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I’d been feeling the seasonal pull towards the pretzel since attending a raucous and delightful oktoberfest event @raleighbrewing on friday. i had an extra hunka dough, so i knew what to do with it. i’d planned to keep it simple, but simple gave way to a cream cheese glaze and everything bagel topping, which then inspired me to try to represent every aspect of a fully-dressed everything bagel in a single pretzel. i knew that a sprinkling of mixed cheeses in the negative spaces would create a flexible yet sturdy base, so i topped that with sprinkles of minced red onion, capers, and finely-chopped cherry tomatoes. oh, to be technically correct here: if you want lox, you’re gonna have to byol. 🥨🤓🥨
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Food art that tastes as lovely as it looks. channeling the inner van gogh here. sunflowers and poppy’s create a delight to both the eyes and taste buds. makes a great center piece for a dinner party . a moist interior crisp outer crust. toppings include kalamata olives ,fresh herbs, yellow peppers,capers, grape tomatoes , etc. set upon a beautiful canvas of hand milled organic einkorn wheat sourdough 😋 .
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Karl teaches me a new (or rather, the original) way of shaping a ciabatta.
this italian answer to the baguette is a shockingly new addition to the bread world. it popped up on the scene in the early 80’s and has quickly spread across the globe.
with it’s thin crust and shiny open crumb, this bread is ideal for dipping in olive oil or for making sandwiches (if cut sideways). leavened with the #hooliganstarter from our #thequestforsourdough
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Gold and curves, this is how i challah ;) @calawmacepiekarnia #challah #thebakefeed #bbga #f52grams #koshernot
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Saturday’s crumb art
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The cashier at costco asked me for a second form of id today because i looked so much older in person than in my picture. whatever, rita. i work nights, and my soul died 7 years ago.
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Happy friday, folks! so excited about all this sunshine after the crazy torrential downpours we’ve had the past couple of days. today is all about celebrating the rockford peaches and the late penny marshall around the market - we have peach croissants, peach galettes, and peach/prosciutto/brie savory pastries on the menu along with all our other delicious flavors. bread for the shop and @rockfordcitymarket are olive oil semolina, ham & gruyere, and spent grain sourdoughs 👍🏼 also, my amazing team has been freeing up bits of time for me lately to test out a load of new goodies and fall recipes as we continue the seasonal transition....you may have noticed this what with all the new stuff that has been popping up on our menu at the bakery. to thank them, i’m putting out all our test batch items for our customers to try for free...so next time you stop by the shop, check out what’s in the “free treats for tips” case and ask a team member to tell you about the samples (tips, of course, not required but always appreciated by our staff). these crunchy, cinnamony, caramely goodies are today’s treats. enjoy, j. 😘 #tgif
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And here’s the crumb from my previous post. see? i was right 😂🦆 before i write the details, i want to say that during shaping i don’t do the patting on the dough to even out the crumb and to avoid air pockets. i want to be surprised, i want to be shocked, i want to laugh, i want to have fun. where i give my full attention in sourdough making is the starter and fermentation. so this loaf is 80% bread flour @bobsredmill and 20% type85 whole wheat flour @centralmilling autolyse was 1h 15min. hydration at 79% bulk 6h 45min at 74-75f. i did a short proof of 15min in the banneton. r******d for 12h.
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