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Gallivanting through garden. 💛
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Balade dans les marais de saint-omer. c’était du sport... 💪🛶 #saintomer #hautsdefrance #marais #swamp #bayou #friends #dog #sunday #funday #summertime #holidays
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Another amazing sunset. #fireflies #bayou
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Why blend in, when you were made to stand out??? 😍😍
in the end the buzz killers, the haters, the judgers, the fakers will still troll in the shadows...but who gives af?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ do you. be kind. smile. reach out. do it even when it’s hard, and emerge as a bright light in the world—-because we need way more of that!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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All versions gave me #😍 (slide for alternates) #yesterdaysfeels #puzzlingitalltogether
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Hey guys i did a fishin thang #catfish #bayou #fishin
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Easily one of the best things i’ve ever done 😭
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Hats off, houston. spending the weekend reconnecting with my brother and my old friends who have moved here was so, so good.
also enjoyable: ate a bunch. visited two great coffee shops (@toutsuitehtx @blackholecoffee ). ran a lot, including a sweaty and satisfying 16 miler today. we toured two colleges with jake and his sweet younger sister (95° heat, no less—still fun). we serendipitously wandered into a tour at the beautiful centennial garden after a run. and for our family dinner last night, i helped my brother’s amazing girlfriend make enchiladas from scratch, while sipping on these perfect margaritas that jake made. think we’ll be coming here more often now.
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Spent some time yesterday experiencing the flora and fauna of the bayou swamp on honey island. the tree in this photograph is known as the kissing tree due to the gnarled knots on its bark and was apparently the inspiration for mama odie's tree from the princess and the frog!
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