Anna Faith
7 minutes ago
annadumaresq There’s always a glimmer in those who have been through the dark // xx
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Emer O' Sullivan
21 minutes ago
msemerosullivan Be a person who makes others feel safe and comfortable enough to just be themselves. sometimes all we need is to feel seen and heard.๐Ÿ’“ #mondaymantra #atticus
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Hannah Cates ๐Ÿ’ซ
28 minutes ago
hannah_cates I call this “obstacles fueled her fire”. โœจ โœจ obstacles get in your way or they become the way.....for it is all in your perception. you decide! fuel your fire or dim your light? โœจ โœจ i know what i choose, and that is to shine bright โ˜€๏ธ#shineyourlight #fuelyourfire #livelifefully #shinebrightbeautiful #lioness
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Live in the Details ©2017
42 minutes ago
liveinthedetails If she could sum up the last few years, it would go something like this. in 2015, she lost herself. she could pinpoint a few key reasons why— but why was no longer important. not anymore. in 2016, she actually realized she had lost herself, and she had begun the long process of finding her whole again. in 2017, the universe had finally shown her why. and from these last few years, she had learned more about herself than any other time on this earth. she had learned how much another heart can affect hers— good or bad, right or wrong, broken or healing. she had learned— really learned— that relationships of all kinds have expiration dates. sometimes it’s because what glued two souls together didn’t stick anymore— and sometimes it’s just because one half of the whole isn’t the same person. she had learned (the hard way) how supremely important it was to hold onto her own heart, even when she was busy holding someone else’s. she had learned how strong she was. and how beautiful life could be when she let it in. with its rough edges and loose ends and no forevers. yes— these last few years had tested her, beat her up, and forced her to look long and hard at what mattered. what should matter. but now, here she was. in 2017. ready to take all those lessons and use that strength and say her goodbyes to yesterday. what she needed now was different than she needed then. and she’s done holding on to things that have let go of her. now is her time. she’s just about to step onto the stage of this life and own her part. she’s not sure exactly how everything is going to turn out— but she knows one thing. she is ready to carve her name into this earth and make this world remember she was here. ♥ // december theme: no more living life by #thehappinessclock // #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire #author #lifestories #couragetorise #atticuspoetry #thesunandherflowers #atticus #rupikaur
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Jen Eng
1 hour ago
supernaturalhuntress #repost @liveinthedetails she knew that chapter well. she hadn’t expected it— but she’d looked back on it often enough to know how it worked. things were going to be hard sometimes— and out of nowhere, life was going to throw her curveballs. broken hearts disguised as true love. endings disguised as beginnings. and worst of all— a whole bunch of almosts, hiding out there amongst the forevers. yes, sometimes things were going to hurt. sometimes she was going to feel like she was standing alone, screaming at the top of her lungs— with no one hearing her at all. but those chapters, like all things in this life— they have an end. so when she looks back now, she tries not to think of those pieces as regrets. she tries not to wish she hadn’t had those lessons— those experiences. now, she simply uses them to strengthen her footsteps and sharpen her eyes. because she has learned the truth about those times. they are there to show her who she is. no matter what it takes. and this life— this life— has a way of showing us just how well things are all planned out. if we can trust the darkness we walk through to get to the light. ♥ // december theme: no more living life by #thehappinessclock // #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire #author #lifestories #couragetorise #atticuspoetry #thesunandherflowers #atticus #rupikaur
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Jen Eng
1 hour ago
#repost @liveinthedetails you keeping asking them what you should do. and you go over and over the details. but you're already sure, sweet soul, aren't you? you already feel the right answer. trust your heart. it's going to lead you well. ♥ // song: "sage the hunter," by blue dot sessions. from the free music archive. (cc by-nc 4.0) // #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire #author #atticuspoetry #atticus #jmstormquotes #jmstorm #jironword #loveherwild
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Jen Eng
1 hour ago
supernaturalhuntress #repost @liveinthedetails i try not to have regrets. i mean— really. we learn something from every experience, every heartbreak, every no. whether it is one of those lessons we get immediately— or one that tiptoes into our lives years down the road, every single thing we go through is important. and i guess it would be pretty d**n hard to take one piece of the foundation we build over time and expect the rest to stand strong. so— no regrets. sort of. i guess if there is one thing i’d change— one thing i wish i’d done differently— it’s all those moments i’ve compared myself to everyone else. every single time i’ve looked at the beautiful things in their life— their talents and experiences and opportunities— and let my heart feel like it wasn’t good enough. every single time i watched the timing of someone else’s life and let it make me feel like i was behind. every single time i looked at someone else’s success— and let myself think that meant there wasn’t room for me on the stage. that’s what i regret. because the truth is, it’s a waste of time. completely. and what it really means when our hearts do that— when our hearts envy something in others— is we haven’t found our own happiness just yet. oh, i know that’s tough to hear. but darling, that’s what it means. when you want someone else’s toned body or job or clear skin— when you want the house or the family or the success— you’re whispering to yourself. you’re telling yourself they have what i want— when what you should really be asking is do i want what i need? your life isn’t the same as theirs, sweet soul. it’s not going to have the same path. or the same timing. and especially, the same ending. so try not to envy the blessings of others. lift them up— celebrate the good things they were given. and then get out there, and work like hell on yours.♥ // december theme: no more living life by #thehappinessclock // #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire #author #lifestories #couragetorise #atticuspoetry #thesunandherflowers #atticus #rupikaur
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Ben Russell
2 hours ago
bonjiman My top 9 pics of 2017 (based on likes) ๐Ÿ˜
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