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Last night i had a massive binge, i didn't taste or enjoy what i was eating it was shovelled in, i wasn't going to share this but it's a part of the journey and one that doesn't just disappear for many people who struggle with weight issues in whatever form.
i'm just going to continue forward and try not to beat myself up about it.
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credits: @marcinevin(@save.repost )how often do you find yourself going through the day with a glass half empty mindset? you focus on how tired you are, everything you have to do, the traffic you’re sitting in, the person who did you wrong. it’s so easy to get caught up in the negative, but all that does is keep you in that place. # yet despite all the stressors and triggers life throws our way, there are so many simple things we can do on a daily basis to switch our energy from negative to positive. if you’re looking for ways to elevate your mood and increase your happiness, give some of these tips a try. # at this point, i pretty much sound like a broken record with how much i talk about the importance of getting enough sleep, eating a nutrient dense diet, and moving every day. # but feeling good on a daily basis goes beyond those things, which we really should be doing anyway just to maintain our health. i’ve found that achieving a state of happiness and fulfillment comes from focusing on bringing more meaning to your life overall. whether that’s challenging yourself to learn something new or step out of your comfort zone, or be in service to another person by expressing random acts of kindness or just lending a listening ear. # how you think and feel literally creates your state of being, so there are things you can do from an energetic standpoint to feel lighter and more peaceful. smiling and laughing, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, speaking kindly to yourself, and releasing the grudges you hold can immediately turn your mindset from negative to positive.
⭐️ #themoreyouknow -
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A wife serves healthy food and her husband groans. the story of every indian household. add nutralite's zero-cholesterol goodness to your husband's regular meal to make it heart-healthy and tasty! kyunki with nutralite, ab #dilbhimaanjaaye! #worldheartday .
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Who else can relate ? tag someone who needs this !
let’s get a bit deep with ‘the guilt mode’.
so miss x (the cutie who had the whole box of cookies and half of her fridge.) :
had too much food.
fucked up her :
* diet * digestive/gut health* pooping patterns.
* fatloss progress.
(due to ‘over eating’ highly processed f****d up food)
* might get that looser-is depressed feeling.
* might trigger binge eating disorder/you might have it already (i had one, till october 2017. now it’s sorteddd. can’t thank @brownboyaesthetics enough for helping me with that. 
a lot of my clients/‘failed dieters’ have it. it’s an issue, we can deal with it. by working as a team. #teamyvs <3. requires a lot of understanding and patience but can be fixed with perseverance!)

try skipping that cookie or whatever delicacy you crave for.
trust me, the ‘pride’ you get from skipping is 100 times better and long lasting than the taste. :)
and if you feel that the cookie is worth it, have it, without guilt, try to stop at ‘one’ cookie.
we are humans, humans make mistakes. s****d humans, repeat mistakes —
be smart like #teamyvs.
or maybe join #teamyvs ?
mail us at trainedbyyvs@gmail.com or dm.
yvs. #trainedbyyvs #teamyvs #educateanddominate #guilt #cookie #cleaneating #guthealth #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #overeating #fatloss #diet #nutrition #eatingdisorderrecovery #fatloss #transformation
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#fridaymood .. savouring on this mouth watering cheesy garlic bread @brikovenblr .
definitely one of the best pizzerias in town! their bread is so fresh & soft, i could literally finish this whole dish by myself 🙃🙃.
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Six stack of pancakes 🥞 for breakfast this morning! i top mine with maple syrup mostly. but they are even better with lemon curd and berry compote 😍

i am literally counting down the days until i’m free from uni 🙏 and i can’t wait until i get to fly to canada for my ski trip 🎿
my friend is organising a massive halloween party because it coincides with when our thesis finishes! and i have a feeling we are all going to be a little worse for wear after 😅

but having these plans is my version of self care. planning these experiences remind me of why i chose #recovery
we deserve to live our lives and to form memories. i hate that i spent years preoccupied by my ed. wasted years and wasted opportunities. life isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable.
ask yourself which has more pros; recovery or ed?
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Hey na 😌 !
aller aller aller liebstes ddr gericht ? definitiv jägerschnitzel 😍 - sowas simples aber leckeres. und auch ganz bezaubernd in den kalorien, nicht !
aber so what, es passt in mein defizit und deshalb darfs auch gegessen werden 😜.
kennt ihr ddr jägerschnitzel ? klar dad normale mit pilzsoße und schweineschnitzel kenn ich auch, aber das hier ist eben heimatküche 😂 - was kennt ihr so für ddr rezepte ?
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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3 choices: you could give up, give in, or give it your all. what are you choosing today?
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Agora ta na moda ver no insta fotos de pratos "dele" e "dela".
em um senso comum homem come mais que mulher, afinal gasta mais kcal, possui um metabolismo mais rápido e tem mais testosterona.. todavia, a necessidade nutricional individual depende muito mais que o fator gênero. depende também do fator idade, altura, atividade física, genética, se a mulher está gestante ou não...
não dá simplesmente para padronizar tudo. todos temos dias em que acordamos com mais fome e outro com menos. nosso corpo sabe do que precisamos! aprenda a ouvir ele! ♥️
eu, por exemplo, como mais que meu namorado. se eu fosse comer menos, estaria passando fome e ferrando todo meu metabolismo e organismo. cada um, cada um!
ps: isso não se encaixa para quem quer hipertrofia. quem quer isso, deve seguir a dieta nutricional direitinho e comer além da sua fome, não escutando seu corpo.
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Happy monday! create your own happiness this week bellas!! 😊❤️✨
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When it comes to food and binge eating......😁😁😁
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🔵nikotinentzugssyndrom (tabak) (f17.3)
🔹die grundkriterien findet ihr im ersten post zum entzugssyndrom.
🔹die details:
a.🔸g1-g3 treffen zu
b.🔸2 der folgenden symptome
a.🔻starkes verlangen (craving) nach tabak (oder anderen nikotin enthaltenden produkten)
b.🔻krankheitsgefühl oder schwäche
d.🔻dysphorische stimmung
e.🔻reizbarkeit oder ruhelosigkeit
f.🔻insomnie (schlafstörung)
h.🔻vermehrter husten
i.🔻ulzerationen (geschwür) der mundschleimhaut
🔹gibt es dazu fragen? an alle raucher: könnt ihr die symptome bestätigen?
🔹hier gibt’s sicher einige, die mal raucher waren. was hat euch geholfen mit dem rauchen aufzuhören? es wäre großartig, wenn wir in den kommentaren 👇👇👇tipps für alle, die gerne #nichtraucher werden wollen, sammeln könnten. ich kann da leider null aus erfahrung sprechen, da ich noch nie in meinem leben an ner zigarette gezogen habe😀.
🔹habt einen tollen abend🙋‍♀️ #rauchen #rauchentwöhnung #selbstständig #selbstständigkeit #worklifebalance #nikotin #zigarette #raucherpause #zigaretten #ezigarrete
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8 dni.
snidane: vlocky, lzice jogurtu, lzicka nutely, pulka bananu, 5g slun. seminek
svacina: jablko, pulka bananu
obed: tortila plnena kurecim masem a zeleninou
svacina: 2 bezlepkove trubicky alaska
vecere: salat z repy, rajcat, susenych rajcat, oliv, papriky,cukety,cibule, zalivky z jogurtu + kaiserka
pohyb: asi 5 hodin v laboratori, 1 h jumping

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I'm tired, a little foggy and have yesterday's eyeliner smeared under my eyes. 😂 after a couple bingeing episodes the past few weeks, i decided to change up my diet. i've switched from a very carb heavy diet to low carb and am making sure to eat more often so i don't want to binge. from what i can tell i may be experiencing a mild keto flu. today is day 3. also, have only 1 more day of 80d phase 1, excited to move on to phase 2 and finish 2018 strong. #weightloss #weightlossjourney #lchf #lowcarb #ketoflu #80dayobsession #fat2fit #progress #bingeeating #slowprogressisstillprogress
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I've put off posting this, for many reasons. but instead of listing all the reasons i hate the picture, i'm going to start off by saying i put on a bathing suit for the first time this year and enjoyed pool time with my kids. i felt like crawling out of my own skin, but my husband couldn't keep his hands off me.
these last few months have been very h*****n me, mentally and physically. my body is rejecting my piercings, i'm unable to wear my wedding rings, i'm covered in acne cysts and i'm probably back up close to 200lbs, but thankfully my scale is broken so i don't have to face that.
so with that said, i don't need people telling me i look great right now, because that just encourages the unhealthy habits i have going on right now. i just need positivity, and motivation to move forward. i want november to be better, i need it to be better. 🖤

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Chicken tortilla soup and low carb tortilla chips. made it in the crockpot, super easy and filling. 3 chicken breast, chicken broth, can of rotel, can of corn, can of black beans, taco seasoning, chopped onion, chopped pepper, and a little bit of cream cheese to make it better 🤷🏼‍♀️ cause its cheese! #selflove2018 #loseitapp #progressnotperfection #freggies #intuitiveeating #beatingbingeeatingdisorder #bingeeating #backrods #bodypositivity #freggies #healthyatanysize #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #portioncontrol #curvywomen #lifestylechangeinprogress
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Guess whos back ladies and gentlemen lolol ive lost some weight and im back to lose moooreee. im super duper motivated. so now im doing first 10 days of abc. i actually completed the last diet and now im ready to do more. i didn’t bring lunch today only coffee but then my friend made me have that snickers bar(80calories) i mean. w*f 80 calories for one freaking bite? thats craaazyy. but i still ate it. and my coffee was around 15-20calories. so lunch total:100
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We all crave things in life but have you ever stopped to think what are you really hungry for?

it’s so easy for life to take over. we spend our time juggling jobs, families and homes. we put other people’s needs before our own. our days can seem monotonously routine as we follow the clock and follow the schedule.
sometimes we give so much of ourselves that we become empty.

we lose ourselves.

we don’t know who we are anymore or what we want.
we start to believe we aren’t good enough. that we’re not thin enough. not toned enough. not this enough. not that enough.

we go on one more diet hoping to find the elusive destination of slimness believing that will hold all the answers to the unsatisfied feelings we are carrying
yet with each diet 'failure', we fall even further away from our true selves and have even more ammunition to beat ourselves up for not trying hard enough and not being disciplined enough
in order to find the answer as to how you can find your food freedom and be a 'normal' eater, you have to change what you have always done, which means looking at this from a totally different perspective.
i have coached hundreds of women across the globe to find their food freedom by helping them realise the really reasons and causes as to why they are eating in the way they are and then helping them understand how they can change those behaviours faster than they realise.
the food freedom masterclass, my signature 10 week program, is re-open! i will walk you through the 8 steps to take you from food obsessed diet j****e to 'normal' eater. join before october 19th and save £200!!! click on the link in the bio to find out more and to join me
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🌺 workshop in münchen 🌺
du kämpfst seit jahren mit deinem körper? hast das gefühl völlig abgeschnitten von ihm zu sein? fühlst dich vollkommen unwohl und peitscht ihn unbewusst?

dann ist jetzt genau der richtige moment für dich.

ich begleite dich wieder bei dir und in deinem körper anzukommen. dich wieder zu spüren und deine innere schönheit zu erkennen. du wirst spüren, wie sich dein körper mit dir im einklang bewegt. wie ihr beide wieder eins seid. wie die verbindung wieder da ist. wie dich die
signale deines körpers durch dein leben tragen.
es ist zeit die mauern einzureisen. zeit dich wieder zu spüren und zu erkennen.
ich lade dich ein, wieder bei dir zu hause in deinem tempel anzukommen. deine schranken zu öffnen und in dich hinein zu spüren.
es ist dein leben. und es ist zeit deine schönheit zu fühlen und zu genießen.

was fühlst du in deinem herzen? bist du bereit für diese erfahrung?

ich freue mich auf dich ♥️🌺🙏 workshop am 8.11.18 von ca. 18-21 uhr
energieausgleich 25 €
link für die anmeldung in der bio oder direkt hier.

du hast noch fragen oder kannst an dem termin nicht?
melde dich gerne bei mir ♥️ #bodyexperience #deinkörper
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For about a year + a half i've dealt with some pretty wicked stomach issues. still haven't found the cause and i've tried so.many.things. cutting out dairy, going vegan, low fat, cutting out refined sugar, no caffeine, etc. i'll be fine for a few weeks and then i get "episodes" for about three days straight. it feels like a mix of being stabbed & labor contractions that last for 15 minutes straight. i can't stand up, i can't walk, i'm profusely sweating, i have to puke, and all i can do is sit in the pain until it goes away. 😣

i started having another episode a few days ago and decided to try my digize oil and see if this whole oil thing could *really* work. i rubbed two drops on my stomach when i could feel the pain rising. in about a minute i could feel the oil absorbing, almost like a slight icy hot feel but relaxing too. after 5 minutes, the pain had definitely subsided and all i could feel was a slight sensitive stomach, but i could walk, talk, and felt like myself again.

nothing has ever helped like this before. i told connor that i could cry because of how long i've been dealing with these issues and have had no relief. i don't sell these oils so i'm just trying to come at you with an honest experience. if any of you deal with tummy issues, please try digize! still trying to get to the root of my stomach issues, but for now, this will stay with me in my collection. 😭✨✨✨
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Do you know how refreshing not worry about food❓ you, probably don’t.
many who do not suffer or who have not witnessed a individual with an eating disorder will not understand this. my parents didn’t understand it for years. they did not understand that an eating disorder is a mental health illness 🧠. they did not understand, that i hadn’t chosen this way of life 🤷🏼‍♀️. they did not understand, how my life was being ruined 😔. they did not understand, how my mind was so consumed by food that it was getting in the way of my everyday life 🚶🏼‍♀️. but if i’m completely honest i didn’t see that either. i wasn’t aware of my eating disorder until i stood in the shower one day and was on the verge of a breakdown.
i’m a few years into recovery now and i can say my relationship with food hasn’t been this great for a good 🔟 years! i am finally at the stage that i am able to reflect and see how my eating disorder: is a mental health illness, it is not a choice ❌ and it is a life ruiner. do not get me wrong, recovery is hard and you do have to stay on the ball 99.5% of the time even when you think you’ve recovered. i’ve relapsed ✌🏼 with my eating disorder, the second time i had a whirl at binge eating and it’s no fun. all the tears, all the uncomfortable experiences that i put myself into was worth it, recovery is worth it. i never thought i’d not count and weight everything piece of food i ate, right down to single lettuce leaves 🥗, i never thought i’d be able to eat sweet food without feeling guilt 🍭🍦🍿🍫, i never thought i’d be able to go out and eat at restaurant and enjoy it 🍽, i never thought i’d be able to go away without filling my suitcase with low calorie foods and i never thought i would love food like i do! happy 🌈.
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People with binge-eating disorder lose control over their eating. unlike bulimia nervosa, periods of binge-eating are not followed by purging, excessive exercise, or fasting. as a result, people with binge-eating disorder often are overweight or obese. binge eating disorder is not the same as overeating, as it is recurrent and more serious. ⚠️warning signs:
🔸️an overwhelming sense of lack of control regarding eating behavior
🔸️eating unusually large amounts of food in a short amount of time
🔸️eating even when you're full or not hungry
🔸️eating until you're uncomfortably full
🔸️eating 'normal' quantities in social settings, and bingeing when alone
🔸️low self-esteem and embarrassment over
physical appearance
🔸️feeling extremely distressed, upset and anxious during and after a binge episode
🔸️fear of the disapproval of others
🔸️self harm or suicide attempts
🔸️guilt, self disgust, anxiety, depression

الأشخاص الذين يعانون من اضطراب الإفراط في تناول الطعام يفقدون السيطرة على تناول الطعام. وعلى عكس الشره المرضي العصبي ، فإن فترات الأكل بنهم لا تتبعها عمليات تطهير أو تمرين مفرط أو صيام. ونتيجة لذلك ، فإن الأشخاص الذين يعانون من اضطراب الإفراط في تناول الطعام غالباً ما يعانون من زيادة الوزن أو السمنة. اضطراب الشراهة عند تناول الطعام لا يتشابه مع الإفراط في تناول الطعام ، لأنه متكرر وأكثر خطورة
⚠️إشارات تحذير:
🔸️شعور غامر بعدم السيطرة على سلوك تناول الطعام
🔸️تناول كميات كبيرة غير معتادة من الطعام في فترة زمنية قصيرة
🔸️تناول الطعام حتى عندما تكون ممتلئًا أو غير جائع
🔸️الأكل حتى تكون ممتلئًا بشكل غير مريح
🔸️تناول الكميات "الطبيعية" في البيئات الاجتماعية ، وشراهة عند الوحده
🔸️انخفاض احترام الذات والحرج على المظهر الجسدي
🔸️الشعور بالاكتئاب الشديد والضيق والقلق أثناء وبعد حفلة
🔸️الخوف من رفض الآخرين
🔸️الأذى الذاتي أو محاولات الانتحار
🔸️الشعور بالذنب ، والاشمئزاز الذاتي ، والقلق ، والاكتئاب
#nutrition #health #diet #healthyweight #eatingdisorder #bingeeating #wellness #eatingdisorderawareness #تغذية_صحية #دايت #اضطراب #الاكل #الشراهة #صورة #الجسم #تقبل #الذات
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Monday #mythbusters about #intuitiveeating 🍓🥑🍣🥞🍫🥙🍕
myth: intuitive eating works for everybody
there are times when people benefit from nutritional guidance and that’s okay! intuitive eating is a great long term goal, however if you’re not there yet and you value direction with your nutrition, i support you! 🤗
i (like many) demonized carbs during my battle with #orthorexia. learning how to eat for performance was so valuable for me (thank you #iifym). this knowledge lead me into intuitive eating feeling confident and well versed about food as energy 💪🏻
some people follow a meal plan or minnie maud for a period of time in anorexia recovery. if this is helpful for them, it’s not up to strangers on the internet to say their choices are wrong. also, look at all the people who don’t have eating disorders but have no idea where to start with nutrition! a qualified nutrition professional can provide them with a lot of valuable insight 🥗🍝
#truth: whether you are recovering from an eating disorder, getting into fitness and wanting to learn how to fuel your body, are a competitive athlete, have reasonable body composition goals, are struggling with health issues and need to make some nutritional changes to support your health, etc it’s actually okay to seek guidance from a reputable nutrition professional 😄
always do your due diligence first. steer clear of fad diets and gimmicks. feel free to dm me anytime for referrals for qualified professionals ♥️♥️♥️
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I know you’ve done many amazing things in your life. but i bet you’ve got some pretty big dreams you’re still chasing, too! ⠀
i’m not saying that you aren’t enough exactly as you are right now. ⠀
trust me, you are enough. right now.⠀
but if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking to level up. ⠀
that’s what having big dreams is all about!⠀
it’s not about beating yourself up for not being there yet. it’s about getting inspired about next-level you right now. and acting as if you’re there already!⠀
first, you need to know what your next big dream is. you need to envision what next level you looks like.⠀
then ask yourself: what does the upgraded version of me do every day? ⠀
where does she go?⠀
what does so do with her days?⠀
who does she hang out with?⠀
how does she relate to herself and to others?⠀
(or he, if you’re a guy reading this :) )⠀
today, take a moment. envision the next big step in your life. then answer these questions, and pick one way you can embody one of your answers right now. ⠀
tell me, what is one thing you can to today to start living as if your new life was already here?⠀
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One shocking way to stop binging
let yourself binge.
yep, that was not a typo😂
you're probably thinking what drugs is rachel on right now!?!
but, seriously. when i was trying to stop binging eventually i sort of "gave up", and i stopped trying so hard to resist it.
i knew all the efforts i was making weren't working, and i was just continuing to binge...so i figured i might as well embrace it?🤷‍♀️
i gave myself 1 rule: if i was going to binge, i was going to atleast enjoy it. instead of standing over the counter shoving s**t in my mouth and hardly tasting it, i forced myself to make a plate of all the foods i wanted to eat, i sat down, and i was present. i forced myself to eat slowly, and actually taste my food. i wanted to make the best of the situation, so i decided i was going to enjoy myself as much as possible.
this one change, was a huge part of how i stopped binge eating (along with becoming f*t adapted). without the feelings of shame and guilt, the urges to binge went away.
do you feel stuck in a binge/overeating cycle? i help women to break the cycle, find freedom with food, and create a body they love every day. spot for october are 100% full.
i am currently taking applications for coaching to start in november, only 3 spots available. send me a message for details or apply though the link in my bio❤
#fatadaptedbabe #fabprocess
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