Jessica Bruneau
4 hours ago
thejesslifeever I thank you, god, for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes - (i who have died am alive again today, and this is the sun's birthday; this is the birth day of life and of love and wings: and of the gay great happening illimitable earth) - how should tasting touching hearing seeing breathing any-lifted from the no of all nothing-human merely being doubt unimaginable you? - (now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are opened) e.e. cummings ************************* the first gift yoga ever gave me was knowing that who i am in this moment is enough, is infinite, is worthy of love. the gift yoga gives me every day is the ability to meet each human being in my life and greet them with: who you are in this moment is enough, is infinite, is worthy of love. namaste 🙏🏻
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7 minutes ago
w_aikins I love my little buddies :) #bestjobever
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Lip Bling by Alicia
12 minutes ago
lipbling.byalicia Here are some beautiful summer color options!! which one is your favorite?? 😘
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Jess May
34 minutes ago
jlm3851 Today i was fortunate enough to share a special moment with a mere stranger. as part of #ydli10 i organized a dairy birthing center at the #fingerlakescheesefestival. after the third calf was delivered i was going to get the bottle to get the calf its first feeding, i overheard a lady on the bench saying how watching the birth was one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen. it stopped me in my tracks and i instinctively asked her if she would like to feed it. she asked if i was serious and when i said yes she lit up and said she would love to. i wish i had gotten her name but as you can see she fed that calf. a few minute into it and after talking about how we care for our animals and life in general i look over and her eyes were full of tears of joy. once the calf was done she hugged me and told me i had provided her with one of the highlights of her life and she's was so grateful. in the end it was me who teared up. it was such a great experience to share my everyday with so many and that lady really hit home. • to say it took a village to pull this off was an understatement. everyone i asked gave what they could- wither the time, equipment, an ear- i hope you all know how much it means, not to just myself, but our consumers as well! • #thisiswhy #farm365 #flxcheesefestival #flx #undeniablydairy #dairygood #farmlife #ydli #milk #dairy #farmher #upstateny #cheese #dairylife #nyag #farmlove #bestjobever #whyifarm
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24 minutes ago
sophiee_lou I am so fortunate to not only love my job, but to work with these amazing people every day. what a brilliant night with some of the best people i know! #destinationhq #stuartforthewin #travel #afta #lovemyjob #aftaawards #travelagent #travellife #bestjobever
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Revive Wellness Center
26 minutes ago
revive_torrance Revive's dr. wu performing a lipogems f*t transfer to the back of the hands. his customized combination techniques are amazing! we can see her transformation in a few weeks!!! #bestteacher #revivewellnesscenter #beauty #summer #lipogems #fattransfer #hands #bestjobever #lookasyoungasyoufeel #discovery #confidence #summer2017
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38 minutes ago
ruth4beauty For those days where i want a little makeup but still have amazing coverage my bb flawless and touch liquid concealer is a must , flawless coverage with a little sunscreen 😎#blessed #beblessed #lovemymakeup #beauty #bbflawless #coverage #coveruptattoo #savemoney #bestdeals #bestprices #bestjobever #beautyaddict #photoofday #photooftoday click on link in bio or dm for color matching .
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Amy Halencakova
43 minutes ago
lilredstattoo Hammerhead shark today. it's a memorial piece for his grandfather. #womenwhotattoo #bestjobever #hammerheadshark #ocean #memorialtattoo
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46 minutes ago
omgyouresoannoying_ugh My girl kaitlynn helping me slay the game journeys #bestjobever #storemanager
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Kyle Robert Eastman
48 minutes ago
kyleroberteastman #blueline#officer#bluelivesmatter#midnights#bestjobever
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Lyndsay Meiklem Dean
51 minutes ago
theveganpotter Another truly amazing day @compassionfest !!! thank you @misstabula you are an inspiration and we are all so blessed to know you and be a part of your events!!! thank you to each and every person we met today, it was an honor and a pleasure to be among my 'vegan tribe'♥️✌🏻🌱
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