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Between me being a lousy photographer and blackie jackie being unphotogenic i rarely capture her true beauty. i'm going to practice a lot more. did you know they say black cats are unphotogenic and there were people getting rid of their black cats because they didn't look good in selfies? the article was from the #rspca in the uk so i don't know if the same thing was happening here in the states. it also said it was the same for black dogs. i do know black dogs and cats are overlooked at our shelters which baffles me as they are as cute as any other color in my opinion.
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4 photos of blackie jackie. i love her little chin, it's very distinctive. do you have a part on any of your pets you find especially cute? blackie jackie was found as a kitten with her sister a short haired tortoiseshell and her mother a longhaired tortoiseshell who was pretty much a kitten herself. i was out of state and my roommate called me to ask if her sister who was staying with us along with her 2 year old son at the time could keep these 3 cats they found huddled under my chevy blazer in the pouring rain during a severe winter storm. how could i say anything but yes even though i had a sinking feeling i'd probably get stuck with them, which i inevitably did. when i moved from that address this confirmed dog person brought along 5 cats to my new home! these cats worked their voodoo magic on me and turned me into a crazy cat lady 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈❤ my number was up to 7 but because of theft, adoption/rehoming, and 1 death i've got my 2 beautiful girls blackie jackie and pookie and of course their mascot dog haley. my little family.
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🐈 you've got to see this little guy! #mimingwarehouse
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Blackie jackie enjoying the warmth of the sun on her beautiful face. #lovethiscat
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I love her so much......❤🐱 #loveblackiejackie
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Doing some gardening🐾🌿
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