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gypsy_fit_life Saturday’s used to be my busiest shifts 😩 on my feet for hourssssss hustling—working off tips to pay my bills. there were a few times i’ve had to leave work because of severe anxiety attacks 🙄🙅🏽 & guess what? that meant i had to pick up extra shifts so i could pay my bills (which were hardly getting paid anyway—was always in the red, living off loans and credit cards) which is like so embarrassing. but that used to be my life. anxiety and stress—always busy—barely keeping my head above water. these are my saturday nights now. in fact every night, weekday, afternoon—free & chill af. 🌈👌🏽 i worked hard for this. i knew the life i was living before was lackluster and i was in a state of depression and stress about my life and body and mind. so i changed. i didn’t stop everything i was doing: full time student + full time waitress + wife + dog mom 💁🏽 i actually added in a new fitness and wellness journey and started my own home coaching biz. on top of everything. & guess what? it. changed. muh. life. our life. 🌙 it reduced stress/anxiety because wellness and fitness were a daily part of my life now, not just a couple times a week if i could make it happen, my confidence and sense of purpose and mission in life skyrocketed which took away the depression. 🙏🏽 and it only took me a year and a half of coaching part time on top of my normal life to replace my waitressing income! i have been free from a boss for 2 and a half years now! i’m no longer in a constant state of depression/anxiety and i get to be here with my dudes everyday and pay it forward by helping other women take control over their lives and set themselves free like i did!!! was it worth it to add those things to my life and sacrifice a year and a half of watching netflix and time wasters to instead build something i’m passionate about that could change my life and the lives around me?! yes! a million times yes!!!! why not you boo?! let me be proof that you can too!🌻 i’m not here to be insta famous and have people say how awesome i am lol 😝im here to show you you can. i’m here to give you the tools that changed every facet of my life. because i believe in you! join me! link in bio 📲👆🏽
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As I Am Ⓥ
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zendynamix "make a radical change in your lifestyle and begin to boldly do things which you may previously never have thought of doing, or been too hesitant to attempt. so many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservation, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. the very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun. if you want to get more out of life, you must lose your inclination for monotonous security and adopt a helter-skelter style of life that will at first appear to you to be crazy. but once you become accustomed to such a life you will see its full meaning and its incredible beauty." - jon krakauer, into the wild 🌲 🐒 #skate#skateboard#skatepark#naplesfl#personaltrainer#handstand#balance#yoga#yogi#sk8#surf#fit#fitness#balance#strength#life#florida#fitfam#fitspo#calisthenics#movement#movementculture#vegan
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keto.carolina.girl What an amazing day(see my story)...so grateful...and back home in time for a small cocktail and college football!!! no cooking today...but keto all the way! #keepingitketo #recentered #balance #peaceful
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Stacey Naito
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staceynaito What a pleasure and honor it was to work with @bfwmagazine on this feature article for their most recent issue! be sure to check it out by accessing the link in their ig bio, and follow them to see upcoming issues! #bfwmagazine #fitoverfifty #ravenhair #fitnesslifestyle #fitchick #newissue #feature #wellness #balance #relax #optimalhealfh #lifestuff #betterwithage #breathe #leadbyexample #enjoy #meditation #fulfillment
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No more weekend off for me so i been doing some light workouts on sat and sundays and doing a lot of spot up shooting 🏀 and dribble moves💪🏿 nov 18th and dec 2 on my mind.$$$. #gradualfitt #saturdaymorning #lifts #crossfitt #bosuball #balance #workout #medicineball #coreworkout #nov18th
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sarahkate images
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sarahkate_images This beauty is complete signed and framed up ready to be picked up by his new owner on monday. i have enjoyed this one as it's a little softer than my usual style and we all know it's good to step out of our comfort zones occasionally to facilitate growth. here's a little information about the horse as a spirit animal. it carries with it similar qualities as a totem and power animal also. be aware of the syncronicity in life especially with animal representation as you'll usually find a link between their qualities and what you need at that time. as your spirit animal, horse is showing you that the call for freedom is galloping into your world. horse’s repeated appearance is a flag for you to allow horse energy to gift you with the power and endurance needed at this time. the spirit can carry you down the right path to breaking free of whatever bonds are holding you back. horse is a very helpful spirit animal that helps facilitate spiritual awakening and growth by teaching you how to create symmetry between your desire for independence and your current responsibilities. there is a time to rest and a time to run and a lot of living in between. enjoy the sweet apple that drops from the tree before taking on that next challenge. horse spirit loves to work with the winds. it’s an excellent teacher about personal energy and working with air elementals. no matter where she takes you, you will always have a sense of balance – of how to ride and not fall or fail in your duty. #horse #spiritanimal #drawing #art #create #artist #love #life #syncronicity #link #spiritualgrowth #awaken #awareness #balance #growth #freedom #soulconnection #watercolourpencils
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Food Fitness Wellness
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foodfitnesswellness It's no secret that i ❤️ love my morning routine... chocolate smoothie bowls and doing my beautiful cards. 🔮 . today i pulled 'i honour how i want to feel' from @gabbybernstein beautiful 'the universe has your back' deck. . and yes i'm enjoying chocolate for breakfast!!! 🍫🍫 . our delicious vegan (plant based) chocolate powder with all my favourite greens. baby spinach 🌱 + cucumber 🥒 + mint + lemon 🍋 + frozen berries 🍓 + banana 🍌 topped with gluten free @freedomfoods rice flakes and @nakedfoods shredded coconut.
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Fitness Enthusiast
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thebluegrassrunner My lunch today: chicken, half an avocado, hash browns, red peppers & brussels (not pictured). i’m getting ready for a halloween party tonight & currently at a soccer game :) what are y’all up to tonight?
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Grief Reiki®
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griefreiki Grief reiki card reading: this card is a reminder that the bond of love is so strong which is why grieving is so hard. usually the intensity of our grief usually correlates to the intensity of our love. if you accept this fact, you realize that feeling so terribly heartbroken when a loved one dies is completely normal. love is one of our strongest emotions. grief is our emotional reaction to loss. grieving for someone you loved is like a double whammy. that's why it is impossible to put into words how you are feeling. how do you begin to describe it? empty? broken into a million pieces? heartsick? don't be h*****n yourself during this time. don't listen to anyone else who tells you are "over-reacting" or "overly emotional" (especially if it is a pet). after all, the relationship between you and your loved one or situation is yours and yours alone. it's okay to be sad. it's okay to cry. no one else can or should understand how you are feeling. acknowledge the great love between you and your loved one and the beautiful gift it has been to your life! ---- oraclecards available for apple and android devices: get it from the app store - https://goo.gl/kvdu1j get it from google play - https://goo.gl/ukjj8u ---- #griefreiki #oraclecards #love #cardreading
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allie_ba_fit 🐺🐺🐺 day 2 of #yogisofthenight ~werewolf pose~ this variation of downward dog was cool to practice. i definitely felt this in my arms💪 today's halloween decoration is a skull💀 • 👻hosts👻 @_maryoga @rpare.fit @steph_nerdyogi @debby_the_chocoholic • ☠️sponsors☠️ @popflex_active @sashka_co @anapoenergy @ristroller @mamakuka @meddyteddy • 🌖pose list🌒 1. pumpkin pose 🎃 (choice between embryo pose in headstand or tripod egg)✔ 2. werewolf 🐺(one-legged downward dog pose with bent elbow and knee)✔ 3. the boogeyman 😈(chaturanga with one knee on tricep) 4. crawling spider🕷(cobra pose on sprawled finger tips) 5. possessed 👻(wheel pose) 6. flying witch 🦇(one knee cow pose) 7. gates of hell🔥(gate pose) 8. zombie🕴(wild thing) 9. striking venom 🦂(any inversion with scorpion legs) 10. bewitched caw 🦅 (crow pose) 11. vampire ⚰️ (half-moon pose) 12. yogis choice 🔮dress up for halloween! • #yogachallenge #octoberyogachallenge #asana #igyogachallenge #dancer #dance #yogainstructor #blogilates #fitness #fitfam #fitgirls #poppilates #yogini #pilates #popster #nature #health #strong #yoga  #challenge #poppilatesofficial #fitnessjourney #strength #balance #werewolf #halloween
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⭐️M A R A C O B B
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maracobb “you’re a health a fitness coach? you must eat really healthy.” . oh totally. right now i’m eating aged organic milk tossed over seasoned tomato purée spread on baked whole wheat.. . "recipe??” . me: . #balance 🍕
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