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Theo and bella, showing us how it is done 😃 check out our stories for more information from theo on how to stack plus there is a discount on cups on offer.
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speed stacks! a sport that’s all about speed, and coordination, suitable for every age, from kids through to adults. the trio have been watching all the youtube clips for tips and tricks on how to up their game. the girls are faster than either graham or i and theo loves how he can do number patterns with his tricks. if you’re stuck for christmas ideas then head over and check out @speedstacksnz, plus get 20% off cups using the code blacks20 #gifted
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21 day no evil carryover corporate prayer & fast
beginning midnight dec 11- dec 31 12:00 pm
hours: mon- fri: midnight until 2:00 pm daily.
sat and sun: midnight until 6:00 am. on christmas eve, christmas and the day after christmas we are also only fasting midnight until 6 a.m. this allows us to continue with the 21 day cycle. the goal of this fast is to maintain a disciplined focus. on january 1 we will be ready to start moving with god.
special instructions: water, juice, and herbal teas during times of fasting. please confer with your physician before fasting if necessary. if you are unable to follow the water and juice fasting, please seek god for direction as to what you can abstain from. we recognize that this is a season of celebration so you are allowed to participate in any special occasion activities i.e. office christmas party, family gathering, etc. that occurs during the time of the fast. just fast up unto the moment of the occasion.
🙏🏽invite family and friends to join you. when others are just starting their consecration at the beginning of the year, we will be ready on jan 1 to move forward with god.
fasting will allow you to hear from god. fasting will release god's power. fasting will release breakthrough in difficult situations. we ask god to release the benefits of fasting. remember the benefits when you feel like giving up on fasting.
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#stressrelief#anxiety relief#reducesstress hormonelevels#blood glucoselevels
#stimulatesmotor development 👶🏻👧🏻🧒🏻👦🏻children are developing their motor (movement) skills as they grow. massage helps ease tension and pain in developing muscles that make motor skills possible.
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The name of this yoga session is energizing flow. the description said, “awaken and refresh with the quick energy boost to get your blood flowing and your body enlivened.”
i picked this session today because it’s cold and gray outside, and it’s monday. and everybody needs a boost of energy when it’s a cold, grey monday. 🐉
my brain was thinking this is going to be a heart pumping sweat dripping session🙌🏼 which was perfect for me even though i had already done my workout. then the instructor started talking about breath, breathing and how important it is for us to function.
ok, duh! 🤪i know we need to breathe to live, but with it being an involuntary function of the body i don’t give it much thought.(🤣i’ll be here all week!🤣)
after the class when my brain was all energized, i thought maybe i should give a little thought to breathing!
so i did a little research....
there are a lot of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits to deep breathing.
and there are a lot of different ways to practice deep breathing.
but just like everything else there are some contradictions, so always check with a medical professional before you begin any new practice.
with a regular practice of simple deep breathing you can reap these mental benefits:
1. reduce anxiety and depression
2. decrease feelings of stress and overwhelm
3. release muscle tension
4. increase energy
5. improve mental clarity
6. boost your mood
these are just a few of the benefits that could chase away a case of the mondays and the affects of this cold, gray, pre-winter winter weather that has set in.
to practice basic deep breathing follow these steps or google other techniques.
1. sit or lie comfortably.
2. relax your shoulders.
3. place your hand on your stomach.
4. breathe in through your nostrils
5. filling your abdomen from your hips up to your chest and throat.
6. pause
7. gently exhale through your nostrils from your throat(or mouth) down to the bottom of your lungs.
8. repeat.
this is daily yoga day 64.
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The benefits of dubai fun massage are multiplied when used in conjunction with physical therapy, chiropractic
treatments, or acupuncture. 
whatsapp:- +971 58 921 0167
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Key benefits of container conversion —modular

there are multiple combinations and design possibilities when using containers.

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Tired from all the job hunting? 💤

put your worries to rest with these fulfilling roles 😌: @irvinsaltedegg | talent acquisition partner
@carousell.sg | people business partner
dex | product owner (marketplace)
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Always bet on yourself - when no one else will. you are the driver, the pilot, the chief, the ceo - of your own affairs and life. the minute you deflect your responsibility to someone else is the minute you lose control over your life.
we lack a sense of personal responsibility in this society. people blaming others for their own faults and insecurities.

my message is simple - be the driver - not the passenger. be the director, not the directed. to whom much is given, much is required.
what are you called to do with your life's mission and work?

mine is simple - financial literacy for everyone i help. i am passionate about teaching others how to make money work for them.

and i will drive this message throughout my life and career - he or she who controls their money mindset and money decisions lives their potential. money is energy and it is to be respected.

make wise choices and seek professional advice.

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A few mouth watering facts for you: meatless monday was first introduced in world war ii in order to ration supplies. the amount of carbon dioxide given off per pound of beef is greater than burning a gallon of gasoline. celebrate meatless monday. mother earth will thank you. 🌱🌎 💚♻️#meatless #monday #homecooking #celebrate #health #benefits #loveyourmother .
#historical #worldwar2 #facts #meatlessmonday #environment #prevent #disease #food #plantbased #homebaking #thankyou #mothernature
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Hoa nghệ tây không chỉ có vẻ đẹp mộc mạc và đằm thắm. trong y học, nó chính là phương thuốc thiên nhiên tuyệt vời để chữa trị nhiều bệnh. các công dụng sức khỏe của hoa nghệ tây phổ biến nhất là:
• cải thiện trí nhớ: nhụy hoa nghệ tây chứa hai loại hoạt chất crocin và crocetin có thể cải thiện khả năng học tập và chức năng bộ nhớ. nhụy hoa nghệ tây rất có tiềm năng điều trị các bệnh ảnh hưởng đến não như alzheimer hay parkinson. • thuốc chống trầm cảm: màu đỏ của nhụy hoa nghệ tây biểu hiện cho những hoạt chất giúp cải thiện tâm trạng. nhụy hoa nghệ tây tương đương thuốc chống trầm cảm theo toa liều thấp như fluoxetine hay imipramine.
• hành kinh: sự kết hợp giữa nhụy hoa nghệ tây, cây hồi và hạt cần tây trong cùng một sản phẩm có công dụng như một loại thuốc giảm đau dành cho phụ nữ trong chu kỳ kinh nguyệt.
• phòng ngừa các bệnh về tim mạch: nhụy hoa nghệ tây chứa nhiều thành phần hóa học có khả năng giảm huyết áp và phòng ngừa bệnh tim mạch. nghệ tây có công dụng làm giảm huyết áp cũng như nồng độ cholesterol và chất béo trung hòa.
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Tired of your #glasses que tiene ahorita? you can still use your #benefits with your #privateinsurance para averiguar si tiene #beneficios and #allowances for #frames before they expire by the end of the year! 👓 -
don't know if you have private insurance? llámenos! we’re available para ayudarles de lunes a sábado (773)863-9234 ☎️
consulte nuestro página para nuestras horas de operación 😄 please look in our page for our hours of operation 😁👩🏽‍💻
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