ago
planetmoons The fire nebula. picture by nasa
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15 minutes ago
astronomyfacts_ Amazing sight to see! i love this phase because the dark side of the moon is illuminated by the earths light, this phenomena is called earthshine 🌎🌒. also was able to see saturn and its beautiful rings. phase: waxing crescent illumination: 13% #space #astronomy #astrophysics #moon #astrophotagraphy #darksideofthemoon #photagraphy #universe #saturn #spaceisawesome
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Matias Leon
18 minutes ago
matiasfotografia Cuesta del pique, a casi 2000 mt de altura, esto no tiene
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19 minutes ago
david.gilmour Sometimes i really miss ig roleplay but then i look at how the community has turned out and i’m like...no thanks also i have to memorize 10 lines from the declaration of independence by first period tomorrow so see ya #rogerwaters #davidgilmour #nickmason #rickwright #sydbarrett #pinkfloyd #60s #1960s #70s #1970s #trippy #psychedelic #music #space #astronomy #blacksabbath #rock #alternative #tameimpala #macdemarco #indie
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Ryan Hadley
20 minutes ago
hadleyfitness How i feel after having my phone for a year and just realizing it can take a sd card... coral castle here... only pic on the sd card i found...very cool place by miami. #geneyus #coralcastle #hadleyfitness #mystic #astronomy #freestylekettlebell #freestylekettlebelltraining #kingofthecastle #yoga #meditation #strength
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Neil Fisher
21 minutes ago
fisher604 ✨ for those of us in the great white north, we’re lucky enough to have the big dipper gracing our skies year round - and during autumn it sits rather low on the horizon. to aid with navigation: find the big dipper and use the outer two stars of the b**w to draw a line leading to polaris - the north star. the big dipper is not a constellation, rather it’s an asterism, or star pattern - however it is part of the ursa major constellation, also known as the celestial great bear. the micmac share a legend explaining how in autumn hunters catch the bear and it’s blood paints the autumn landscape. 📷 exif 30 sec f/2.8 iso400 17mm september 6th 2017 22:06 #astronomy #constellation #prairielife #saskatchewan #exploresask #explorecanada #getoutside #getdirty #photooftheday #instadaily #instagood #ourplanetdaily #sharecangeo #jaw_dropping_shots #earthcapture #earthonlocation #naturelover_gr #phototag_it  #keepexploring #travelphotography #nofilter
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32 minutes ago
astro.gordonfreeman Orion the scintillator not just the hunter . . i was fortunate to capture the orionids in the early hours of oct 21 from north-south lake campground which was pretty dark and absolutely fantastic clear skies made for a great watch. wish i had arrived to the site earlier, but stil i was able to capture the meteors mostly bursting around the constellation orion. this is a composite of 10 frames taken from a series of 98 images with each images having exposure of 88 seconds. to make the assembly easier for me i put my wide-angle lens assembly on my trusted ioptron sky tracker, which helped me to track the same exact part of the sky for the 3 hours. final composite of the images done on photoshop. 📷: 10/21/17 . . more about orionids from @earthskyscience: from a dark site, you might see a maximum of about 10 to 15 meteors per hour. the orionids stem from debris from the most famous of all comets, comet halley, pictured above. the picture shows comet halley itself at its 1910 visit. the comet last visited earth in 1986 and will return next in 2061. as comet halley moves through space, it leaves debris in its wake that strikes earth’s atmosphere most fully around october 20-22, every year. the comet is nowhere near, but, around this time every year, earth is intersecting the comet’s orbit. the radiant point for the orionids is in the direction of the constellation orion the hunter hence the name of meteors is orionids. . . . . #earthskyscience #spacedotcom #youresa #universetoday #twanight #teamcanon #natgeospace #astrosprout . . . #yourshotphotographer #astrophotography #astrography_ #thenakedsingularity  #astro_photography_ #nightscaper #fantastic_universe #rsa_night #timelessuniverse #ohstarstuff #nightshooters #earthcapture #manfrotto #universe #orion #igworldclub_astrophotography #spaceclub #nightshooters #astronomy #stacks #orionids #meteor
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Calvin Chak
25 minutes ago
calvin_chak_art <2017.10.24.085900 - l'ami sincère no. 3> . night series . 90cm x 45cm . acrylic on wooden panel . in the real world, there can be a multiple interpretations to the same observable such as an artwork , a relationship or a physical phenomenon. . in science there is no better example than quantum mechanics . the math model is solid and well defined but the real world interpretation is still a hot debate after the born of quantum mechnic one hundred years ago. . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/interpretations_of_quantum_mechanics . my favourite interpretation is the "many-worlds" interpretation and it is also one of the favourite setup in science fictions. "many-worlds implies that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual "world" (or "universe"). in layman's terms, the hypothesis states there is a very large—perhaps infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but did not, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes. " . it is quite mind blowing. one can imagine it implies that the same person can be your friend , your best friend , your boy/girl friend and your spouse in different universes which are equally real. no wonder this idea or world view is popular in the sci-fi movie industry. . my favourite hollywood movie for parallel world is "source code" (2011) . it is a light science romance and thriller which i would moved to tears every time i watched again. . (please note that the quantum mechanics is a well tested theory and is validated to be true by many modern experiments. it is not sci-fi. we use it in all electronic device including our mobile phones and computers. just the interpretation to what it means to our understanding of nature is a debate. ) . #calvinchak #painting #art #universe #space #acrylic #hubble #gemstone #astronomy #abstract #emergingartist #hongkong #contemporaryart #science #wonder #gemology
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