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🔹location : sweden
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Good night, amsterdam lovers!😴🌃🌌
📷nice photo by @nurielmolcho
✈️founder: @marknayman
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Good morning from stockholm! we are off to explore more of this amazing city ❤️ and what are your plans for today?

Доброе утро из Стокгольма! Мы опять отправляемся исследовать этот чудесный город ❤️ а у вас какие планы на воскресенье?
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Tag #kings_villages 🏆the artist 👉@ matterarts_ 🎊
location: manarola
liguria, italia
🎉🎊🎉 our congratulations!!🎉🎊🎉
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Magic autumn 🍁🧡🍂

Ребята, такая красота в Нескучном саду, ни словами, ни фотками, просто не передать 😍
Бегом скорее туда, пока листики ещё не опали 🍂
Сейчас самое время делать осеннюю фотосессию 😌👌
Плюс москвичей ещё неделю будет баловать нереальная погода для октября в +18 градусов ☀️
Ну разве не круто?))

p.s. И сразу напишу, кепочка отсюда 👇🏻
@myari_knitting 👒🤗
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Welcome to the medieval town rothenburg ob der tauber.
today, rothenburg is one of the most beautifully preserved towns in germany. in the middle ages period, it was actually the second-largest city in the country. the name "rothenburg ob der tauber" means, in german, "red fortress above the tauber". this is so because the town is located on a plateau overlooking the tauber river. the name "rothenburg" comes from the german words rot (red) and burg (medieval fortified settlement), referring to the red colour of the roofs of the houses which overlook the river.
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I wish these autumn colours could last forever, finland is looking so magical right now! 🍁✨🍂
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New york is opening up to me from different sides now, telling me new stories. real srories, deeper than the usual superficial impressions tourists get when they find themselves in nyc for the first time. this is just great!
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Prague, czech republic
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📍sé de lisboa🇵🇹
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London' s magic ✨
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☃️мy soul is buried on Hammerfest......💙 #kristieisallocentrictourist #norway
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Заметила, что в этой поездке я снимала не так уж и часто, а больше крутила головой по сторонам и смотрела на окружающее меня НЕ через объектив фотоаппарата🤗
Продолжу путевые заметки, вдруг кому-то пригодятся😉

Всю инфу касательно поездки на авто в планируемые страны искала на форуме Винского, а не найдя, гуглила.

Наибольшее моё внимание привлекла тема европейских эко-зон...

И если про экологические зоны в Германии известно давно и процесс приобретения эко-наклейки расписан во всех подробностях, то вот об экологических зонах Бельгии, кроме непосредственно экологической карты, найти что-то конкретное было проблематично.

В-общем, желание поездки вызвало необходимость заниматься разными вопросами и я заморочилась🙈

Знакомые говорят мне вслед "авантюристка"😂

Начну с Германии, подробности в следующем посте...
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Turning 25 in phuket! 🎉🎂
thanks for all the wishes everyone! 😇😇
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Melbourne / australia / 2018

carme pinós’s sculptural design incorporates floating planes resting at angles on elevated points within the park, connecting the mpavilion to the city. the structure’s interconnected shapes bring to mind folded materials like origami. dissolving the linesbetween architecture and urbanism, an ease of relationships is suggested—material, environmental and human.
the design for mpavilion 2018 is an open geometric configuration assembled in two distinct halves supported by a central steel portal frame. two surfaces of timber latticework intersect with each other to form the pavilion’s roof. an altered topography forms three mounds that incorporate seating, allowing a multitude of community-focused experiences: dynamic, spontaneous and collective.
pinós’s design has inspired mpavilion’s program themes which include: building communities, fostering inclusive cities, women in leadership, visual languages: fashion and architecture, regional contexts, and landscape and nature.

useful information:
• the roof is supported on frames made of steel columns and tapered steel beams.
• weather protection is provided by roof panels consisting of corrugated lightpiu greca 28/112 clear polycarbonate sheets sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of abodo vulcan screening thermo timber slats running in opposite directions to form a lattice. a bespoke fabricated gutter will channel water into a downpipe connected to stormwater.
• the two wall panels consist of steel frames clad in the same abodo vulcan thermo timber slats used on the roof and ceiling (no perspex layer).
• tiered seating is formed from steel cage, rock filled gabions with concrete seating plats.
• the floor is finished in recycled soft fall rubber in two contrasting colours.
• the three mounds are formed from earth and polystyrene void formers. the polystyrene is fully encapsulated by soil and galvanized sheeting is applied to the adjoining face of the storeroom walls abutting the mound.
• the mounds are covered in live turf and soft landscaping (plants include acmena ‘green screen’; adenanthos sericeus ‘bronze glow’; adenanthos sericeus ‘silver streak’; adenanthos sericeus ‘platinum’
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📍baixa, lisboa 🇵🇹
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