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Afternoon caffeine break just down the road @hackneycoffeeco. their matcha latte is on point and i loved the raspberry brownie - properly home-made and gooey inside, just like the nigella ones (aka the best).
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Ocd = obsessive cookie disorder 🍪
anyone that knows me knows i am literally obsessed with cookies! .
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“i’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.” come join the mad ones at loud stix and get lost in your own reality, you’ll thank us later. 🎩🤯
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I haven't made focaccia in such a long time and we craved it like crazy. so i decided that today was the day. but was important for me to have all the right ingredients to make the best focaccia, with sundried tomatoes, sundried tomato oil and zucchini. with the first two ingredients, you have the most delicious focaccia ever, flaky but crispy and so so flavorful. i can seriously eat one entire focaccia in one sitting. i won't but i can. for me, focaccia is better than any cake or sweet treat. maybe you're thinking that i'm overreacting over some focaccia but you have to make it to believe me. it's seriously the best. and don't put like 3 tomatoes in there, pour half a jar. if you want the recipe for this awesome focaccia, go to my blog and search for focaccia with sundried tomatoes. you will not regret it. you know how i eat focaccia? with coffee :). the best!
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