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Hope. Healing. Health.
Seriously! the scale is just a number! stop letting it define you! if you do, then it is holding power over you, power it was never meant to have! don't give that power away! be the woman who loves herself right where she is! that woman is beautiful, strong, and sexy! she exudes a confidence from within!
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All natural vitamins
Check out 5 of my friends who shared their "before and after" plexus pics! do you see the difference in inflammation?? wow!!! my team is having a plexus slim & ease challenge starting next week on may 2nd! these 2 products together target inflammation in your body! to join the challenge, you need a bag of slim and 2 bottles of ease capsules this week.
chronic inflammation causes soooo many issues in our bodies. could this be you?👇here are a few... #constantfatigue😴
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#jointpain #bodystiffness unexplainable weight gain
#anxiety #sleepdisorders😵
...the list goes on and on!

so, who wants to give these 2 fabulous products a try? maybe you have wondered how a little pink drink can provide so much for so many. well, the best way to find out is to try it yourself!

you don't have to sign any contract, you don't have to sell, you don't have to participate in any way except take the products for 30 days. we will have a group where we will share information about the products, about our bodies and how they get out of balanced, inflamed, and how plexus has changed so much for so many.

so if you have ever wondered if plexus could help you, then this is your chance. it has been life changing for us and it could be for you!! message me, i promise you, i don't bite. 🤪😃 #tryit #feelingbetter #getyourselfback #behealthybehappy #rocknplexuslady #noexcuses #agebackwards
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Kanika Duggal Chugh
When u live for desserts... it's her birthday... #dessertlove #bingeeating #dessertandme
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Breakfast is a sugar free red bull and a luna protein bar (175 cal)
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Brittany Brown✨
Listening to your body: sounds kind of weird and mysterious, doesn’t it? .
but it really is no mystery. intuitive eating is a beautiful and effective tool to help you ditch painful diets, reconnect with your body, and let go of unwanted weight for good.
sounds pretty exciting, right?
intuitive eating is magical--as long as you know how to use it properly! and that’s what this week’s blog post is all about!
join me on the blog for the lowdown on this empowering tool! here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn…
🌟how intuitive eating is different than old-fashioned diets
🌟how using it helps you return to your natural, connected, loving state of being
🌟why it is an effective tool...but using it properly is key
don’t spend another day stuck on the diet rollercoaster--put this empowering practice to work for you, starting right now! let me show you how on this week’s blog!
go to the link in the bio to read this week’s blog post: intuitive eating: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to use it for food freedom forever and weight loss that lasts in just 3 steps!
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Food Freedom Coach
Since i was able to find my food freedom, i am no longer following any food rules.  there are no foods that i label as "treats", "good", or "bad". i listen to my body and make decisions that will satisfy my body's signals and cravings.
what are your "treats"? what foods are you labeling as "good" or "bad"? do you want to actually order those pancakes at brunch and not feel guilty?  do you imagine living a life where food no longer controls your every decision?
sign up for a free consultation where i will help you answer these questions and provide useful feedback.  after the consultation, i also provide accountability over the course of two weeks.  i can't wait to help you!
more on the blog. links for my blog & free sessions are in my bio 💛
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Huge thing that i must learn to do. my entire life i've always cared for others. growing up raising my siblings simce the age of 14 after dad abandoned us, as a adult being a casemanager/social worker who cares for homeless and famalies. honest truth is that taking care of others has become such a huge part of my identity that i feel lost if i'm not needed and feel even more lost when it comes to caring for myself. it's always been easier to shift my energy to fixing other people's problems instead of focusing on myself and fixing what's wrong with me. i can't keep pouring because this cup is already empty.
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Zero to $60000 per month w brittany brown part 2
watch chris record and brittany brown in the penthouse as they talk about succeeding online. join chris record in lifepreneur http://lifepreneur.ontrapages.com - part 1 https://youtu.be/xxrshs1u31k - part 2 https://youtu.be/gnycokvprme href="/tags/lifepreneur">#lifepreneur #brittanybrown #bingeeating #chrisrecord #affiliatemarketing #internetmarketing #onlinemarketing #digitalmarketing #influencemarketing
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19 | Recovery is worth it.
Du bist der wichtigste mensch in deinem leben. du musst für dich sorgen. das wird kein anderer für dich übernehmen.
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Ran 5.5 miles before heading to school
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Vegan•Fitness•Lifestyle Coach
Go back to the last day you can remember never worrying about food. when you were happy, carefree, and had no clue what a macro or calorie even was. no clue what you weighed, or why it would even matter. when exercise seemed silly because you’d rather run around with your friends all day in the sunshine. go back to that time, reconnect with that person. that’s who you are. that’s where your happy is.
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I will love myself today 🌱
Tw: me now bloated as f**k vs me this morning
srsly bloating is such a nasty thing. it‘s so painful and disgusting and i feel like a f*****g 🐳. i‘m struggling with bloating and abdominal pain ever since my anorexia started (so 5 years now and it was still there when i started eating a normal amount again). does anybody have any tips? i have an appointment tomorrow and i‘m going to be tested on intolerances. therefor i was only allowed to eat potatoes for the last 2 days so anorexic thoughts are quiet strong today (as i‘m only allowed consuming a 1200 calories). #bloating
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🥜Daily Food Diary🍇
Ms: sugared donut!!🍩
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Bree Shook | Food Freedom
I👏🏻am👏🏻back👏🏻 honestly, i’ve been struggling for a few months now (not with recovery but in my life in general) but after doing some serious evaluation of my anxiety i’ve figured out just what i needed.
i’m a health coach and i love my job, but just like with anything... if you overwork yourself you 100% will get burned out. and let’s just say i was feeling it.
i was struggling hard core trying to give from an empty cup. but here i am after taking care of me and feeling 100x better. 💪🏼
let me just telling you, your mindset is so f’ing powerful! and if you’re not taking care of your mindset, you’re going to suffer in all the ways: mentally, emotionally, and physically.
so how and i going to take care of me moving forward? 1) i’m getting my new jersey real estate license so i can not work from home 24/7 and actually be with people (if you need to buy or sell your home, or know someone who does, hmu 🏡😉) 2) i’m setting more boundaries between my “me” time and my work time. 3) i’m taking classes at a new yoga studio near me so i can be social and be part of a bigger community of empowering people.
if you want a healthy relationship with food, you need a lifestyle that supports that relationship.
this is a huge part of food freedom. if you want your recovery to last a life time, you need to take care of your life beyond food! it’s seriously just as important for long term success as healing your relationship with food.

tell me, what are you doing to create a life beyond food that you love?
if you can’t stop thinking about food and/or you feel like the rest of your life is out of sorts 👉🏼 register for my free food freedom workshop in my bio to get my 3 simple and healthy steps for living with food freedom!
deets: @organicgirl arugula + sweet potato + wild rice + avocado + grass fed lamb + @bulletproof brain octane
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Alla fine ho trascinato la mia coinquilina alla marcia 😎 dopo 10km, arrivate alla macchina, era spuntato il sole.. che razza di tempo che fa in pianura! la odio! 😤 pranzo con quinoa e verdure..prima volta che la cucino, molto buona!!
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Brandy Barajas
Are you a sugar addict? binge eater? undereater? overeater?🍦🍭🍕🍟

do you eat “clean” all week & b**w it on the weekend? or maybe you eat “clean” a day & b**w it at night?

whatever the struggle is, i get it!!! that was me for the longest time…like decades!😣

i am over the moon excited to bring you a brand-new program that focuses on your mindset around food! now before you roll your eyes, i can tell you this is the answer!  i’ve been down every road there is & if you don’t fix what’s going on in your head, you’ll never have the body you want!

join me next week for an exclusive group that once & for all gives you the freedom in your body you’ve longed for!

it’s time! drop a “me” below to get access & check it out!
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Going to stay strong could so easy say one slice of bread won’t hurt me.. it won’t but when you suffer from #bingeeatingdisorder it never stops at one slice and before i no it the whole loaf would be gone.. going to start cooking dinner now to keep me busy! #bingeeatingrecovery #slimmingworlddiary #slimmingworldjourney #slimmingworldmafia #slimmingworldsupport #bingeeating #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery
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