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"may i never forget the good things he has done for me." psalm 103:2⁠⠀
i wonder if we'll ever know how many good things god has done for us? the answered prayer. the joy of his presence. the peace in our soul after (or during) a difficult season.⁠⠀
these are tremendous blessings. it is good for our soul to meditate on them. to cherish them deep in our heart.⁠⠀
i think that's why we see people in the bible creating memorial stones. they encountered god in a profound way, and they wanted to remember.⁠⠀
they didn't have journals to record their thoughts, so they piled stones on top of each other. every time they passed that way again they would remember his goodness. the pile of stones was a visual reminder of god's faithfulness.⁠⠀
i think it's important to find ways to do this in our own life. for me, the regular habit of journaling has been a great help. i often reflect on god's faithfulness in these times. it's especially evident when i go back over past journal entries, which i often do on my yearly retreat. ⁠⠀
as i read through my thoughts and prayers from the past year, i can see god so clearly at work! i see longings fulfilled. i see difficulties resolved. i see his faithfulness woven through every detail of my life.⁠⠀
another way i see this at work is through worship. there is a song i heard recently with the simple line.. "all my life you have been faithful." as i heard that verse, tears welled in my eyes. ⁠⠀
i thought of all the difficult times over the past few years, and saw his faithfulness shining through all of them. my heart worshipped his goodness. ⁠⠀
it doesn't mean everything has been easy. but this song affirmed a deep truth that unleashed a wave of gratitude in my heart. it increased my faith.⁠⠀
what about you? how do you remember the good things god has done for you? ⁠⠀
please share in the comments below! ⁠⠀
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John 3:30
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Love the lord your god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.
deuteronomy 6:5 niv
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Amen if you agree...
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“for i hold you by your right hand— i, the lord your god. and i say to you, ‘don’t be afraid. i am here to help you.” isaiah‬ ‭41:13‬
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