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How do you cut a tall cake? it can be tricky business but here’s how. the most important thing is to make sure your buttercream cake has been at room temperature for 30-60mins so that it has time to soften for easy cutting. here’s us cutting a tall 8” size - that’s 8” in diameter and 6” tall, about 4kg. we usually recommend it 30-40 pax depending on the size of the slices served - if you prefer generous servings, you can get 36 pieces from this size. for smaller servings you can cut each piece in half horizontally like we did here and get 72 pieces! a sharp knife is great if you have one to help you get neat, even slices, but it’s perfectly doable with a disposable knife like the one we used here too 😊
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Our baker practicing her piping skills on the dulce cupcakes!
👉 those who’ve bought our kits before, the metal piping tips that come with your kits can be kept & reused for piping all sorts of designs on your future bakes! 👌
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Rose gold, purple and thyme
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Love this fun and happy design! thanks anita for letting us recreate this for you 😊 inspired by an @alanajonesmann design!
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Going for a little rustic feel here 🌿
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Painting scenery! love how this look turned out. i love me a rustic theme! inspired by a @sarahsloft design 😊
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Turn the sound on to hear the cookie crust top crackle! 😍
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Welcome to james' street!
for all orders and enquiries, please drop us an email at hello@abite.sg // 特制可口蛋糕,各式各样的主题甜点桌 - 相知更多详情 ,请发电邮 hello@abite.sg
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Let's have a wild time!
for all orders and enquiries, please drop us an email at hello@abite.sg // 特制可口蛋糕,各式各样的主题甜点桌 - 相知更多详情 ,请发电邮 hello@abite.sg
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⚽ any man united fans here? ⚽
for all orders and enquiries, please drop us an email at hello@abite.sg // 特制可口蛋糕,各式各样的主题甜点桌 - 相知更多详情 ,请发电邮 hello@abite.sg
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Our 🍫loco for choco🍫 buns are made with black cocoa, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and a cocoa cookie crust - it’s developed so that it’s not too sweet, but definitely will give you the much needed chocolate kick 😋 get the kit in our sept le collection!
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Lil dolphin & giraffe macarons🐬🦒
send in your enquiries to wa 98558099 (link up on bio for easier contact) 💕
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Pandan☘sugar bread (killer toast recipe). enjoy baking with nature💚colouring like fresh pandan juice extract. thanks sandra🌻 @garden_of_serenity for sharing the recipe.
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Our gula melaka chiffon cake looking really sweet today as it wears on a vanilla-infused cream in pretty shades of pastel blue and white. .
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Hawaiian/aloha themed cake + cupcakes! swipe right to see the bears suntanning and swimming on the cupcakes 🐻
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Planning for your 21st party? having difficulties sourcing for affordable balloons, cakes, desserts or even decorations? || dm us now! we provide a range of services and you will also able to personalise and customise any of the above to suit your own party! #sgdesserttable #coreofyourhappiness
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Dark chocolate salted caramel with a slight variation from our usual recipe using unbleached flour and brown sugar.
thank you hazami for your order! we hope you had a great celebration. 🎊
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Grape shortcake

each shortcake comes in a compact container perfect for gifting or a cute addition to your picnic!

fluffy & moist genoise sponge filled generously with black and green juicy grapes, coated with light chantilly cream.

preorders are open for collection on the 28th september @ 9pm

preorder closes 27th september or sold out.
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Mango osmanthus oolong tea 🍋🌿
exotic, tropical notes of mango perfectly blended with classic oriental flavours of osmanthus and oolong tea! it is a fragrant osmanthus oolong tea paste and mango white chocolate truffle, encased within a soft snowskin infused with mango black tea.
last 2 days of retail sales available at all 3 branches and great world city kiosk!!
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Strawberry shortcake dressed up in watercolour style 😁
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Shanghai mooncake; melt-in-your-mouth pastry with white lotus paste and salted egg yolk 🤩 swipe to see the inner! // happy mid autumn 🤗
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