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La plus grande gloire n'est pas de ne jamais tomber, mais de se relever à chaque chute.
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Whatever is good for your soul, go for it. 👌🏽
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🌻why bother?
🌻i started because of a simple revelation. i realized that health was everything. everything else didn't matter if i didn't have my health.
🌻wouldn't matter if i had some master plan to build the tallest building in the world.
🌻wouldn't matter if i had some plan to settle on the moon.
🌻wouldn't matter if i had plans to watch the rugrats grow up.
🌻wouldn't matter that i wanna keep making videos.
🌻wouldn't matter if i figured out how to solve world hunger.
🌻nothing. nothing matters if you don't have health.
🌻diet, exercise, and sleep. the top three things in my mind that make up health. the three things that are 100% in our control that directly affects our health. does it mean that once you get your diet proper, your exercise routine up to standard, and sleep quality at maximum that you'll guarantee to have health?
🌻no, absolutely not. it doesn't make us invincible.
🌻but it does maximize our chances of survival. it increases ours chances of recovery, and decreases ours chances of disease.
🌻that's why i bother....
🌻i wanna up my odds of survival. i wanna keep making these daily videos.
🎥daily vlog on igtv!
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You can always find places where is something nutritious, healthy & tasting great, even when you are busy traveling and not so much time to do the research of where to go 🍀
thank you @karolina.karo7 for the best recommendation & amazing quality time. love you ❤😘
↪for all the people in wroclaw - @bez.lukru is a place to visit (vegan friendly, great food)
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There will be those who seek to destroy you and everything you stand for
no matter what, keep building
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If you don’t already know this about me, i’m a huge introvert! growing up i was intimidated to meet new people and be in large groups because of my insecurities - my fear of being in the spotlight, my fear of saying something stupid, my fear of others not liking me. it was hard for me to make new friends when we moved around a lot due to my dad’s job. i didn’t know how to put myself out there and didn’t really want to. i didn’t want to be rejected.
if i was still that person, then meeting these women face to face one month ago would have given me so much anxiety. instead i was excited!!! because i’ve learned to overcome my insecurities and self-doubts. i’ve learned that just because i’m an introvert doesn’t mean that i can’t surround myself with amazing people. in fact, these women have helped me overcome so much and have accepted me as i am - quirks, awkwardness, and all.
that’s why i talk so much about the coaching community feeling like a family. no matter where you’re coming from in life, the women and men who are part of this community welcome you in with open arms. they are the ones who are your biggest encouragers and who believe in you even if you’re not ready to believe in yourself. they are the ones who accept you as you are and don’t judge you. because they know that we all have a greater purpose and that we are stronger together in fulfilling that purpose.
coaching has allowed me to find my people and my place in this world. it has shown me that i can become the best version of myself every day and that i can have an impact on the lives of others. it has shown me that i will always have people who accept me and lift me up.
have you found your people? have you found your place in this world? or are you still searching for something more?
if you’re still searching, then i’d love to have you check out our team of inspiring women and men to find out for yourself just how much stronger we are when we have each other. ❤️
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Go for a vision and don’t stop until you achieve it. my goal has been to build my body into a machine. i am always finding new ways to stretch, bend, flex and then integrate that though movement. don’t stop believing. the body is a miraculous wonderful creation. #bodymotivation #dontstop #nevergiveup #bodymovement #dance #fitspo #fitspiration #fitness #discover #discipline #progressnotperfection #riseandgrind #bodymotivation #bodyconfidence #icandoit #loveyourself #bestversionofme #dedicated #thegrinddoesntstop #eatsleeptrainrepeat #strongerthanyesterday #goals #mindovermatter #dreambig #conquer #fitnessbody #muscles #core #sixpack
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What do you do when there rain and thunder and your all alone?
spend it being productive outside!! 🌧 ☕️ hope everyone is enjoying their saturday morning!
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Happy saturday everyone! 💛
do something that brings you life this weekend.
create, build, inspire, laugh...
feed your soul.
wash away the negativity you may have experienced from the week...the stress, disappointment & negativity...forget about the comparisons...forget about the ideals vs reality state...
be you & no one else. the only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday. 💛

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If any of you have been following the smith's summer vacation, you may have noticed that camden has pretty much worn the same outfit every single day.

cadence was this same age when she wore her eep costume (the croods) for 3 weeks straight.
does anyone have a similar experience? what age was your child and who did they love to emulate? comment below and/or post a picture a tag me 😊
the next available challenge group begins july 30!!! this one is perfect for the busy/working mom... but all incredible chicks are welcome!!!! message me for details!
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Do life with those that inspire you, lift you up when you are down and make you a better version of yourself 💕so grateful for my arbonne tribe .
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Bonfires, cruises, ✈️ rides, crafts, new places, muddy races, waterfall climbing, house slumber parties, sweat, tears & so so many laughs! 💕 4 years ago i said yes to a journey because i was drowning in my anxiety, depression and didn’t even know who i really was anymore. my title of wife and mom took me over and i was so lost. i was looking at all these photos while cleaning out my phone and i can’t believe how our life has changed! all i wanted was to loose some weight and feel better about myself. i thought that would take away the daily anxiety attacks and bring me back to life. when my marriage turned into “roommates” i knew there needed to be a lot more to change. i had no idea i would find an actual community of people that just loved! like really!! my whole life i tried to be whatever i thought everyone wanted me to but these people taught me to just be me & how! they aren’t just my fitness friends they are my family for life. they have helped me grow closer to god, grow a strong marriage, grow belief in myself & keeps my accountable for it all 🤗 and as a coach i get to share it with others to bless them!
have you ever wondered about what it is i actually do, maybe even how it could impact your life... well just drop a comment below or send me a pm and join us sunday at 8:30pm est/ 5:30pm az time to learn more about this amazing opportunity.
our job is to share our blessings with others, will you let me share mine with you!? 🙌💕
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Post calgary stampede recovery... you had fun, enjoyed all the sights, sounds and delicacies of the midway - now its time to put away the cowboy boots, and hats and get back to you!
let us help you help yourself.

contact us... ☎️ - 1.844.866.3439 📧 - info@modifybody.ca
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