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I turned into a bday hostess for the weekend thwt included 80$ of frozen apps from target. and so much booze

but i think i did okay lol
drinking so much i diddnt even wanna eat a ton so that’s a win?? 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ woke up wanting to be back how i felt a few days ago, being consistent wit eating and my workouts
so herr i go!! you only loose if u quit or some s**t right ?! i’ll count it as fuel for this #fitnessblender workout i’m about to do
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My health motto is: fail to plan, plan to fail .
every weekend i my my meal plan and head to the store to fill up my fridge. and i prep it all on sundays. if you want to stay on track and avoid temptations, plan for it. it’s so important to eat clean before a big holiday. .
do you weekly meal plan?
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when it’s not a fresh monday morning.
try again.
when it’s not a brand new year.
try again.
when it’s not a shiny new offer.
try again.
these may not strike you as big choices at important times with hefty price tags.
they’re just moments, seemingly fleeting.
but they present you with something paramount. they lay out before you a fork in the road.
and in this place, you can choose.
you can show up.
or you can give up.
not just at 12:01 am.
not just on january 1.
not just on monday.
not to look good for a special time in the future.
not to look good for a special someone else.
you can choose to show up or give up.
when no one is watching.
at no particular time.
on any given day.
wait for no one.
wait for no thing.
your time is now.
your person is you.
and there’s something else … the effect of all those choices.
the compound effect of not giving up, the cumulative product of showing up.
moment after moment, day after day.
a moment may feel like nothing. until it turns into something.
and then?
and then it’s everything. and then what you thought was a dream worth waiting to begin is already here.
before you know it.
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❤️ best. day. ever. ❤️
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Although i have had this ig account for many years, i have only used it to creep on various eating disorder and diet accounts. i have been an active bulimic for half of my life. there is no story, diet, body check photo, or number on the scale that you could shock me with. this isn't a competition. now in my 30s i am accepting that to waste more time on such a useless, yet demanding and all controlling addiction cannot be an option anymore. i love life too much to live it this way, and u should feel that way too. get p****d off at your addiction. wake up every morning to fight even when you're tired. even when u want to engage in the destructive behaviors that allow you to fly numbly on auto pilot. let's see where this journey takes us, shall we? that being said, just a protein drink after a morning work out. protein drinks have always been a safe source of calories for me so i figured it would be a good way to begin.
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⚠️c.a.u.t i.o.n⚠️ __

side effects of working out include:
🔹instant mood boost
🔸increase in strength and flexibility
🔹relieves stress
🔸better quality sleep
🔹increase in self confidence
🔸strengthens and boosts your immune system
🔹improves your memory
🔸makes you feel happy 😊
🔹️more energy ⚡
i know what it's like to not want to work out... it can feel like a chore and just another thing i have to do. when i was teaching group ex, this became my everyday reality. i dreaded going. but...once i was there and started moving my body, something happened. i started to feel all the things above.⬆️
so i shifted my mindset. instead of looking at it like i had to do it to lose weight or to work off my binge from last night, i started to focus on how i felt. it became more about self care💜💙
and that changed everything.
i am curious, do you workout regularly? if you do, share with me why.👇💜👟🚴‍♀️
if you are struggling with finding the time or motivation, share with me in the comments below👇💙 __

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Going through a phase of eating pickle, grilled cheese and veggie spread on toast for breakfast 😝 don’t knock it till you’ve tried it i guess. i’m just obsessed with anything pickled in general 🙈 have to finish this massive write up today so praying that i don’t get too distracted at any point 🙏🏼🙏🏼
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haven’t gone to the gym in the last 2 nights 😅 gonna start off the week strong.
also weigh in tmw morning 😳
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So maybe being healthy is not determined by how your body looks. maybe it’s about doing the work to love your body the way it and begin to embrace health. maybe it’s not about losing pounds but losing emotional weight. the weight that tells you you aren’t good enough the way you are?

what if? learning to live a life that feels right to you. taking care of your family and yourself with healthy food options. loving you where you are. what if that’s being healthy?
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No matter how hard we try, that “void” never fills up.
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Not impressed with myself. #sortitout #fuckingtwat #bingeeater #eatmyemotions #🤦🏼‍♀️
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Let’s talk about self control- or a lack thereof. shopping, binge eating, playing video games, even sleeping. i do all of those in excess. and i’m consciously aware that i need to moderate them, but i just, can’t. if i see something i like and want, i may not get it right away, but it won’t leave my thoughts. i’ve even dreamt about buying and owning things(clothes/art/toys/etc) and when i wake up i just have to find away to own them. i’ll say “okay, i’m only eating half of this” and after one bite i just dont stop. or like, i’ll get cravings for something, and eating something else in it’s place wont satisfy me, and even if a whole week goes by i’ll have the craving until i eat it. like it feels like i have knots in my gut when that happens. i really try my best to not want thing.. why am i like this? i want to stop, i really do. i know it’s my fault, but it’s not my fault! i even tried talking to my psychiatrist about it, but that conversation didn’t seem to be going anywhere productive. they say it takes 21 says to break a habit, but how long does it take to gain self control...? #foodforthought #control #selfcontrol #lookscanbedeceiving #mindovermatter #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #depression #ugh #help #sendhelp #bingeeating #bingeeater #cravings #iwannabeskinny #food #ilovefood #why #whytho #whyamilikethis
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Afternoon coffee and a snack with my mom at @woolworths_sa @sandtoncitymall. i had the kiddies yoghurt and fruit (yes i know, twice in a day). it was double cream acai yoghurt with a small portion of fruit - apple and strawberries. as far as i'm concerned this was a better choice than cake - which i had my eyes firmly set on. .
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A quick tesco dash i was happy to stock up on some fruits and veg. but now after news that my daughter's uncle has been knocked off his bike and not gained consciousness and the news generally not looking to good........ i just want to swap this for multiple bars of chocolate. 😭😭😔. #fruitshop #berriesarethebest #berries #sadnews #bingeeater #emotionaleater #gonnastruggletonight #prayingforgoodnews #slimmingworld #slimmingworldplan #slimmingworldmafia
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Great things happen when your mind tells you to give up and you keep pushing!! .
i wanted to give up so many times during that workout and then i told the negative committee in my head to sit down and shut up 🤐. i modified a big portion of the moves but i never stopped. and i’m not going to stop until i reach where my goals and i’m going to fight like hell to stay there. .
are you ready to start??? join me: coachaprileve@gmail.com
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Up and out, i love grocery shopping early morning when it’s empty 🛒 .
what’s inside your cart? 💕
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