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Catching up on the #tootyfruitysummerbeauty yoga challenge. actually posting these pictures is a huge step for me in my journey to love myself again. see i grew up a dancer, a ballet dancer. that world is wonderful, but it can also leave you with a harsh view of yourself.

as soon as i turned on the camera and saw myself trying to do these poses i immediately started with the "i used to"...i used to be more flexible, i used to be stronger, i used to be thinner. and i almost turned off the camera.

i immediately had to stop myself, and remind myself, that i am beautiful just the way i am. i am strong in ways that don't show on the outside. i am overcoming hurts and fears and betrayals that i will not let define me or hold me down any longer. and this body has given life four times! give yourself a break!! so i did...and i took the pictures. and i am posting them. because i am strong, and i am beautiful, and i know that, with practice, the strength and flexibility will return. and the weight? well, #thickthighssavelives 😉😘
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No women i'd rather be, than b, living free & confidentlyyyyyyy
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Very keke, very summa🍯
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Fall in love with taking care of yourself.
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Você não precisa ser bonita como “ela”, você pode ser bonita como você ❤️!!! #beautybeyondsize #beautiful #aredesoficial #aredesplus #plussizebrasil #plussize #curves #primaveraverao2019 #campanhanova #modamineira #seame
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Mcgill won the best marching band nappie for the second year in a row and i’m just happy to be a small part of it all! 🎶
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Follow @drews_beauty - what you see is what you get - i always tell photographers to not photoshop my cellulite because it's a part of me. i have bumps and stretch marks, does it makes me less beautiful? should i feel ashamed? well i think life is too short to concentrate on such a small things as cellulite. because almost every women has it, some maybe more and some maybe less. it’s just a part of the human body and nothing to be ashamed about! 💚 --
takáto som a iná nebudem a preto vždy upozorňujem fotografov, aby mi celulítidu neretušovali. mám hrozné stehná, strie, no mám sa kvôli tomu teraz cítiť zle? hanbiť sa ísť vôbec k vode? myslím si, že život je príliš krátky na to, aby som sa tu trápila n*d maličkosťami ako je celutka. pretože ju má toľko žien, niektoré menej výraznú, niektoré viac, no je to naša súčasť, za ktorú by sme sa nemali hanbiť 💚
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Forever mood: ain't goin back and forth wit you bitches.. livinnn my best liiiiffffeeeeee 🗣
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