As we unlearn “nice” in favor of authenticity, we become aware of just how often we do things to be liked.

we say “yes” when we mean “no.” we don’t tell people when they’ve crossed our limits.

we aren’t comfortable doing anything that would make someone else uncomfortable, even if that means severe discomfort or sacrifice for ourselves.

our entire focus (that comes from codependency conditioning) is how someone will view us.

unconsciously, we are being manipulative because we’re looking for a response from someone while also not standing in our truth.

to be authentic is to have boundaries. it means saying no. it means doing things that not everyone “gets” and respecting that reality. it sometimes means being laughed at, or criticized. it sometimes means relationships end. and sometimes it means new ones begin.

the next time you make a choice, take a few minutes to become conscious to your “why.” are you doing this to be liked? are you doing this because you feel obligated? are you doing this because you want someone to perceive you in a certain light?

how long will you betray yourself in order to perform as the “nice” (false) self #selfhealers
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Based on my last post, i saw a lot of comments about what is and what is not selfish.

it’s an important conversation, and the answer is for us to figure out through becoming more + more conscious.

we’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s selfish to put yourself first. to care about your own needs. to do things just for you.

in our culture selfless often means self neglect.

the end result of this behavior is burn out, + resentment.

it’s not selfish to put yourself first.

it’s truly selfish not to. this is how we show up in the world from a space of wellness. it’s how we give authentically.

what messages have you gotten about what is + what’s not selfish? #selfhealers
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Red her son.
people all over are sick of the democrat party.👎👎
democrats abandoned...
everyone ..all they want is...
to remove our president @realdonaldtrump
it's not going to happen. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
#trump2020 #maga #kag #blexit #walkaway #jexodus #candaceowens #black #blackconservative #tpusa #vote #usa #power #christmas #merrychristmas #democrats #democrat #votered #draintheswamp #q #awakening #cnnfakenews #cnn #termlimits #trumpsoldiers #spaceforce #iranian #iran #impeachobama
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Repost from @thefreethoughtproject
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What do you picture? sit on that for a while... does the picture empower you? are the pictures consciously created by you? do you catch yourself when the pictures disempower you? .
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I believe the easiest way to feel that everything is aligned is when something happens, and you feel and know in your deepest core that it was inevitable. 🐉 this sense of inevitability is the sign that you are at your highest frequency of light. ✨ when we surrender our being, our journey, into the hands of the universe, we will increasingly be surprised by the inevitability of events. entering this state of grace and redemption is to understand that all that is yours, everything that is part of your destiny, will find a way to get to you. 🌟
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Literally me every night now 😭 spirit i’m not ready! 😩 .
#spiritualhumor #thirdeye #awakening
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Hello from my oak tree 🌳
today spirit wants me to share about how you drop from the mind into your heart, how this supports you to connect with the spiritworld and how we will use this during my upcoming art retreat creatrix from 8-14 march.
it’s a deeply feminine way of walking through life, a receptive one, one that will bring you ease, flow and joy to create and to express yourself and for the earth.
a few spaces are still available, so if the spark touches you, see the full description and the possibility to register in the linktree in my bio 👉🏻 @musenkussillustration
with lots of love from the woodlands,
christin, frau musenkuss
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A prepackaged philosophy will only obstruct you from the world's philosophy and every beauty in it.

the employed moth
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I grew so tired of feeling like nothing worked inside me. i was so sick of feeling the dull pain from trying to ignore the worlds problems and my own problems. though there is nothing easy about being comfortable with yourself (don’t worry everyone is always a work in progress so any starting point is gold✨), the worlds current condition, and with the universe (we are all one). it still feels a million times better than that dull numb pain of “i don’t give a fuck”. #awareness and #awakening might seem too much to take on but truly your very soul would rot away faster and forever would that feeling of loneliness linger inside if you did not. #trust in #yourself 💖 #trusttheprocess #trusttheuniverse #healtheworld #worldpeace #831
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contemplate this:⁣

don't waste time trying ⁣
to change the changeful.⁣

don't waste time trying ⁣
to stabilize the relative.⁣

don't waste time trying ⁣
to control the mind.⁣

use time to observe ⁣
yourself as consciousness.⁣

confirm that you are not merely that ⁣
which is observed phenomenally.⁣

confirm your stillness ⁣
and the movement will not affect you.⁣

🌷 mooji⁣




#mooji #moojibaba #moojiquotes #relative #contemplate #observe #observer #witness #presence #atman #consciousness #awareness #stillness #bestill #silence #nonduality #awakening #enlightnement #self #trueself #selfrealization #selfinquiry #spirituality #spiritualityquotes #spiritualawakening #spiritualawareness #spiritual
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💚unity consciousness💚 last night was such a beautiful and powerful heart awakening experience. i am so blessed and grateful for my #dharma . i have always dreamed since a little child to be able to help our world . my dream when i was 5 years old was to be a super hero. back then i thought i needed to have muscles and a cape and physical fight crime against the bad guys. now at age 31 i innerstand that little girl who dreamt about saving the world . i was yearning to save my own self. as i grew up in poverty, ignorance and pure darkness . deep inside i knew i was here to make a major impact in our world. i did not know how i would start as i felt so small and voiceless . now i know that i was born to experience the lowest of the lows so i may rise from the ashes time and time again and be a living example, an embodiment or the supreme absolute truth. not to live in solitude up in a cave or mountains or ashram . but to bless our communities with my presence and my love and compassion and share the gift of unconditionally love and pass on the torch of light/ knowledge. as i have now dove into the system i am beginning to deeply innerstand the needs of our teachers, parent’s and children . this is major ! i have been manifesting the day where i would get into the school systems and share my gifts . not working for the system but rather here to evolve it and innovate according to the needs of our human race. what a life🙏🏽
#enlightenment #dharma #truth #education #light #soul #spirituality #awakening #love #faith #hope #serve #loveofgod #godconsciousness #coach #empowerment #heal #meditation #bhakti #mentalhealthawareness #breakthestigma #ancestors #lineage #trauma #traumahealing #nami
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💖mary ellen is a loving mother of a son who was brought into this world with cystic fibrosis. to assist her child on his journey to become more comfortable, she found medical doctors who were also trained in chinese medicine. these physicians saw health holistically treating the body, mind, and spirit. ⁣

🔍in furthering her quest for healing her son she discovered dr. alberto villoldo. mary ellen took an extensive course and learned how the body responds to energy. even though she was searching for her son, in her endeavors, mary ellen found ways to heal herself also. ⁣

👄in november of 2019, she reached a low point in her life and yearned for more. while she was working as a dental hygienist, a patient came in and told mary ellen about doing ayahuasca. this is not the first time in the last couple of years that people had spoken about their adventures with mother ayahuasca. each time this subject was brought into her awareness, she would question herself why she would do it. this time her answer was to find her missing piece. ⁣

🌴rythmia, in costa rica, is the only place with medical doctors and experts to guide you through the process. mary ellen researched this facility considerably. she decided it was the place to assist her with breaking down some barriers and patterns in her life that have been holding her back from living a life of fullness. ⁣

#shaman #energyhealer #holistichealth #mindbodyspirit #healyourself #healingenergy #energyhealing #energywork #loveandlight #lightworker #intuition #health #darcilegg #higherself #ayahuasca #awakening #shamanic #children #lifecoaching #sparkle #sparklers #sensoryprocessing #darci #illumination #chakras #chakrasaligned #sensitive #autism #autismspeaks #autismspectrumdisorder
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Wolf's message: intuition and new information
trust your intuition, even when your thoughts aren't clear. new information is coming your way and it will all make sense.

#wolf #intuition #spiritanimal #spiritguides #dailyreading #sourcemessages #loa #energyiseverything #spiritualawakening #guides #angels #lightworker #crystals #oracle #awakening #tarot #spirit #trailblazer #wayseer #consciousness #divination #spiritguides #ascension #gratitude #modernhealing #abundance #gaia
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° next shaktipat 9 march° "i've got the feeling i've been to india. 'a magical journey'. thank you. love, tjistske" .
just a few days after i've hopped off the plane from india, i will share this shaktipat evening with you.
looking forward! .
more info & tickets at:
#shaktipat #kundalini #awakening #puja #aarti #ritual
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The fool reminds us that uncertainty and not knowing give rise to innocence, trust, and the unexpected. the deep wisdom of the fool resonates with me as i take another step into travels.⠀

the fool - "we are one"

waves crashing against a rock,⠀
none identical,⠀
moments never repeated.⠀ ⠀
lifeless structures cut the wind⠀
pillars of humans desire;⠀
balk the impermanent nature of existence.⠀ ⠀
grandest fantasies⠀
power struggles⠀
alienation and species chauvinism⠀
hearts hardened by walls of separateness⠀
begin to thaw in awe.⠀ ⠀
cosmic dance moves silently⠀
playing all the parts,⠀
the stage, the curtains, the lights⠀
the audience, the gum on the floor,⠀
the spider and their web.⠀ ⠀
the early bird.⠀
the worm.⠀
the late bird, too.⠀
all held lovingly in the same cosmic embrace.⠀ ⠀
solid ground and open sky⠀
we are afforded a narrow vantage⠀
two pin-pricks, our eyes,⠀
on either side an ocean of infinite depth⠀
the abyss is gazing at itself.⠀ ⠀
if we are all characters,⠀
played by the same actor,⠀
how could we ever be enemies?⠀ ⠀
our bodies all nourished by food and water,⠀
all belonging to this one planet.⠀
how could we ever own anything,⠀
or discard each other's lives so casually?⠀ ⠀
we must lift each other up⠀
from depths of pain and isolation⠀
caused by old ways of thinking and being.⠀
our world a stage to celebrate⠀
waves wearing down the rough edges;⠀
we are all made smooth over time.⠀ ⠀
in stillness, answers.⠀
hearts and minds made calm⠀
unperturbed and neutral⠀
steeped in what lies beyond language,⠀
knowing we are one.⠀ #ahimsa #compassion #kindness #dignity #respect #life #yoga #yogateacher #dcyoga #tantra #tantrayoga #dharmayoga #philosophy #yogaphilosophy #advaita #adviatavedanta #writing #poetry #awakening #awareness #nonduality #psychrock #tarot
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follow: 🎯 @lawofattractionmiracles 🎯
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🎉 the universe wants to give you so much, if you could just let it in. to let it in, slow down. to let it in, relax. to let it in, unwind. to let it in, be calm. to let it in, let go. you are now letting it in. 🎉
cheers! ❤
#lawofattractionmiracles #lawofattraction #manifest #loa #dailyaffirmation
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Synchronicity ~
have you noticed how many synchronicities you’re seeing lately?
do you look for them daily, wondered why there seems to be more?
when we’re aligned with the energy of the universe, aligned with the future us, we see them more often, interpret them as a little sign post showing you to keep in that energy.
become aware of what you were just thinking of. you’re manifesting your life by your beliefs & wishes. at all is, the law of attraction. there is no other way, so while we need to all do our shadow work, just don’t stay there. or more will come to you.
believe in abundance, you get abundance,
believe in lack, you will see a lack of what you want.
life is really simple when you understand the energy.
and so it is...
#lawofattraction #reiki #energyhealer #selflove #empath #chakrabalance #pastlife #magic #universallaws #ascension #awakening #unite #selfreflection #growth #truth #peace #love #vibratehigher #synchronicity #twinsouls #foodforthought #perspective #iam
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Thank you plant medicine 💚⁣

we are proud to be joining and supporting the #thankyouplantmedicine campaign, a global movement to de-stigmatize the use of psychoactive plant medicines and therapy-assisted psychedelics 🌿⁣

today our co-founders share some heartfelt words of gratitude for some of the ways in which the natural medicines of ayahuasca, wachuma & psilocybin have guided their journeys + changed their lives for the better: ⁣

“my journey into the plant spirit realms has been the most incredible form of learning so far, it has supported me to free suppressed emotions, to cultivate courage in the face of fear, to let go of self-depreciating tendencies and to reawaken the heart, stepping into my deepest truth and my life’s calling” ~ co-founder, kate bullen⁣

“plant medicine has transformed my life. it has brought peace, calmness and more meaning to life while helping me to deepen my connection to self and find my purpose in this world. it’s a big reason why sadhana travel was born.”~ co-founder, patrick cambiasso helfer⁣

since beginning their life-changing work with amazonian & andean plant medicine, our co-founders felt a deep calling to introduce these sacred tools to our community of travellers, bridging the gap between ancient and western approaches to medicine. our team have invested their time into ensuring we partner only with the most trusted, experienced and integral healers, offering a safe, nurturing and supportive ceremonial space for your journey of connection, healing and expansion. our team of healers work with the amazonian brew of ayahuasca and also wachuma (san pedro), the psychoactive cactus native to the andes. ⁣
if you feel called to the medicine realms or simply would like to learn more about our private or group offerings, we would love to hear from you - get in touch via the link in our bio.⁣

giving thanks each and everyday for the wisdom + intelligence of these sacred healing plants 🌿🌵⁣

📸 @miguelpalominofotografo
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(っ◔◡◔)っ♥🏹jai sitaram hanuman❤️ 🏹
.__ ≋j≋a≋i≋ ≋s≋h≋r≋e≋e≋ ≋r≋a≋m≋__
. _ _ _ _ _ _j̶̢̲̥͋͒͒ä̸̖͚͚̰͚͖́͛̆͋̚͝i̵̱͒̈́̚ ̸̣͊s̴̩͓͖̱̜̖̗̅̄̓h̶͔̖̀r̴̡̀͑̎̔̽̐ȩ̶͕͚̖̪̺̟̺̺̈́̽͒̏̾ẹ̷̩̟̼̜͍͓͕͙̫͋̕͠ ̷͖̪̯̗̳̲͕͚̋͐̆r̴̢̧̰̪̬͓̲͔̄͜ä̸̻͎͕͖͉̟̪̹́̊̊̋̾͜m̸̢̭͙̺̰̮̈́͐̀͗̈́͘͝ _ _ _ _ _ _
. ░j░a░i░ ░s░h░r░e░e░ ░r░a░m░
._ _ _ _ j҉a҉i҉ ҉s҉h҉r҉e҉e҉ ҉r҉a҉m҉ _ _ _ _
. ˜”*°•.˜”*°• jai shree ram •°*”˜.•°*”˜
. _ _ _ _ जय श्री राम _ _ _ _ ,

the chief among the mantras for the shaivites is the panchakshari (5 lettered) mantra, 'om nama shivaya'. without the letter ‘ra’, ‘narayana’ would read as ‘nayana’ that means one without a way (‘gati’); without the letter ‘ma’, ‘namasivaya’ would read as ‘nasivaya’ that means inauspicious.

so the jiva akshara (life giving letters) 'ra' and 'ma' of these two mantras are put together to form the rama nama! anyone chanting this divine name thus worships both shiva and vishnu at the same time.
______।।राम रसीया हु मै ।।
______।।राम सीमरन करु।।
।।सीया राम का सदा ही मै चीतंन करू।।
🥀🌷🌹|| मंत्र ||🌹🌷🥀
ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रं ह्रैं ह्रौं ह्रः॥
ॐ अंजनाये नमः।
ॐ बालाय नमः।
ॐ कपिश्रेष्ठाय नमः।
ॐ रामदूताय नमः।
. . 🌺🌷🥀|| jai sitaram hanuman 🙏🕉️🌻💥
jai mere gurudev 🙏💫🌹💞
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It is hard to believe that march, and spring will be upon us before we know it. the goddess eostre will birth a new dawn and the earth will once again begin to sprout new life. ⁣

i am hosting a special class exclusive to ascension collective members that will take us on a 4-week journey in building cosmic abundance and aligning with the natural seasons and this phase of rebirth.⁣

first we work on healing and clearing old money wounds and the subconscious implants and templates around intergenerational family wealth. ⁣

next we will clear old stories and narratives and the implants that surround these beliefs. ⁣

net we will clear out chords and implants from this lifetime, previous lifetimes and timelines to create space for that which we desire to manifest and build in our new, multidimensional relationship with wealth. ⁣

you will be taught how to build a sense of sacredness around your relationship with money and finally we will call in new timelines (opportunities), download, template/grid upgrades as well as upgrade financial and abundance frequencies. ⁣

we will do this through a series of intuitive tools, practical action and energy work that will literally clear your field of your old relationship and call in your new relationship, a sacred relationship with wealth and money. ⁣

if you're not yet a member now is the time to join us! you can access to this class as well as all previous classes, monthly energy readings, energy work and more each month for only $33 per month. there is no commitment, you can cancel anytime you wish, though i doubt you will want to. and you can get your first month free by using code ascension. ⁣

i hope to see you there. ⁣

#ascension #enlightement #unity #witch #galactic #spiritguides #lightfamily⁣
#higherconsciousness #consciousness #dilutethepower #awakening #spiritualawakening #knowthyself #perception #youcreateyourownreality #openyourminds #kundaliniawakening #lightworker #starseed #synchronicity #frequency #awake #esoteric #higherfrequency #paradigmshift #shareawakening #vibration #spiritjunkie #lawofattraction #source
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Thursday 2/19: smash the patriarchy!!!! the hierophant reversed - you do not have to conform to societal standards and expectations. it doesn’t matter what your reason is for assimilating, you were not meant to be this cookie cutter ticky tacky bullshit, you’re unique and that is glorious.👽👽👽
the tower - coming to terms with this probably truly happened for you years ago, but we all need a reminder from time to time that weird is wonderful because the media is constantly trying to reprogram us. i mean, just look at how only bodies with dangerous beauty standards are still what we see everywhere. things are changing but do whatever you can to help the rebellion along.✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿
justice reversed - there is a great deal of power in the most despicable of hands and the amount of unfair and truly heinous things happening can be overwhelming to say the least. self expression may seem like a dumb way to make a difference, but it tells the powers that be that you’re not brainwashed, and let’s other freethinkers know you’re on the team. who knows, waving your freak flag may just inspire the revolution.🧨🧨🧨
#spiritualpath #spirituality #lackofwisdom#nonconformity #nontraditional #antiestablishment #suddenchange #upheaval #chaos #revelation #tarotreadersofinstagram #oracle #divination #tarotscopes #tarotdaily #mystic #witch #tarotcards #tarotcommunity #psychicreading #awakening #unfairness #dishonesty #smashthepatriarchy
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Avoid or just f**k them up shut them 👺mother fuckers down effect thee ✨brain know exactly what they are doing big nose clowns #godsplan #jesuschrist #christianity #bornagain #wolf #vikings #empaths #warriors #faith #spirits #awakening #vibes #music #djs #hardstyle #housemusic #artist #tattoos #illuminati #positivity #history #specialforces #endwar #religion #moon #sun #love #respect #intutions #caos 👺🤯
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If not now, when? start your newest journey today! one small step!
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The power within our hands.. .
#powerwithin #ourhands #awakening
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for spiritual love & light , healing, wisdom
and inspiration.🎑

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@diddy always posts the most powerful stuff. i was laying in bed last night trying to fall asleep and i kept thinking about that old kenny rogers song “the gambler” and that line “you gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run”. sometimes the hardest lesson in life is timing. things don’t go the way we want or the way we had them planned. you can’t dwell and spend your life waiting on one particular thing. no matter how much you feel something in your soul, sometimes that’s just not the universe’s plan for your life. and you have to move on. go on with life. trusting that whatever is meant to be yours will make its way to you in divine time. cancers have a b***h of a time accepting that concept, but i’m slowly learning. i’m doing a lot of “folding and walking away” these days. it was like the minute i rolled past 40 everything and everybody had about 3-5 business days to get s**t right that “cut off” or 2 weeks notice comes like a blitz during overtime when i’m done with something these days. but we have to remember to trust in the timing. you can’t stop living, you can’t stop loving, you can’t make your world revolve around the wait. in that space between, you live, you love, and you embrace whatever the universe decides to deliver. just remember she only does so much, it’s up to you to finish the job. 🖤
#timing #bliss #abundance #patience #wordofwisdom #lifelessons #philosophy #life #love #favor #universe #manifestation #awakening
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#blackwallstreet1921 ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
incase you missed it🙏
episode: (1) streaming now on all platforms🚨🚨
“black wall street 1921” is a limited series podcast where i shed light on one of the darkest incidents in our nation’s history. please join me as we seek to bring the tulsa race massacre out of the shadows and learn more about the magnificence that was black wall street. ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
to subscribe to the podcast and become a member of the black wall street 1921 global community please click the link in my bio☝️☝️
#blackwallstreet #tulsa #oklahoma #greenwood #tulsaracemassacre #blackhistory #american #history #tuth #podcast #newshow #inspiration #lifelessons #teacher #inspiration #retro #awakening #knowledgeispower #podcaster
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Awakening of mother nature 🌱🍃🌿🍀💚 #awakening #mothernature #woods #cabinlife
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Daily energy draw

more clarity and awareness is coming into your life, as it feels like there's a massive shift in energy on the horizon. where before things might have felt difficult--obstacle after obstacle with no end in sight--spirit is here assuring you that this was all orchestrated to help you level up and bring clarity to yourself, waking up a part of yourself that might have still been "asleep" or stagnant. soon, they're saying, those gray skies will be bright and vibrant with color.
watch the full video for all the powerful messages!

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👁 the first english book i ever read was night by ellie weisel. i was in third grade. not exactly an age appropriate book. i didn’t know why it caught my eye, several decades later - it would make sense. night is weisel’s true childhood account of his experience through the holocaust. i read it three times in the span of two weeks. i was only 7 years old, but it changed my life. i was enthralled. i felt sick. i cried. i was inspired. i felt like this book had transported me into another time. reading it gave me goosebumps. it made me nauseous. it was the first time i recognized how horrendous we could be to one another. i didn’t tell anyone about the book because in my 7 year old mind, i thought that i didn’t want to make anyone sad. i didn’t know how history “worked” so i just kept it to myself - for years. i was ashamed about how horrendous we could be to one another. i didn’t understand. i kept the book close to me as a reminder to be better. yes, i have always been intricate. many people call me “deep”. and at 7 years old, i was no exception. it was in this moment i understood how powerful books were. i made the decision right then and there that one day i would be an author. that i wanted a piece of information written by me that would outlive me and inspire others. later, i would have the understanding that books are portals. pages ready to take you on a soul adventure. an opportunity to let the body rest and let the soul take over. books are meditative. they train the body to receive. today [02.20.20] my book launches. i am part of an anthology called woke. co-written by 19 other women. it is a portal in which we share our awakening journeys. my chapter is called halo. for those who don’t know halo is the modality that i created and practice. it is my healing modality @halo.hour . it’s the means in which i communicate beyond this 3d realm. if you like my work and want to support me, i have provided an @amazon link to my book in my bio. today is a dream come true. today i heal that 7 year old in me whose heart was broken. today, i distort the field and make my literal imprint into the world. today 7 year old me is so proud. we did it. ❤️
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I poemed. (features an epigraph from @thedaybooks. )
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If you have the word without the spirit, you will dry up. if you have the spirit without the word, you will b**w up. but if you have the spirit with the word, you will grow up. let’s live by the word and the spirit moment by moment. it’s time to grow up! “the holy spirit is the one who gives life, that which is of the natural realm is of no help. the words i speak to you are spirit and life.”—john 6:33
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