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💫 have you heard of seed thought meditation?? seed thought meditation supports the mind and personality to capture, or ‘seed’, inspiration from the soul or intuitive plane. ✨

during seed thought meditation, a specific word or thought is used to facilitate alignment between our lower (personality) self and our higher (soul) self.
tell me, what word calls to you today?
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Combining day 1 & 2 of #topsyturvyyoga splits & eagle legs. can't really see the eagle legs well but luna can vouch for me.

i didn't feel inspired to post yesterday after hearing about what happened in our city. i used to teach at a school in the area and couldn't help thinking how scared everyone must have been when they were sent into lockdown... my heart goes out to all those suffering 🙏

today... i pray that we all make the commitment to focus on our healing, individually, for that's how i believe we will heal as a collective.
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@instayogatail 🙏✨
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Here’s an easy way to transform your inner dialogue: imagine you’re surrounded by the people in your life who love you to the bone without any judgment of where you are or where you’ve been. if you’re having trouble imagining who those people are for you, then use figures like jesus christ, the dalai lama, and/or mother theresa. now, imagine that group is in charge of how you speak to yourself throughout the day and give yourself a break✨😚💕
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“it will happen for you. never worry, stress, or overthink how everything you're going to manifest or receive will happen for you. just believe that it will. believe in it. there's great power in believing what you can envision in your mind, not really in what's happening in front of you. everything that can happen for you, starts with a single thought. you have to believe in it till it shows up. the more you believe in that thought, the more you will feel it. the more you feel it, the quicker it will manifest it into your reality. you should trust in the greater power that's constantly aligning everything for you through your visions and inner state of being. choose to connect with your higher power to guide you through this process of change and receiving. you will grow stronger everyday, because you trust the energy that sustains you. how can you not trust the source that powers all of life so precisely without a single error? don't let fear, negativity, and lower vibrational energy steal your shine. noticing blessings is just a matter of perspective. see the light in every situation. see what's moving everything and what's giving it so much life. connect with it. connect with your spirit during this time of great transformations. you'll be blessed for life.” - @idillionaire
comment if you're ready to believe!
tag someone to inspire ✨🙏✨
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You’re the only one with your experiences and your mindset, so if other people don’t understand your decisions — *not* your problem. you owe people kindness, not explanations. it’s how you take your power back✨
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If you’ve given something your best shot and the door won’t open, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it means it’s not your door and that the universe has much better plans for you. with this in mind, “rejection” becomes a cause for excitement rather than disappointment🔮✨
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Our deepest love lies in the workshops we facilitate. what once started as a mere pilot project has become a growing community and movement. we have been humbled to service hundreds of brave souls on their journey of holistic health.
we are vibing with the universal momentum and transformative energy that is upon us, and we invite you to lean into the excitement of change by joining us on this magical journey!
upcoming events:
couples workshop - april 28th, 5-8pm
mother/daughter workshop - may 11, 6-9pm and may 12, 12-3pm
june 9 - solar plexus on the deck at @shangrila_yoga!!!! (details coming soon)
let us support you on your journey of awakening. head to our website to check out our individual services, corporate offerings and upcoming workshop dates!
embrace your authenticity. empower your life. ♥️✨
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Space. wishing you all strength to continuing on tour journey of who you are and who you want to be. there is always a space between who you are and who you want to be... and that’s great! have goals, strive for something, strive for someone and that someone should be your future self! and how you want to be. excited yourself and even be disappointed in yourself sometimes, because that will teach you how to find the balance between who you are now and who you want to be. the choices you currently make determine how fast or how slow you get there and never let guilt be the thing to stop that “ future you “ or “ goal “ you have set out from manifesting!! #ago #selfie #self #selflove❤️ #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritualgangster #sgmichaela #awakening #awakened #mind #body #soul #soul #conciousness #woke #art #artistsoninstagram
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Swipe left for an excerpt from my book. 🔮🌙🌌 goddess realization poetry, prose, prayers. daily self love, self renewal for women... .

order from my etsy shop and get a free gift intuitive message just for you. just attach your spiritual path question to your order or pm me. i will write what comes through for you on the inner cover. .

blessings of love, light, rebirth,

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Kick off your shoes and relax your feet...🎶
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Oval shape loco lapis! to order visit the link in bio
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It all comes down to a decision you make — that’s how powerful you are
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I’m here to say all the things i wish someone had said to me when i was younger. for instance, why is m**********n not discussed or encouraged? it’s a natural and beautiful built-in experience, so what’s with all of the shame surrounding it? of all of the things in the world, we’re most entitled to enjoy our own bodies ▫️◽️◻️◽️▫️
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It’s never about you when this happens. hurt people hurt people, but we can heal them with love
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Hi friends,

i’ve been absent due to wandering in the woods with a great group of friends. happy earth day, i know it’s belated—i was busy appreciating all the natural beauty that this world offers. besides, why celebrate once a year when you can celebrate all you have every day?
i truly believe everyday is a day to honor and respect this planet and yourself. i think this world is in terrible need of connection: connection to this earth, to the here and now. i feel like people get lost in other things indoors—tv, video-games, drugs, sex, relationships—because they’re uncomfortable with themselves and they choose to lose themselves in anything distracting. when you become your own best friend, that’s when the connection happens.
when you connect to yourself you connect to mother earth. for some, it’s a huge realization that there are trillions of people on this earth, and that mother earth chose you to be one of them.
choose to make a connection, not just on earth day, but everyday.

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Give them a taste of your soul-nourishing medicine
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Honour your feelings. being so sensitive and empathic i used to hide and shut up my feelings because i was taught to associate them with a sign of weakness. my awakening and the kundalini activation made them even more extend and intense 😅 so i had no other option to learn to respect them and accept them as a part of who i am. feelings tell us about our inner self and the relationship between us and everything around so being in tune with them is something good 😃 //-//honra tus sentimientos siendo tan sensible y empática siempre tendí a ocultar y callar mis sentimientos y emociones porque me enseñaron a asociarlos con un signo de debilidad. mi despertar espiritual y la activación de kundalini los hicieron aún más extensos e intensos, así que no me quedó otra opción que aprender a respetarlos aceptarlos como parte mi. los sentimientos y emociones nos hablan de nuestro ser interior y de la relación entre nosotros mismos y todo lo que nos rodea, así que estar en sintonía con nuestros ellos es algo bueno 😃

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