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Movies are always the best when i'm with my mumma πŸ‘ΆπŸŒ»β€
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My mumma once said "no jumping on the bed!" well i'm the boss now and we do what we want β€πŸ‘Ά
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Oh the joys😭
everyday after nap time this is how i spend my time!
cleaning avahs room after she destroys it 😭😭 why do i bother? because noone else will. because i take pride in her room and love that she enjoys it! it's her space and she deserves a clean space πŸ˜β€πŸ‘Ά
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Such a beautiful view! the christening of t r i s t a n
n a u m o v s k i 🌿
styling, arbour, white plinths, cake stands, strawberry tower and macaron tower by @thesweetlifesydney
cake by @aloracakes
florals by the lovely @fleurescent__
sign by @signsanddesigns_ @romantikafloralandeventstyling
macrame curtain by @thecollectivehire
venue @novotelnthbeach
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Our not so little baby juju turns 4 months old today, our little legend is developing the cheekiest personality😍

his current obsessions include lachlan (such a daddies boy), will even stop feeding just to watch what lacs doing (you know the obsession is real when he stops feeding πŸ™Š)
carl his caterpillar πŸ›
playing peak a boo
bath time
and his new book obsession is piranhas don’t eat bananas 🍌
can’t get over how quickly time with you is going little man, we just love you to bits and can’t imagine what we did before you came along ❀️

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Flashback to when we didn’t know if the bub was a boy or a girl @jameadrake πŸ’• #itsagirl
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If you could go back what would you tell yourself when you first had your baby? what would you change?
i see these types of posts all the time and i have actually posted similar before. however the more i think about these posts the more i wonder. yes, it’s great to look back and reflect, but it’s so important we realise, accept, acknowledge and respect we went through exactly what we should have. yes, that might be hard to grasp, but whatever we go through there is always a lesson to be learnt. the good, the bad, the highs and lows of our parenthood journey allowed us to grow. so yes reflect, but don’t get stuck in the what if’s. trust it played out the way it should for a reason. .
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Summer bodies are made the winter! feeling the best i have about myself since having two children. very excited to see where i can get myself by december, and it’s only august! πŸ‘™ #winterbodies #summerbodyinthemaking #mummaonamission #3monthstillsummer #nzsummer #babymumma #twotoddlers
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Happy birthday baby ❀️ me and baby ez are so thankful for what you do for us. we are soooo lucky to have you. we love you so much!! #family #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #22ndbirthday #babymumma
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From the day i first met you, you filled me with joy ❀️ everyday after i learned so much about you and myself and your daddy! ❀️
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Just hanging about πŸ‘ΆπŸŒ»πŸŽ€
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Park time is always a blast πŸ‘ΆπŸŒ»β€
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The last few days have taken a couple of unexpected turns.
i was expecting to get 4 beautiful healthy 6 week old kittens and their mummy. what i got was 4 underweigh, ringworm coated, flea infested, poorly kittens and a tiny, skinny mumma kitten, probably no more than 6 months old. the more i observed them, the more things i noticed wrong with all of them.
today they started vomiting. normally i would ride it out and monitor but because they were already so poorly, i wanted them checked.
the babies turned out to be not so bad, considering. some antibiotics and worming will hopefully do the trick. mumma on the otherhand was not so good. she has a heart murmur and fluid on the lungs making it hard for her to breathe. mumma is most likely too far gone and will be enjoying her last few days with lots of cuddles and what ever she wants to eat ❀❀ mumma cat is such a sweet girl and deserved better in her short life. i will look after your babies for you and make sure they find a loving home 😻😻😻😻😒 #babymumma #perthrescueangels #heartmurmur
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T r i s t a n n a u m o v s k i 🌿
a beautiful day celebrating the christening of tristan. may god bless you with an abundance of love, good health, happiness, prosperity and everything wonderful that life has to offer. thank you to the naumovski family for allowing us to be part of your little boys’ special day 🌿 @kellynaumovski
styling, arbour, white plinths, cake stands, strawberry tower and macaron tower by @thesweetlifesydney
cake by @aloracakes
florals by the lovely @fleurescent__
sign by @signsanddesigns_ @romantikafloralandeventstyling
macrame curtain by @thecollectivehire
venue @novotelnthbeach
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Never miss a monday! feeling pumped and ready to start the day! and actually starting to like what i see in the mirror now! have criticised myself for soooo many years and hated what i see in the mirror but today i actually thought- that’s not too bad! this sh*t works!!- consistency and hard work and small manageable changes i do daily have started to make me stronger in both body and mind and feel more comfortable in my skin, i’m so proud of my body carrying two beautiful babies and now feeling fitter and stronger every day! this is so possible for everyone! and i’m so ready to help even more people get results! get in touch now! the sooner you start the sooner you can feel amazing!! happy monday all! ✨✨✨
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πŸ’«πŸ˜meet our beautiful baby mumma @marquise_charlette rocking the maternity range - lj erry day πŸ‘ΆπŸ½β€οΈπŸ’«πŸ’«
~~~~~~~ #maternityfashion #maternitywear #lornajane #lornajaneactive #babymumma #pregnancy #activewear
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