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🌻 look familiar? #breakfastfordinner my tried and true favorite... fried radishes with bacon 😍 but i changed it up today after hearing someone yesterday say that they like sour cream in their scrambled eggs... 1tblsp scrambles in is a game changer! 😍.
also who else loves pickles jalapeños? πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️.
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#transformationtuesday these are 1 year apart. slow and steady wins the race... i'm slow but getting steadier πŸ˜‰ 36kgs loss, unfathomable gainβœŒπŸ’™
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Wow am i awful at this or what?
but hey! girl situation worked out πŸ˜‰ which means i'm kinda g*y now! i never been g*y before.... i haven't been eating well. or much. somedays i binge, some days i eat hardly anything. please stick with me through this weird time in my life. i will get back on track. i will get back to daily positing. i will be weighing in weekly again.
thanks for the love!
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Day one or one day... the choice is completely up to you!
stop making excuses for why you can’t reach your goals before you even try! if you don’t try, then you’ll never know what could have been.
it may not come easy, but you are worth it!πŸ’•
so stop making excuses for yourself, look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself you can accomplish anything. then do just that! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
and if you need the extra push, shoot me a message! i’d love for you to join me and my girls these next 3 weeks as we end the year better than we started! cheers to day one!!
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It’s been a rough few days. -

the med school cycle continues. it’s getting later and later and i’m worried that i won’t land an acceptance anywhere. it weighs on me. my heart skips a beat whenever my email pings but it’s never any interview invites. my mood has been less than great lately. i feel s****d and like i should have tried harder in undergrad. i feel like everyone has their life under control and i’m just running around like a chicken with my head cut off. -
eating has been pretty good. i’m down almost 20 pounds since october. no ones really noticed yet but i’m hoping it’ll become more obvious soon. of course, that brings in all the harmful diet culture dialogue where i need to be affirmed that i am healthy and “looking good”. -
since i’m a terrible poet- this is a poem called “instructions for a bad day” by @shane_koyczan . i’ve listened to this on my darkest days and it always makes me cry and somehow feel just a little bit better.
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On receiving
at a retreat a month ago a mentor of mine asked us to write in our journals, what we wanted to be recognized for.  i immediately felt resistance to this and noticed a tightness in my body.  my mentor reflected to me that if i had resistance to recieving acknowledgment, how could i receive all the gifts from the universe?

how could i be open and receptive to receiving all the goodness of life. abundance (or lack there of aka. scarcity) was a theme for me that trip, especially when it came to finances. i've observed how this shows up in my relationship too. how it prevents me from recognizing when my partner is giving to me, and acknowledging and appreciating him for it.

the funny thing is, i've noticed the more i acknowledge him for the beautiful ways in which he does show up, the more he shows up. we see this in relationships all the time, so what if we also started to acknowledge and truly feel grateful for other things we receive in life like money, our home, exactly where we are in our journey, lessons, compliments, etc.

to me, being open to receiving had meant being vulnerable to getting hurt. we can't receive with a closed heart, and mine was closed. it's a practice to open our hearts and live fully from this space because it can mean pain and heartbreak. it also means we get to feel more and more of our depths of love.

when our heart is closed it's easy to default to the mind, which we know is rooted in fear and scarcity. we get to be so intentional about also looking at the other end of the spectrum of possibilities. what does the idea of receiving feel like in your body?
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With so much going on in life between #homeschool and #hospice i have fallen back into old unhealthy habits. separating my eating from my emotions has been an uphill battle but i have decided to take another approach. i am not going to wait till things settle down because the fact is that #life never truly settles. with that being said, here is to becoming a diamond under the pressure. #diamond #pressure #tired #weight #weightloss #motivationmonday #motivation #stress #weightgain #family #motherhood #twins #twinmom #homeschoolmom #homeschooling #journey #themotherineeded #eatingdisorderrecovery #effyourbeautystandards #healthy #bingeeating #watchme #work #hope #hopefulquotes #hopeless #strength
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In eating disorder recovery, food is—and will always be—the best form of medicine. πŸ’ŠπŸͺ
link in bio ↖️
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Attention valley ed professionals: let's connect! join vfed for networking and on-going continuing education opportunities. help potential clients fight eating disorders, not traffic! 🚘 vfedpros.org/joinβ €
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find therapists, dietitians, physicians, and more who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating.β €
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Sooo… if you saw my stories you know there are 10 spots now enrolling for my upcoming accountability group.

here’s what you’ll get!

access to all the workouts i’ve been doing for the last few months, plus 800+ more workouts to choose from when you’re finished. a month of my yummy superfood shake. our accountability group where we will all hold each other accountable. meal plans and grocery lists! unwavering support from me! we are doing this together.

let’s do ittttt! comment an emoji below and i’ll send you more details!
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On thanksgiving, i usually have pumpkin pie for dessert, for breakfast the next day and then again at least another time before "thanksgiving time" is over. πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ this year i only had one piece for some reason (drew, you know what i'm talking about) - my 2 year old needed a little extra attention and kept me too busy to be stuffing my face.
i have wondered why i crave pumpkin pie like crazy sometimes, thinking maybe i had some kind of body deficiency that needed
a certain vitamin in pumpkins, so of course i looked it up and it's as simple as: it's fall and you crave cozy foods associated with fall. i know it's on the tail end of pumpkin-flavor season, but i still have not had
my fix and the way i see it, i have about 10 days to settle this craving before winter kicks in and i move on to something else. β˜ƒοΈβ˜ƒοΈβ˜ƒοΈ now - just have to figure out where to get the perfect piece!

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hey ich lieben,
ich bin gut in meiner wohnung angekommen. wir haben heute montag und ich schlafe heute die zweite nacht in meiner wohnung.
mir geht es wirklich sehr sehr gut.
ich hatte für heute eigendlich nen fa geplant, dann sahs ich auf meinem balkon und dachte mir so. ich nö! ich habe keine bock die schweren einkauftüten zu tragen. keine bock dieses scheiß schlechte gewissen wegen des geldes zu haben. kein bock in alles hecktick irgendwelche billigen fertigprodukte zuzubereiten. kein bock mir 75 minuten irgendeinen scheiß reinzuhauen, wo die hälfte sowieso nur sachen sind auf die ich garkein bock habe ( weil ich was brauche das mich mich "füllt" was billig ist). und mich dann mich dann wie ein aufgeblasener luftballon, mit schmerzen zu klo zu quälen und dan gefühlte egwikeiten über diesem scheiß klo zu hängen. völlig müde und ko. kein bock auf das egkelig deckige gefühl.
nein ich hätte einfach kein bock. nun gut den drang zu fressen hatte doch ein wenig. aber ich habe mir gedacht was bringt es mir wenn ich das jetzt wieder mache. danach bisst du auch nicht "statt", deine seele ist nicht satt. und wenn du jetzt wie ein normaler mensch was zu essen kaufen gehst und einfach nur eine normal portion isst wirst du zwar auch nicht "satt" (seelisch) aber du müsstest nicht kotzen gehen.
und du kannst dir was machen was nicht einfach nur billig ist und was nicht einfach nur dahingeschlampt ist.
nein ich hätte richtig bock auf nen fischen salat. und den habè ich mir geholt. und es war richtig lecker !!!
es fiel mir nicht leicht. und ich stuggel die ganze zeit mit mir. wie bekomme ich das morgen hin. ich mache mir die positiven gedanken und versuche immer in der realität zu bleiben und in den tornade des ich muss jetzt fressen. denn wenn ich einmal da drin bin komme ich nur sehr schwer wieder daraus.
ich wünsche euch noch eine gute nacht und verliehrt nie die hoffnung auch wenn es nur noch so hoffnungslos ausschaut aber es gibt einen weg auf jeder zwickmühle man kann sie finden !

du bist toll !!!
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It's heerrrrreeee!!!! merry christmas to me πŸŽ„ anyone remember those old school stepper workouts with all the leotards and spandex?! 😜 yup, this isn't like that at all.... swipe to see what this workout is all about. i know you have 20 minutes a day πŸ˜‰ message me to try out a sample of this workout absolutely free right now!!!
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last night i binged. i ate so much i felt like i would pop, then i’d do it again 30 mins later. i couldn’t even sleep properly. i had acid reflux and felt so bloated that i had to lay at an incline. i felt horrible, out of control, then i felt awful and ashamed.
i haven’t had a binge eating episode in a long time. in the past when i’d have an episode, i would feel bad for myself, self-shame, and get stuck in the cycle. these days, i seek a healthier response. i’ve let my life get messy and the stress triggered me, so i cleaned it up! i got up, drank a bunch of water, went for a nice walk with my dog, went out to buy a planner to organize my life, fasted for the day, and deeply cleaned and rearranged my room.
now i can sit down at my clean desk and start using my planner to get things in order. i feel really good! tomorrow i’ll be eating as much as i want of whole plant food. nothing processed and dense in nutrients. these episodes are our minds way of trying to cope. it’s a call for help. i’ve discovered that when i respond with compassion inwardly and do what is in my power, plus healthy food, i break the cycle.
this is an area of my life i don’t talk much about. it’s something i’m still a bit insecure about, but i’m not gonna stay silent anymore. there’s nothing to be ashamed of here and i hope that by posting this, others can feel empowered to talk about it too. πŸ’—
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